McClaughry: Farewell to Scary Mary

By John McClaughry

A month ago the Biden Administration came up with a super new idea – creating a Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security. The Board could stamp out disinformation about the Biden program, and like Big Brother listen in on anything you say.

Lisa Jankowicz

That was ludicrous enough, but the Administration then named one Nina Jankowicz to run the machine. Ms. Jankowicz is a voluble and sharp tongued 33 year old social media activist from the nether regions of the Democratic Party, eager to wield the hammer of the Biden Ministry of Truth.

She was quick to characterize herself as the “Mary Poppins of disinformation governance”. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board reported: “Quick as she came, the Mary Poppins of Disinformation unfurled her umbrella and floated away to her next job, nannying another nation of children who had the wrong ideas. …Only three weeks after the announcement, media reports say the board is being ‘paused’ and Ms. Jankowicz has resigned.”

The right wing Patriot Post was quick to label her “Brandon’s Scary Mary”. Ms. Jankowicz, suddenly disemployed, complained “to say that I’m just a partisan actor was wildly out of context.” Yeah, right.

Another right wing group has catalogued hundreds of examples of disinformation uttered by President Biden himself, a lot of them unwittingly.

Farewell to Scary Mary. As Thomas Jefferson sagely said, “error of opinion can be tolerated where reason is free to combat it.”

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  1. As “scary” as Mary was (is) she is nowhere near as scary as the idea that anybody would/could be empowered by our government to decide what is, or is not misinformation, and have the power to censor information that they deem to be wrong or antithetical to an accepted or preferred position. That is scary !

  2. Maybe Scary Mary has been canceled, but take notice:
    The Censoring, Canceling, Manipulating, Controlling and Coercion of what people believe, think, do and say is happening daily ALL OVER OUR SUPPOSED FREE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!


  3. What’s scary here is that someone with Ms. Jankowicz record could be selected by the Biden Administration for such a high profile job in the first place.

    Makes one wonder about how many other poor judgement calls are being made every day by President Biden and his underlings that go unnoticed……..Go unnoticed until they start having negative effects on the American people…….Negative effects produced by the Biden team that are now engulfing the entire nation.