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Scam phone calls from ‘police’

State Police May 28 received several reports of phone calls purporting to be from the St. Albans Barracks and asking for personal information.

The phone number that appears on caller ID is the correct phone number for the St. Albans Barracks, 802-524-5993, but these calls are not originating with the state police.

Importantly, calls that do originate from the state police do not display the public-facing phone numbers of the individual barracks, but instead the caller ID shows a general Department of Public Safety exchange.

VSP wishes to remind the public never to give out personal information to unknown or suspicious callers. If there are any questions about the legitimacy of a call, people should hang up, look up the correct phone number, and contact the agency or service directly to verify the request. People also are encouraged to report suspicious calls to the Vermont Attorney General’s Office using the information below:

Report potential scam calls to:

Vermont Attorney General’s Office

Consumer Assistance Program




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  1. I got one of those calls.. told them they were calling the state police, the fraud department.. the next thing I heard was CLICK !!!
    With all these scams I answer by saying * what ever town * police department fraud department who may I direct your call too.. they hang up real fast.