VT has less natural immunity protection due to high vax rate, Levine says

By Guy Page

Vermont is first in the nation in these key vaccination categories, state officials announced today:

  • Children ages 5-11 who have received or are signed up for their first shot (about one-third), White House officials told Gov. Phil Scott this morning. 
  • Booster shots for adults age 65 or older (48%), according to Dept. of Health statistics released today.
  • Doses administered per 100,000 (163,427)
  • Fully vaccinated eligible population (72%)
  • Fully vaccinated adults age 65 or older (98%)

Yet even though Vermont is “leading the nation, once again,” as Gov. Scott proudly stated today, the state is experiencing:

  • the highest seven day rate of new cases in the nation (1,475/100K).
  • 42% more cases over the last seven days and a 55% increase over the last 14 days, with that rate expected to further increase this month
  • An eight percent hospitalization rate increase among the fully vaccinated, compared to a 15 percent decrease among the unvaccinated
  • 20 times as many cases on most October-November 2021 days compared with the same days the year before, when no vaccine was in place
  • 103 total cases of Covid-19 in the state’s uber-vaccinated nursing homes. 

Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine stepped forward at Gov. Scott’s press conference today to try to answer the obvious question he said he’s heard from others and has been asking himself: “Why are we seeing so many cases here in Vermont right now?” He offered these answers:

  1. The Delta Variant spreads quickly and infects vaccinated people. “This version of Covid-19 is incredibly contagious…spreading far faster than the original strain….. Delta has allowed a certain smaller amount of transmission even among vaccinated people.”
  1. Lack of natural immunity, due to vaccination success. Vermont is a “victim of our own success” vaccinating its population early and often. “Not many people got a level of immunity from having the virus,” Levine said. “We estimate that three percent or less of the population had any immunity to the Delta virus.”
  1. Vermont’s population is older than the national average, and immunity wanes more quickly among the elderly. 
  1. “Our behavior has changed,” Levine said. “We are mobile…we are gathering more, especially indoors as the temperature goes down.”

Levine said the surge in non-Covid admittals to Vermont’s ICU beds is not due to any vaccine reactions – which he cited as myocarditis and blood clots – but are due mostly to other diseases caused by delayed health care treatment due to pandemic restrictions.

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  1. Scott and his cadre of Agency and Department heads certainly can spout numbers. Percentages seem to be a favorite, even when these percentages overpower the reality of raw numbers. A “55% jump” sounds scarier than an increase of 120 cases. The fear factor continues.
    There were several bright spots in this press conference, with Scott not announcing a liberal-demanded state of emergency and mandates. When politicians speak of “Abuse of Power”- and truly mean it, that’s important. Another telling moment- when Scott was asked about his mask wearing at this conference and not in recent previous conferences, he replied ” As much symbolism as anything else”- acknowledging the uselessness of a mask mandate. Perhaps his mask wearing today was placating the Progressive’s Panic Porn. Those that think they need a mask are free to wear one.
    Because of Vermont’s large demographic of progressives and liberals, the pressure on Scott to use government to “control” the virus ( really, control the people) by mandate isn’t likely to end anytime soon. Once the legislature re-convenes, all bets are off- and anything restricting freedom passed by the legislature demands an immediate veto. Scott isn’t off the hook because he gets a few things right.

  2. I thought all the experts said that natural immunity was not as robust as vaccinated immunity? Call me confused. Soooooo are the vaccines bad and natural immunity better now? Man I need a drink.

  3. Total incompetence. The “vaccine” directly, specifically inhibits the bodies natural defense. Do not inhibit the ace2 protein, its scientifically dumb!!!!!

  4. It is always surreal to watch them say “natural immunity is far superior” in a thousand new ways yet fully convince themselves that is not what they are saying. Mental health problem for sure.
    And still, not one recommendation to keep people safe from illness. Vaxxed or Unvaxxed. Here is a link to prime your immune system and get the treatment you need…

  5. Vermont’s Covid-19 case load continues to mushroom despite the unvaccinated part of the pie steadily shrinking. Can health officials name a single time in history when a disease INCREASED even as more and more of a population was vaccinated against it? Levine’s explanations will eventually run out of road; it’s just a matter of time.

    • Hey–You’re RIGHT! When did Polio increase amongst the vaxxed? Smallpox? Mumps, Measles? Is that YOU Johnny?

    • John, unlike previous vaccines (measles, polio), you are not vaccinated AGAINST Covid-19, you are vaccinated to lessen the symptoms if you get it. That’s why for large swaths of the population, particularly the under 20 crowd, the vaccine is unnecessary.

  6. Pure Gibberish from known sidewinders..How long before we stop even listening to these “wise guys” & Dr. Faucistein as they squeal/squeak/slither off into the sunset? Sooner than later I hope.

  7. So it sounds to me like Levine just admited that the vax doesn’t work and that natural immunity is better, no….

    I mean seriously, all the vaccinations are such a good thing, that they didn’t work?

  8. Right. So meanwhile the mandates aren’t allowing for natural immunity and we are going to royally screw up VT kids since doing this to the adults wasn’t enough. What has to happen for people to get what the vax is doing to us?

  9. More gibberish from confirmed BS artists & sidewinders, how long before we stop listening to these wise guys & they slither off into the sunset? Soon I hope..So Herr Doktor, what IS the point of getting vaxxed after all? WHY the rise in “all cause deaths” in majority-vaxxed countries? WHY are deaths of the fully vaxxed NOT posted by the CDC anymore? WHY has the CDC “relative risk” chart NOT been updated since early September when the vax-effectiveness began to crash? Why, why why? Stick a fork in it, it’s OVER..SM.

    • BTW–I buried a friend (@71) 2 weeks ago friday, 4 months after he got vaxxed..Another old buddy stroked out @ 79, just 2 months after getting vaxxed..Another buddy (68) who doesn’t smoke, drink, & exercises VERY regularly just had a heart attack 3 months after getting vaxxed, w/NO family history of cardiac problems..My neighbor here in N.Troy died in his sleep 2 months after getting vaxxed..ALL purely coincidental I’m SURE! Is Dr. Levine tracking ANY of these deaths/problems? My heart-attack buddy did NOT report his issue w/CDC’s VAERs nor did his MD’s either, wonder WHY the “reporting” is so LOW? And WHO bothers w/autopsies anymore? If you have grey hair they just presume it’s your “time”..Crazy..

  10. I remember a couple of years ago when we had to get rid of all of the anti-bacterial/viral soaps because they were destroying all of the human immune system’s “good bacteria/virus'” and then we went right into using waterless hand cleansers at every turn of our daily lives.
    I’m glad that I am one of the 3% of the Vermonters who refused to get vaccinated and actually have boosted my natural immunity at age 70. Too bad I am in the winter of my life and only have another 40 years to live.

  11. We need regular stats on the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed of all NON covid patients hospitalized. There is a chance that we are seeing, or will see, antibody dependent enhancement (also termed pathogenic priming) rearing its head in vaxxed individuals who are exposed to the wild corona virus. I sincerely hope I am wrong, because it could be a very tough winter with many becoming seriously ill. This phenomenon was the reason previous mRNA vaccine trials ( SARS, RSV ) were shut down.

    • One biologist I follow online puts it this way: “[The coming] hospitalizations and deaths are not just Covid. It’s ALL deaths. You’re not going to see a bunch of people in the hospital with Covid. You’re going to see a bunch of people in the hospital with heart attacks, with strokes—that are brought about by a mild Covid infection that causes their body to attack itself. And so the viral load won’t be very high, but the immune system response will be very high, and that’s the point.”

  12. And so the spin begins, to get Scott and Lavine out of the box they put themselves in, but the real question is how do you escape the consequences of inflicting a Bio Weapon on Vermonters.

    “Levine said the surge in non-COVID admittals to Vermont’s ICU beds is not due to any vaccine reactions – which he cited as myocarditis and blood clots – but are due mostly to other diseases caused by delayed health care treatment due to pandemic restrictions”.

    Of coarse the surge in COVID patients admitted to Vermont’s ICU beds is not due to vaccine reactions. Nor is the surge caused mostly by other diseases delayed by health care treatment because of pandemic restrictions.

    Blood clots and Myocarditis are only the tip of the iceberg of diseases to come from the malpractice of injecting as many Vermonters as possible with a safe and effective Bio Weapon.

    To all of those Senators and Representatives standing sentry, it is not enough to say you believe in a persons right to choose when you offer only one choice!
    The campaign to vaccinate 5 to 11 year old children is now on in full force and still you say nothing, even though you are charged to protect them!

    You could call a press conference and ask for a moratorium, but you say noting, maybe you don’t care because you have been vaccinated yourself?

    Or perhaps you don’t realize you are in criminal territory unless you speak out against this!

  13. This is one take on what Levine said. (I heard it, too.) There are still many variables to consider. And “herd immunity,” while it is “natural,” and desirable, is not always possible. Witness the polio epidemics of the mid-20th century. Many scientists suggest that a lot of us who were alive then did contract that virus, suffering only mild symptoms (no paralysis, etc.), but herd immunity didn’t happen, because the virus was extremely contagious and the pool of susceptible people was so large. See this article for some interesting insights on herd immunity and COVID-19:

  14. What happened at the Nuremberg trials to all the people that said they were just following orders?

  15. I can’t even stand listening to these morons anymore. What a bunch of tools we have leading people right over the cliff. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what a farce the world population has been force fed by the world’s elite. Unfortunately, it will be too late for many.

  16. As long as Phil and Company continue to be under the direct control of the White House – they will continue to perform like monkeys for their peanuts. Biden is illegimate and so each week we see this criminal activity play out. They are criminals – each and every one of them. Crimes against humanity.

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