Employers liable for vax damages? Gov doesn’t know

By Guy Page

Will Vermont employers – including the five colleges requiring vaccination for all returning students in the fall – be held legally liable for adverse reactions to “experimental usage” vaccines? Gov. Scott said yesterday he doesn’t know. 

Vermont Daily asked: “I’ve seen legal opinions that institutions like businesses, colleges, schools requiring vaccination for work or enrollment of a vaccine that is still technically ‘emergency usage’ will be liable for legal damages if someone gets sick or dies as a result of the vaccine. Is this true?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen the legal analysis,” Gov. Scott replied at about the one hour, 15 minute mark of the June 1 press conference. “I saw today that Moderna was going for something other than emergency usage. I would expect all of them to do that. I don’t have any knowledge of the legal analysis at this point.”

Vermont Daily persisted: “Does that concern you as far as our Vermont institutions, the five colleges for example? Could there be some blowback there?” 

“I think that’s a legal question probably better for a lawyer. I think a business should be able to do what they want to do. Then you have the option of either going to that institution, going into that business. If you don’t want to adhere to their rules, you don’t have to, there are other choices out there,” Scott said. 

Some business experts say federal law may allow employers to require vaccination that is medically necessary for the operation of the business, and provided religious and disability exemptions are included. They point to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) opinion that generally permits employer-required vaccination. However, other legal experts cite Constitutional law about personal privacy and the Nuremberg protocols banning experimental treatment without consent. Still others warn that patients fired for refusing vaccination may pursue wrongful termination lawsuits. 

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  1. Employers (businesses) are liable, so are schools, colleges, local government, municipalities, etc. These are not vaccines, they are experimental shots under an Emergency Use Authorization. The only exemption are the Pharmaceutical Companies through The 2005 PREP Act. Why are the Pharmaceutical Companies exempt, hmmmmm, maybe because there will be tons of lawsuits for wrongful death, bodily injury in the coming months and years down the road?

  2. Heard an interesting interview yesterday with Dr. Byram Bridle. According to Bridle, peer-reviewed studies conclude that the spike protein is getting into the blood of people who received the shot, which should not occur. This is the reason for the many instances of blood clots and bleeding.

  3. Government sponsored genocide/medical castration/accidental death or injury is not covered. Please refer to further coverage exemptions under life insurance and disability coverages as well. OSHA made a recent change, so I would not be surprised if a number of exclusions were inserted into plans under the banner of synthetic engineered viruses and injected unknown concoctions.

  4. Schools and business should be LIABLE… Forcing people to take a vaccine that they don’t want is not legal. We do not live in Russia. !!!

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