Scott, Levine can’t give unvaxxed death info

By Guy Page

62 Vermonters died of Covid-19 in December, according to Vermont Dept. of Health data presented at today’s press conference. That’s the most deaths since last December (71). However, at today’s press conference, Vermont officials could not say how many – if any – of these fatalities were among unvaccinated Vermonters

The lack of information seems an odd oversight, given that Vermont’s Covid-19 experience is often described by state officials as “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” But instead, the Dept. of Health did not reference the unvaccinated from the December death data:

Not fully vaccinated (most, with 45.5 deaths per 100,000)

Fully vaccinated but not boosted (second most, with 11 deaths per 100K)

Fully vaccinated and boosted (least amount, with 2 deaths per 100K).

Scott administration official Michael Pieciak said the unvaccinated deaths were likely included in the ‘not fully vaccinated’ category, but said he was unaware of the actual numbers. The State is focusing on ‘fully vaccinated and boosted’ as the goal, he said. 

Health Commissioner Mark Levine said the unvaccinated probably are a significant percentage of the ‘not fully vaccinated’ death totals, but he too did not have the information available. He and Gov. Scott said they would find and share the information.

It’s not that Vermont isn’t keeping stats on unvaccinated Vermonters. Today’s data show that unvaccinated Covid-19 hospitalizations are up 55% over the last seven days. Unvaxxed Covid sufferers in ICU beds are up 63% over the last seven days; today the figure is 80%, Scott administration official Michael Pieciak said. These figures led Pieciak to claim that Covid-19 in Vermont is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ 

Vermont Daily Chronicle will publish December unvaccinated mortality statistics as it is received.

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  1. Did they die ‘of’ covid or ‘with’ covid.

    These criminals lie at every turn.

    • Also note they do not tell you the ages of those who pass. More misdirection.

      The CDC just flat out said that 75% of deaths come from those with 4 or more comorbidities. The lies are unraveling daily and our State Government won’t admit it has intentionally lied to Vermonters for almost 2 years.

  2. Re: “He and Gov. Scott said they would find and share the information.”

    … as soon as they can massage the numbers to suit their narrative.

    Are these guys really this unaware of ‘optics’?

  3. As you know the CDC does not consider you vaccinated for 14 days. So I I have a reaction from a
    COVID injection in less than 14 days am I consider unvaccidaed? Id this takes into consideration with admissions to ISU and hospitals Vaccdic nared lest than 14 days = unvaccinated.

    When will the moth breathers wake up do some research in your now. Apply some moral logic to these illegal, unconstitutional, amoral and unhealthy mandates. Hold you official accountable for the truth

  4. How many have been re-infected? I saw in the country of Qatar they checked 353,000 people and only 1300 had been reinfected. What about Vermont? I believe this figure to be very low.

  5. Sorry about all the typos the first time I never checked it. Here I go again. It I=s an important question definitely worth a double read.

    As you know the CDC does not consider you vaccinated for 14 days. So if I have a reaction from a
    COVID injection in less than 14 days am I consider vaccinated or unvaccinated?

    If I die from this shot or have other adverse reactions BUT it was less than two weeks ago how are hospitals recording this as ell as new admissions. Am I the only one that sees this as the a heinous deception. If the injections are dangerous how are the first 13 days tracked and reported?

    What am I missing?

    Trying again,

  6. As the wheels come off the Covid bus, events are moving too fast for Vermont Bureaucrats to adequately respond. Sufficient evidence has come to light this week- that fauci did indeed pay to have SARS-CoV-2 created. As part of that Project Veritas report:
    There is additional indications that DARPA personnel were aware of the Ivermectin and HCQ benefits in treating SARS-CoV-2. We are also seeing empirical data from the US and other countries establishing the rapidly decreasing efficacy of these “vaccines”, as well as statements from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. biden, wallensky, fauci and the other conspirators need now to ratchet up the dis-information campaign or create yet another crisis to divert attention away from this “crisis”.
    It might be best if Phil and the good Dr. Levine figured out a better plan than simply following the federal narrative- and fast. While this newly released Project Veritas report will be refuted as false,
    too much of Project Veritas work has been proven true over time. As for the rest of us, we are on our own- to figure out what is truth or lies, whether we want to be “vaxxed” or not- and what resources are available to us when we become infected.

  7. Why do they report the numbers per 100,000 instead of absolute numbers? In earlier breakdowns, such as age and race, it was clear that rates within each group alone were being reported. So one is led to think that these rates also are within each group, ie, 45.5 deaths per 100,000 people not fully vaccinated. Since a rather small proportion of Vt’ers are not fully vaccinated, that higher rate would still represent a much smaller proportion of all deaths per total population.

    • Also relevant against the fear mongering: 45.5 out of 100,000 is 0.045%. That’s not a pandemic for anyone, even the already vulnerable.

  8. I find it nearly impossible to believe that our Vermont leaders don’t have the numbers.
    hmmm…. why does unvaxxed include (people with no shots, people with 1 shot, and people with 2 shots up to 14 days) seriously…is it too complex to break these numbers out so we can make informed decisions?
    I also don’t understand why the dashboard summary reports no longer contain any demographic data. How do they defend this? Less and less information as more and more time goes by?
    would love to hear their response…is there any way ask these questions?

  9. It’s all very confusing, ( probably on purpose), but one thing is for sure a healthy immune system is our first and foremost defense. Our Creator designed our bodies to heal itself,( unless of course it’s our time to go). Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of covid testing kits, the state sent everyone a kit with hydroxechloriquine, zinc, D3 , C and a prescription for ivermectin. Too simple and cheap.

    • If our bodies are indeed ‘designed to heal itself’ why would we need, ‘hydroxechloriquine, zinc, D3 , C and a prescription for ivermectin’? That’s four things that we are adding to those self-healing bodies.

    • It’s not really confusing once the profit motive and political hubris is removed. The government response is what it is- based on political motives. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been defeated by the vitamins and minerals you list. Ivermectin and HCQ assist the vitamins on a cellular level to get where they do the work. Go with that- and be sure to tell those interested. There’s tons of information that back your assertions on the internet- but it’s difficult to find on government websites- The CDC and Vt DOH websites are very sparse with information on anything but the “Vax”

  10. Thanks, Guy, for staying on this issue. Any chance to FOIA that information?

  11. Not that I normally watch CNN, (because of their strong narrative to support the Democratic agenda), however sometimes if you wait long enough you will be surprised). This week CNN released some damning statistics that shed light on the number of Covid patients in the hospital. CNN stated that up to 40% of the patients in the hospital listed as Covid patients are not at the hospital for Covid symptoms. Most hospitals are now automatically testing people for Covid when they are admitted. [for example: if you get in a car accident that requires you to be admitted into the hospital {they give you a Covid test}. If you test positive, you are now listed as a Covid patient. You might not have any symptoms, the hospital might not be giving you anything to combat Covid-19. They may be treating you for a car accident, but you are listed as a Covid patient]. At 40% , for every 5 people in the hospital listed as a Covid patient, 2 are there for other reasons than Covid. This is an easy research just Google CNN and the story I just wrote about.

  12. As our liars in charge continue their weekly chicken dance, the CDC is walking back the true figures regarding the 800,000+ deaths documented as COVID fatalities. The PCR tests that were rev’d up to over 40 cycles which was against protocols and never intended for diagnostic testing for COVID. The death ticker on MSM was unverifiable – they used it to scare the populace. The “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent any illness as those with 3 shots are testing positive. The military had all the info up front about gain of function and use of Ivermectin. Fauci’s emails using Nancy Pelosi’s wrap-up smear tactics against other physicians and researchers. Appears all the people who attacked anyone disagreeing with the obvious scam played out upon the world have more than enough evidence to declare this sham is over. The careers of the many traitors in our State House and State agencies are over as well. They must resign now. Otherwise, they must be removed and prosecuted accordingly. There should be no other options for crimes against humanity.

  13. Is Vermont keeping tabs on hospitalized people for whom covid is the primary diagnosis versus secondary diagnosis (possibly incidental and asymptomatic)?