Retail pot sales legal tomorrow

Brent Addleman – The Center Square

Vermont’s legal cannabis market opens Saturday.

Just one month after issuing the first licenses for adult-use cannabis sales, adults age 21 and over will be able to purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana or 8,400 milligrams of THC-infused products.

Retail sales will be taxed at 20%, as previously reported by The Center Square, which features a 14% excise tax on top of the state’s 6% sales tax.

At its Sept. 14 meeting, the Cannabis Control Board approved retail licenses for Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland and FLORA Cannabis in Middlebury, and integrated licenses for Champion Valley Dispensary Inc., CeresMED, and Ceres (Burlington). The integrated licenses awarded allow the retailer to sell medical and adult-use marijuana.

“Today’s license approvals mark a historic moment for Vermont that is decades in the making,” James Pepper, chair of the Vermont Cannabis Control Board, said in a release. “We would not be here without the tireless dedication of cannabis advocates, the legislature, our agency partners, and most importantly the CCB staff.”

Vermont, in 2018, legalized possession and cultivation of cannabis for adults ages 21 and over, but the legalization and regulation of sales didn’t come about until Oct. 7, 2020, as Gov. Phil Scott allowed Senate Bill 54 to become law without his signature.

Vermont then became the 11th state to regulate sales of adult-use cannabis and just the second state to legalize cannabis without a voter referendum.

Once sales open in Vermont, 15 states across the country will have a legal cannabis marketplace for adults.

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  1. Now the fun can begin – or rather expand. Anyone with a store front is seeking NEW customers. Vermont already has one of the highest cannabis useage rates. The clips below originates with states that have gone before us in commercialization. Colorado even has gas stations where you can fill up on gas and pot – and then drive off getting high. Vermont are you ready for the new rounds of fun and expenses this will bring?

    3-4 min. clips
    Cannabis Concerns


  2. Yay! Yet MORE intoxicants to add to the multiplicity of drugs readily available & used by Vermonters (many to the point of killing them) without impunity.

    This State is a FIRST RATE DISGRACE.

  3. Great to be advised to use caution, but Vermonters prefer dangerous freedom to safe prohibition. Alcohol and pharmaceuticals are way more problematic than weed is.
    Teach young people and curious adults about it’s good and bad aspects. Knowledge is key.

  4. Nothing will change except saving some gas money driving to Massachusetts. VT has already been awash in their legal weed as well as our own grower’s for the last two years- and long, long before that with illegal Canadian biker gang weed coming over the border on sleds. Wasn’t UVM voted “Highest University” in 2002 by High Times or something anyway? Who cares?
    Find a new cloud to scream at.

  5. Marijuana is a weed. It is as easy to grow as tomatoes. This is all about the 6% sales tax and 14% excise tax the state is going to collect. Marijuana has been grown for years in Vermont. Now the progressive Vermont legislature uses the nullification that the Tenth Amendment provides to legalize pot so down the road they can make money. The same progressives are telling us that their abortion rights were taken away by the Supreme Court that used that same Tenth Amendment tenant to do away with Roe vs Wade. Duh! If it’s not enumerated in the constitution, it’s up to the states

  6. Vermont state officials, both elected and appointed have handled this with as much care and consideration as they have the current state employee pension system…

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