Evslin: Docs who won’t vax shouldn’t practice

by Tom Evslin

“Thank you [name deleted] for your thoughtful post. Although I disagree with you, I 100% support YOUR right to choose to wear a mask and to receive the COVID-19 shot if you so desire. That said, there are many of us who choose not to receive any of the COVID-19 shots nor wear masks in situations where it is not required.” – Bradley Rauch, Stowe Chiropractic/Vermont Functional Neurology  in Stowe Front Porch Forum.

The woman whose name I redacted said that, although she is fully vaccinated, she intends to keep wearing a mask in town and in stores and that she suspects that those who have refused to get vaccinated are also refusing to wear masks.

Dr. Rauch has every right to express his opinion about the Covid-19 vaccine just as he has campaigned against childhood vaccination. He is doing us a favor by letting us know both that his medical judgment is faulty and that it is riskier to be treated by him than by vaccinated professionals.

Should Dr.Rauch be allowed to practice medicine?

I don’t think so. Early in the pandemic medical professionals were given preference for vaccination both in recognition of the risks they were taking and the danger that they would become super-spreaders. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff remain more likely to get infected than others because they come in contact with sick people and are more likely to spread infection than others because sick patients are vulnerable.

Covid vaccination should be a requirement for those in health care who have patient contact. That requirement would mean that Dr, Rauch would not be allowed to practice unless and until he is vaccinated.

I’m NOT saying that Rauch should be barred from practice because he speaks against vaccination; he has a right to free speech even if that speech is unpopular. He and other medical professionals who refuse vaccination should be barred from practice because their refusal to be vaccinated makes them a danger to their patients.

Republished from Fractals of Change, the blog published by author Evslin, a Stowe resident, entrepreneur, and former state official.

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  1. My body my choice. Does that not count for
    Covid only abortion? I don’t think you want to encourage md/rn/hcw to leave the profession for being forced to take a vaccine. Check staffing – it wouldn’t be pretty.

  2. Just a side note for mr evlin. Anyone who wants vac at this point has had option. They’ve even had option for a creemee , hot dog and our president today said he’d offer free beer. So it’s safe to say whoever has declined doesn’t want it. The argument you are killing grandma works as good as killing patients. Grandmas been vaccinated, so have the patients should they desire. If you have been vaccinated your chance of covid are extremely close to zero if we trust the experts.

    Perhaps we should now understand that anyone who has chosen not to get vaccinated feels ok with the consequence of that decisions? Same goes for you. You were vaccinated and the consequences- as per the experts- are close to zilch that you’ll get covid. One who declined would fully understand that there’s a chance they could get covid.

    Would you decline cpr from an unvaccinated person – as a vaccinated individual?

    This is just such a silly conversation if you use common sense.

    • Just exactly what evidence do you have when you suggest that “his medical judgment is faulty and that it is riskier to be treated by him than by vaccinated professionals.”? This pandemic has been ongoing for over a year now. Dr Rauch has been practicing during most of that time. Has he been a super spreader?? No, he has not! How about if you choose to go to your vaccinated Doctor and leave Dr Rauch alone as well as all of his patients, that includes myself. We still live in a free country. Take your Communist views elsewhere, please!

  3. Wow Tom, your white privilege is showing, it’s clear that systemic racism is deeply entrenched in your heart. I ,for one, will never consider getting the “vaccine” until the last tribesman (“person”) is given the right of refusal to receive the “vaccine” ummm… emergency use authorized experimental gene therapy.

  4. Mr. Evslin’s hubris notwithstanding, he has apparently forgotten that he already has the right to choose to not let Dr. Rauch practice medicine on him. Evslin has also forgotten that we all have that option, to make our own choices, with or without Evslin’s approval. And we should thank God and the U. S. Constitution for that right… not Mr. Evslin.

  5. If you DON’T trust an UN Vaccinated DOC, then find another one who is!!~!~ I fpor ONE WILL NOT have the POISON put in MY body as I greatly FEAR the SIDE AFFECTS up to and INCLUDING DYING from the Stuff.

  6. The caption under the photo of these two gentlemen didn’t quite get it right. It should read:

    “Communist Tom Evslin thinks fellow Stowe resident and physician Dr. Bradley Rauch should not practice medicine until he is vaccinated. Dr. Rauch is a longtime opponent of mandatory vaccination.”

  7. We all have a right to choose whether to take an experimental shot for some virus that has 99.9% survival rate (which is not a pandemic), no matter what profession we are in. Do you really know what’s in your body from taking the experimental shot Mr. Evslin? You can’t get it out now that it’s in there. You should really do your homework if you care about your health. You should really find out that you’ve been lied to right from the start. I, for one believe that Dr. Rauch really does care about healthcare, he knows what NOT to put into his body. Mr. Evslin, since you took the “shot” why do you care if someone is unvaccinated? Aren’t supposed to be protected from all us “parasites”? Maybe you should check out the fact that the real carrier of the spike protein happens to be all the people who took the “shot”. Hmmmm, changes things now doesn’t it. I believe Mr. Evslin is one of many mouthpieces spouting the continued stream of propaganda from the Left, I mean, the Commies who are trying to make America into China. Thank the Lord that America was founded on Christian Values, as Liberty is from God not men.

    Oh, by the way, Mr. Evslin, if you crave a mandatory life, please feel free to go live in China, etc. I’m sure you’ll just love your lifestyle there.

    America will NEVER be a socialist/communist country.

  8. What on earth is the matter with you people? If you got the vax, you are supposedly safe from contracting Covid. So why are you and so many others terrified of being around anyone who chose to not get the vax? Doesn’t make any sense to me. It either works or it doesn’t!

  9. what we are seeing now is buyers remorse. All these covid compliant lefties now realize the joke is on them. They are part of an experiment that is against the laws of humanity so their only recourse is to lash out to those that were not so compliant. This is a really sad, sad situation.

  10. Was this written before Fauci’s emails came out? The vaccine is not a vaccine. I wouldn’t go to a doctor who is afraid of germs. Any medical professional should be educated enough to research the chemical compounds being shot into people’s arms. Many doctors are coming out saying the jab is dangerous. Please give me a doctor that is not vaccinated for COVID. Please give me a doctor who is not a corporate paid shill. Please, if I ever need it, give me blood that is not tainted with the vax. Some people truly are living in an alternate state of reality. May God have mercy on their souls.

  11. Who in hell is Tom Evslin and why is someone with the totalitarian instinct of a Brown Shirt allowed space for drivel?

  12. I really want to put my two cents in here but I hardly know where to begin. Obviously Tom Evslin has a very strong opinion- but that’s all it is! There are no facts, which leads me to believe that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or demanding. I have no intention of getting the shot and appreciate that there are medical professionals and experts with courage to stand up to this publicly. Anyone who goes against the mainstream way of thinking is censored. Even the network Daystar has been censored. You can go to COVID.daystar.Com for a whole lot of information – including the fact that over 4000 people have died as a direct result of the vaccine. That fact is from the CDC. And what about VT?

  13. I’m a conservative, of faith, and think Donald Trump was one of the greatest presidents in history, i.e.: I’m no leftist. However, the Covid19 (a dangerous virus courtesy of communist China) fatality rate is approximately 1% (much greater than influenza) & thanks to none other than President Trump – we have the vaccine – something the left chooses to ignore.

    I respect those who get the vaccine as well as those who choose not to. Millions of fatalities worldwide coupled with my age group – as well as the fact that the U.S. PREVENTED & still prevents its citizens from taking long-approved therapeutics essentially now proven to fight this disease – all led me to choose to take it. Again: PERSONAL decision that no one should be harangued about EITHER way.

    That all said – those who are fully vaccinated & will continue to cover their faces & “social” distance from other human beings need mental health help. This behavior is not rational and is NOT “based in science” (leftists favorite term). You all need to CHANGE your channels ASAP, realize you are brain-washed, and know you can NEVER, EVER “cheat” death – and that death stemming from contracting Covid19 in a fully vaccinated person is virtually non-existent.

    Watch yourself crossing the street though. Especially with that mask on: can block your vision.

  14. I for one will never take the shot. When I watched the nurse who had her shot, said ” I don’t feel good” turned around dropped to the floor and than died, that helped me to say NO SHOT FOR ME !!!
    I will not obey I will not conform, my body my choice on what I will put in my body I have never worn a mask. Wearing a mask is not good for you, proven fact.
    Mr Evslin says that Dr. Bradley Rauch should not practice medicine until he is vaccinated. I think Mr Evslin shouldn’t mind his own damn business. I would go to Dr Rauch before a Dr who has been vaccinated. Mr Evslim should do some real research and covid and these vaccines. 8 people died here in Vt after taking the shot. even though the Gov and Dr Levine said NO… they said CDC was wrong… no the Gov and Levine are just covering it up. I know someone who died from the shot and she wasn’t sick either. The Gov just wants to say Vt is the leader of giving shots and no deaths.
    COVER UPS are going on in Vermont !!!

  15. Are you critics doctors? Your making a very personal CHOICE and trying to force it on others. Maybe some of us would rather be treated by an unvaccinated doctor.
    Drink some more Kool-aid.

  16. If the vaccine worked and everyone who wants it has access to it, then why are you so afraid of Dr. Rauch?

    I think the answer lies in the fake narrative we have just seen exposed in the Fauci emails.

    Dr. Rauch not only has the right to free speech, but he also has the right to practice his profession without being forced to take an experimental vaccine with known horrific side effects.

    You sir, do not have the right to impose your blind faith in experimental medical procedures on others.

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