Cows dying from eating broadband debris

By Guy Page

At 1:45 PM Wednesday, the Vermont House Agriculture and Forestry Committee will hear why cows are dying from eating broadband debris

According to a VT Digger report, the Hoyt farm in Tunbridge had (as of July of this year) lost three cows who had consumed wire used in broadband construction. The wire, known as “lashing wire,” is used to hold telecommunications wiring together, much as a zip tie would. 

The Hoyts reportedly believe a broadband contractor left behind a spool of wire, which was chopped by a farm harvester into tiny pieces then deposited into bundles of cowfeed. 

The syndrome, called ‘hardware disease’, affects cows’ milk volume, pregnancies and mortality.

The House Committee on Energy and Technology will hold hearings 1 pm today and 9 am Wednesday on creating an Artificial Intelligence Commission. Further discussions are scheduled for this week, with a possible vote at the end of the week. 

H410 would create an independent, 16-member Artificial Intelligence Commission “to support the ethical use and development of artificial intelligence in the State.” If approved, the bill would make permanent a task force established in 2018. The lead sponsor is Brian Cina (P-Burlington), who also sponsored the bill creating the temporary commission in 2018. 

The House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee 1:30 today will review H273, promoting racial and social equity in land access and property ownership (Brian Cina, sponsor). Wednesday at 9:15, the committee will review housing and homelessness solutions

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  1. I am speechless. Bill H273 is unbelievable. This bill inaccurately assumes that all wealth disparity is because of systemic racism. The bill explains that grants, funding will be provided to the BIPOC community for land and homes. Obviously, not for white people, who are oppressors. I don’t know about you, but I have never oppressed anyone or owned a slave. Let’s be honest, home ownership can be challenging for all Americans and immigrants including refugees, with no college education and those who don’t speak English, regardless of their skin color or sexual orientation. Equity is socialism rebranded, equitable outcomes for all, unless your not a member of the BIPOC community.

  2. How many boards are there now? Why are these boards weilding so much power and they are not elected by the people? Could it be “Grifter Lives Matter?”

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