Those weird formations were the sight of freedom, weatherman says

Photo of Tuesday morning sky over Williston from members-only Facebook page

Those strange cloud-like formations people saw in the Burlington area sky Tuesday morning were the contrails of maneuvering F-35s, WCAX weatherman Joe Carroll said today.

Several sky-watching social media pages were peppered with photos of the early morning phenomenon. While appearing like contrails, they had a non-linear, seemingly erratic shape.

Prompted by several Facebook friends, Vermont Daily Chronicle does what reporters do when they don’t know what’s going on in the sky: they call the weatherman. Carroll responded promptly.

“I also took an image of the sky Tuesday morning,” Carroll said in a Wednesday morning email. “It was contrails of the F35’s from Vermont Air National Guard doing training. They usually take off around 9:30 am. Due to the cold weather the vapors were more visible. It looks like they were doing some unusual moves!”

Social media commenters who saw the formations aren’t so sure. “I watched 4 Jets take off today hours after this happened and not one of them left a trail as they flew outta sight, they never do. Now take in the fact that these f-35s are loud, very loud, and you can hear them beyond as far as you can see them. The planes spraying were not loud and not moving at those speeds, also I’ve never once seen them training that low because you’d hear them.”

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  1. Sounds like the weather man was guessing. It’s been cold alot and the f35’s haven’t left “a non-linear, seemingly erratic shape” in the past.
    I call bullsh*t.

  2. Me too. And if you want to know it’s BS, try getting a clear answer out of ANY gov’t entity re what’s doing this, why, and what are the chemicals left in the sky or in our air and waters…..NO ONE will answer you EVER…..[SO ??]


  3. Why does this paper only print what the orthodoxy says? These formations are chemical trails not contrails. Why are politicians and media outlets not talking about this? It’s because they are part of the orthodoxy – and against the people. What is in those things? Is anyone studying this?

  4. Well, if they weren’t releasing colors in the form of the LGBTQ Pride Flag… Then it wasn’t any part of Gen. Milly’s military….Must have been aliens…(Not to be confused with illegal aliens)…Because the latter no longer exists…That’s bad speak and wrong think…My bad.

  5. We need confirmation from Johnny Bananas, but this appears to be the result of aerosol spraying of the Covid-19 vaccine by the VT ANG. I think it’s part of a pilot program to vaccinate Vermont’s deer herd, as testing of the herd has already begun.

  6. How loud could the F35s have been if these people didn’t even know what cause the strange cloud formations ?

  7. I actually witnessed these while it was happening. I know the sound of those F35’s. Whatever was leaving those trails was not one. I saw it as I was driving up 128 through Essex. A lone aircraft, small, and quiet. Does that sound like an F-35 to you?

  8. Those contrails were higher up than you might think. They were visible all over Addison County as well as Chittenden.

  9. F35’s fly over my house every day. I cannot believe that those were created by the F35’s, as I’ve seen them pull maneuvers like this but I have never seen any trails after the maneuvers…