Update: Natural immunity no passport for Burlington YMCA

The Burlington YMCA, located on College Street

By Guy Page

The young man denied access to the Burlington YMCA after it began requiring vaccine passports last week has proven immunity from Covid-19, his mother said today.

“My son had COVID that was confirmed by both PCR and antibody testing. As such, he has robust natural immunity and therefore is not a threat to infect others,” his mother told Vermont Daily Chronicle today. “The same cannot be said of vaccinated individuals who have not yet had COVID. Presumably, the vaccine requirement is out of concern for transmission and safety, which is totally illogical in this case.”

The mother declined to be named out of concern for blowback on her 17-year-old child. Her identity is known to VDC.

The YMCA on College Street in Burlington is denying access to anyone without proof of vaccination – even those wearing masks, in response to the Dec. 2 passage of Burlington mask mandate, a Friday, Dec. 3 statement from Y management to members said.

CDC officials justify the need for manmade vaccination regardless of Covid status with a Kentucky study reporting increased immunity for Covid survivors who also were vaccinated. However, a January, 2021 National Institutes of Health study shows “the immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection.”

Material below republished from yesterday’s news story.

The Y cites an “exception” clause in the municipal mask mandate that allows public places to check for vax passports.

“As most of you have likely heard, last night the City of Burlington passed an ordinance relating to masking and vaccination that impacts the operations of our Y. That ordinance goes into effect tomorrow. 

“This City requires that people entering public places must be masked. An exception exists for “gyms” that allows us to permit visitors to enter and use our facility unmasked if we “actively screen and limit who may enter [the] premises to only Persons with established proof of vaccination…” 

“To comply with the city ordinance, starting tomorrow all who enter our facility at 298 College Street will be required to provide proof of vaccination.” 

The mother said the exemption actually prompts the use of vaccine passports.

“When I read the BTV draft rule, I zeroed in on how the exemption would encourage vaccine passports, and of course on Dec. 3rd my son was barred from the YMCA because he is not vaccinated. It just infuriates me,” she said. “And it’s so mind-boggling that the YMCA of all organizations with their statements on inclusivity and community don’t see how heinously wrong vaccine passports are.”

Gov. Phil Scott disagreed. “I look at the Y, and they have the right to impose any stipulations they wish,” he said at Tuesday’s press conference. He noted that Global Foundries has announced it will require all employees to be vaccinated by Jan. 4. GF employees who fail to vaccinate will be out of work by March, according to news reports.

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  1. This whole Covid thing just reveals how awful and broken some people are. Phil Scott has reserved his place down in the hot place.

  2. The Greater Burlington YMCA is a non-profit entity, a business. While their actions may not thrill all of their membership, unfortunately this families only recourse seems to be for a refund of membership fees, since the policy change. This families beef is (along with every US Citizen, whether they know it or not) with the CDC, Mayor Weinberger and the Burlington City Council. As the “official” rhetoric from the CDC does not recognize natural immunity and likes vaccines.
    Much to our chagrin, the Burlington Y chose the “vaccinated only” policy as best for them. As a business entity, the Y has that ability- so says state law and Burlington ordinance.
    We have the ability to patronize- or not- any business, for any reason we as individuals see fit.
    That’s free enterprise- a cornerstone of American society.
    Unfortunately, the Burlington YMCA is doing nothing more than complying with city ordinance.
    I don’t like it either, but until Vermont and Burlington drastically changes political philosophy, we are stuck with the status quo.

    • I think it’s wise not to hang around with the vaccinated anyway. They seem to be most incautious and reckless people when it comes to distancing. It’s also a known fact that the vaccinated can carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated in their nasal passages and in their throats and they may be asymptomatic with an active, lower grade infectious process from Covid19. The vaccinated tend to think that they are “completely protected” from the ravages of the viral infection.

    • Compliance is a weak refuge for those unwilling to take a stand. Stating, “We’re only going along with the Burlington City Council’s ordinance,” exposes the Y for the sheep that they are.

      The Declaration of Independence can be summed up in two words: “Make me.” Clearly those who run the Y would never take such a bold stance.

      I agree that this family’s “beef” is with the CDC, Mayor Weinberger, and the Burlington City Council, but I would not let the Y off the hook. They are choosing to comply.

    • How many times per year? The vaccines being used still have not been shown to be effective or safe.

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