Scott pans “Let’s Go Brandon” rally

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott today criticized the decision of Vermont GOP chair Paul Dame to hold a “Let’s Go Brandon” rally this Saturday.

When asked by WPTZ reporter Stewart Ledbetter at today’s press conference about the Saturday 3:30-5 pm rally in new GOP chair Paul Dame’s hometown of Brandon, Scott answered: “It’s a derogatory statement to the president. It’s not something I would do. For some it’s light-hearted. But I take it personally.”

Gov. Scott noted that “65 percent of Vermonters voted for Pres. Biden. We should be looking at how we can attract 20 percent of them, 30 percent of them,” not drive them away, he said.

Scott reiterated his support for Dame. “It’s the right choice for the party. He will learn a lot. But time will tell.”

The chant “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a euphemism for a more profane chant about Biden heard at sport events and other public gatherings nationwide. “President Biden has done nothing to help the people of Vermont, so Vermont Republicans are going to do something to support the people of Vermont.  And we’re going to start in my own home town – Brandon, Vermont,” Dame announced Monday. 

“We are having hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers designed and printed as locally as possible as our first step to make a small contribution to the local economy,” Dame said. “Due to supply chain issues, there are limited quantities and sizes available, but you can go online starting today to purchase your merchandise and support Brandon, VT.  A portion of all the proceeds of sales made for this rally will be going to a designated charity in Brandon, and we have chosen the Brandon Area Emergency Food Shelf.” 

The rally will be from 3:30-5pm, and after the rally Dame is encouraging folks to stick around and choose one of the great dining options in Brandon. They’ve got everything from award-winning fine dining at Cafe Provence to simple and reliable Brandon House of Pizza. All within walking distance of the green.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to register at http://www.vtgop.org, and while supplies last they can order merchandise for pick up on Saturday at the Rally. There also will be other options to order merchandise for delivery at a later date, he said. 

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  1. I have to laugh at the hypocrisy demonstrated by our governor. He was the first to publicly condemn many actions of the last president, going as far as to even inform the public that he didn’t vote for then President Trump. Scott, like all Vermonters is allowed to vote for whomever he pleases, but to state so publicly to gain a political advantage is pretty low, even by Vermont’s standards.

  2. Wow. Scott truly is a democRAT at heart. The violence & murders & looting & destruction that the left engages in illicits no “critique” from him at all. But an actual peaceful protest from conservatives who are FINALLY fighting against the Marxist or Communist takeover of the U.S. is “bad”.

    Scott: Grow a spine & do take it “personally” Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  3. Phil Scott would. What a worthless little RINO in a little bromance with the indisputably worst POTUS in America.

  4. Even as liberal as Vermont is, do you really believe 65% of Vermonters voted for Biden?

    If we want the TRUE RECEIPTS of the 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Governor Scott, have the courage to check into those DOMINION VOTING TABULATORS we are using in Vermont and also do a REAL AUDIT of ALL THE PAPER BALLOTS MAILED OUT STATEWIDE by Secretary Condos.

    • All I can say is that I heard a landlord who submitted testimony to the Vermont legislature that his apartment building was ransacked by college students who took all the left over mail in ballots from the mailboxes in the hallway entrance to his apartment building. I wonder how many college students participated in this type of ballot harvesting sceme in the State? He caught them doing this on camera. The legislature didn’t care, as mail in ballots are completely safe.

    • the “Official” record is 40% voted Trump and 60% voted for Asterisk, I worked the polls, BUT with all the UVM students getting paid to harvest ballots it is most likely much higher for TRUMP!

  5. Funny THIS from Old Picklenose when he DELIGHTED in kicking Trump every chance he got? “60% voted for Dementia Joe” says Phil? I wonder how many regret it NOW? Every time they gas-up or get a fuel oil delivery or buy groceries I’ll bet. Not to worry! We’ll have PLENTY of electric-charging stations SOON, whee! AND “tax credits” too for buying an $80,000 Tesla! And “Mayor Pete” will raise all those “racist bridges” so the buses of poor minorities can pass & get to the beaches, and we’ll soon have “tree equity” too! How about “Freedom & Unity (F/U) Joe Biden”? How Vermont-y THAT would be! SM.

  6. “We should be looking at how we can attract 20 percent of them, 30 percent of them.”
    Gov. Scott

    Not to worry Phil – a purge in Vermont is brewing due to your AOE/CRT/BLM policies, your unelected climate panel of flying monkeys, the Welch, Leahy, Sanders and Democrat/Progressive/Socialist’s impact on the small business owners and the working people of Vermont and nation as a whole.
    Let freedom ring Virginia!

  7. Scott didn’t have any regrets after calling 116,000 Vermonters who voted for Trump, White Supremacists and Racists. Scott is all in on the Biden agenda. He also is the only Republican Governor that refused to sign a letter that demanding Biden secure our Southern Border. Scott’s agenda is left/far left. He has betrayed every Real Vermont Republican and Conservative Vermonter. He is Pro Choice, Anti 2A and won’t explain why he is trying to force every Vermonter to get jabbed while illegal aliens, welfare recipients, Postal Workers and members of Congress are exempt. Maybe Scott should concentrate on representing Vermonters instead of being a lap dog for Biden.

  8. Maybe the slogan should just be redirected towards Phil….

    After all he did call all Trump supporters racists, he’s the worst kind of Republican because it’s In Name Only.

  9. In my opinion, under no circumstances should the Vermont Republican Party endorse Phil Scott in any elected position he may opt to run for in the future. It is time for him to run in the party that he represents and that is the Dem/Prog..

  10. How about bringing some seriousness to the task if the Republican Party really wants to lead and govern…….Got to agree with Governor Scott on this call……”Let’s go Brandon” and its meaning have no place in a Republican Party that wants to be taken seriously. This thought is offered even though, I believe that Joe Biden is by far the worse and most incompetent President this country has had in generations.

    Another thought, I doubt that Jim Douglas would be happy with the Brandon slogan for a Vermont Republican Party that is destined to win……But that’s only my opinion.

    • Jim Douglas hasn’t supported a Republican candidate or proposal seriously in recent years. Nor does he intend to. And if he says he wants to swing Democratic votes enough to carry the state he is whistling in the dark. Our two Senators and Representative would let the Democrats lead us to ruin rather than change, (and that is what they are doing). Best Vermont Citizens put their efforts to clean house at the Vermont Government, School Boards, City Councils and Administrations. That seems to be the problems. For example the State Board of Education.

  11. “Scott reiterated his support for Dame. “It’s the right choice for the party. He will learn a lot. But time will tell.”

    The new chair should with little effort see the message here. You want my validation you had better get in line. I am watching you. Kind of like grabbing him by the ear and twisting it a bit.

    Hey, Paul, if you play nice with the governor, and maybe even bow down, he just might favor you by showing up at the GOP State Convention in the future, something he shirked in the past under Deb Billado. You might even be invited to his office for meetings.

    But don’t forget Paul, the governor is watching. “…time will tell.”

  12. Phil Scott exemplifies the weakness of so many Republicans. While Democrats employ a scorched earth strategy against Republicans, Phil wants to cuddle with Democrats and make sure their feelings don’t get hurt. If anyone finds his backbone please return it to him immediately.

  13. Phil voted for Biden and has him on speed dial. He’s a CCP tool, a criminal, and will hopfully be fitted for an orange jump suit before he meets his maker – the Devil himself.

  14. His faults are duly noted, but someone has to stick up for Phil, because the
    alternative is Gov. Molly Gray…yikes!!!

  15. As long as the dem/progs have a super majority in the house and senate, it doesn’t matter who the governor is. As long as they are in charge and the governor has no veto power it doesn’t matter. So the focus shouldn’t be on reelecting King Phillip it should be aimed at getting real conservatives into the legislature, enough to turn the tide. Also, school boards, city and town councils as well as other government institutions like education. We’ve all witnessed the weakness of this government over liberal policies. That’s what has to change. New Hampshire did it, why can’t Vermont. If we don’t, we may as well change the state motto from Freedom and Unity to “Vermont, The victim State”. Take Back Vermont!

  16. 26 replies and counting. Gosh, those mischievous leftists who want to change America into socialist Amerika. All I can say is, “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

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