Road-rage shooter turns himself in

A road-rage shooter from Jeffersonville has turned himself in, state police reported.

Jermaine Morris, 41, turned himself in to troopers at the Williston Barracks and was taken into custody without incident. He was transported to the Northwest Correctional Facility where he was held on an active $25,000 arrest warrant. 

On April 18, Morris allegedly physically assaulted the operator of another vehicle and fired multiple rounds while chasing the victim in his vehicle. Police have been searching for Morris since the reported road-rage incident. 

Police say crimes committed include aggravated assault, aggravated disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, negligent operation, possession of a dangerous weapon during a commission of a felony, and negligent use of a gun. Morris is scheduled to be arraigned today. 

In other police news, a Burlington man has been identified as a City Park shooter, a Londonderry man has been arrested for trafficking fentanyl, and a Burlington man has been sentenced for possession of cocaine with intent to sell. 

Jacob Cook, 28 of Burlington has been cited by police as a Burlington City Hall Park shooter April 15, 3 AM. Police say that as Cook approached the alley between City Hall and the BCA Center, he raised the firearm into the air and discharged a number of rounds. No one was struck. He fled east to Church Street and then continued east on College Street. As officers responded to City Hall Park, they heard — and dispatch received calls about — additional discharges in the Hill Section, in the vicinity of upper College Street.

On May 31, a state police investigation of a Feb. 17 incident on Depot Street in Cavendish resulted in the arrest of Kwesi Wilson, 37, Londonderry. He was charged with Trafficking Fentanyl, and was cited to appear in Vermont Superior Court on July 26. 

Hussein Mubarak, 21, of Burlington was sentenced in federal court to 10 months’ imprisonment and a 3-year term of supervised release for possession with intent to distribute cocaine base.

As Mubarak admitted in his guilty plea hearing, the Burlington Police Department encountered him on May 14, 2021, when Mubarak was found to possess two plastic bags containing cocaine base in his pants pocket. Mubarak further admitted that the quantity of cocaine base found in his pants pocket was consistent with distribution and not personal use.  

As described in court records, when Burlington Police Department officers arrested Mubarak on September 5, 2021, Mubarak possessed a semiautomatic handgun.  As a result of this federal felony conviction, Mubarak will now be prohibited from obtaining or possessing firearms. 

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