Republicans outvoted 2-1 in VT November 8 election

By Guy Page

A look at November 8 election returns shows that of the 291,955 total ballots cast, about 95,000 were cast by Republican voters.

The Vermont Secretary of State vote totals show that 291,955 ballots were cast. Four races for statewide office – attorney general, auditor, treasurer, and secretary of state – involved relatively unknown candidates. Only one incumbent, auditor Doug Hoffer, sought re-election. In ‘down-ballot’ races involving relative unknowns, the outcome is usually determined by party affiliation, especially if the returns are almost identical.

In fact, in three of the four races the GOP returns were just 221 votes apart. (Both winner and loser in the auditor’s race received fewer votes than their counterparts in the other three, reflecting perhaps less voter interest in or knowledge of the office.)

Attorney General:

Charity Clark (D), 179,098

Michael Tagliavia (R), 95,661

Auditor of Accounts:

Doug Hoffer (D/P), 178,714

Richard Morton (R) 94,613

Secretary of State:

Sarah Copeland Hanzas (D) 179,087

H. Brooke Paige (R) 95,662


Mike Pieciak (D) 182,568

H. Brooke Paige (R) 95,440

In statewide office races with more name recognition, political volatility, and perceived office significance, voters colored outside the party line. D/P David Zuckermen defeated Republican Joe Benning 150,101 – 118,724. Most notably, Republican Phil Scott more than flipped the 2-1 GOP deficit with a 202,147 – 68,248 victory over Democrat Brenda Siegel.

Vermont Republican Party leaders will no doubt be strategizing soon about how to get more Vermonters to vote “R” in 2024. 

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  1. This is so disappointing. Since the election several fellow conservatives who voted are saying they won’t vote again. We had a great slate in south central Vermont especially, and for none to win when we know the faults of the Democrats who won, is upsetting.

    • No disrespect but if you think we had a good slate of candidates, that’s called denial.
      We need intelligent, articulate, center to center right candidates who can connect with people on a personal level rather than driving the middle away.

  2. I can’t blame people for not wanting to vote. Republicans are harrassed and abused at every turn, and the progaganda against every conservative is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The president of the United States went on national television stating that if you vote for a Republican, they will kill your children. The local and national media does nothing but bash conservatives and conservative values. I have called our local news outlets to address the lies and propaganda, as well as abuse of Conservatives but no one cares. I have called the governor’s Office about everything from seniors being attacked by community members to the equity office. I actually informed the equity office about the EWSD emotionally abusing young children, who come home from school crying because they are white. I asked that they speak to the EWSD, as the school district was heavy handed in their application of social justice. The state equity office employee responded with a question, “Don’t you think white children should feel the same pain as black children?” This state employee justified, in the name of equity, that white children should be so harmed for the color of their skin. I called the governor’s office again and issued a formal complaint. Nothing happened. No callback, nothing. Please contact the state equity office and let them know how you feel about what their employee said. While you are at it, please call the governor’s office too.

    • We need a real grass-roots effort in this state. Voter registrations. Get-out-the-vote campaigns. College/School rallies. Fundraising. The Democrats are doing an excellent job in all of these areas and it shows.

  3. Perhaps the Republicans should be in search of some Bitcoin whiz kid to help secure illegal financing the next time just to keep it in the Democratic tradition. They could also use the already established well used lines that they knew nothing of the source and start looking now for a charity to dump the smaller I’ll gotten contributory amounts into.

  4. Vermont will never again elect a pro life candidate. Have immediately lost 50% of the electorate. We need to recruit electable candidates.

  5. I would have loved to been able to vote for Republicans in my area but I refuse to cast a ballot any MAGA supporting insurrectionists. That was the message sent across the country last week, not just in Vermont. If you want to stay in the permanent minority then continue following this line of thinking.

    • The sad part is that the real Traitors and Insurrectionists are occupying most of our elected positions in the Vermont Government and they have been for years.

      Personally, I think they have been rigging our Vermont State Elections for years, so they can keep control, fulfill their Agenda and keep state citizens divided against each other. In the process they keep many believing that the majority of Vermonters really want a Marxist State.

      Think back about when the mandated counting machines came on the scene for elections in Vermont. About 6-8 years ago. I don’t think most Vermonters even knew it was happening.

      Do you trust the present Vermont Election System?

      • Why did Pelosi turn down Trump’s request for the National Guard that day? And why did Pelosi have her daughter with her, video camera in hand? Why did the FBI just admit that they had informants in the Oathkeepers, including the second in command? Or eight informants in the Proud Boys? Why was I reading about Antifa false flagging the protest months before it happened? Why hasn’t Ray Epps been charged despite being filmed instigating violence? Why did John Sullivan exclaim, “We did it!” upon entering the Capitol with a CNN reporter? Why hasn’t any of the security footage been released? How on Earth were a bunch of unarmed people going to take over the government, which would be the definition of an insurrection? The answer is that it was a clusterfudge of competing interests, mostly concerned with making the legitimate questions about the stolen election get shut down, hard. And it worked.

    • You are doing nothing but parroting back propaganda pepitrated by the media. I have friends of all political parties. Some voted for Trump and some didn’t. A fair amount of these people didn’t personally like the way Trump spoke and thought he was a narcissist. They voted for him because of his Make America Great Again (MAGA) Agenda, which was about bringing middle class jobs back to America and not bleeding tax payers dry relative to international interests. There were very few people who caused an issue that day, with some of the bad actors being the FBI and Antifa. John Sullivan was one such example. He went through the Capital with a crow bar and broke the windows. The rest of the people were there to peacefully protest, which is their Constitutional right, nothing more. Trump wasn’t at the Capitol when the even occurred. His speech went late and the people listening to him hadn’t even started to walk over to the Capital. I have to laugh at the double standard. The Democratic party let Antifa and BLM riote for months. You must remember the Summer of Love. One court house was attacked for about 20 days and a police station burned. People, identified as conservatives, were beat and sucker punched in the streets, countless police were attacked and killed, police cars burned and so one. I read the insurance estimate on the damage, which was over 2 billion dollars. I agree that anyone who committed a crime in either instance should be held accountable.

    • Lol! People who believe that there was and is election fraud in the USA based upon a myriad of VIDEO proofs from ’20, an array of hundreds of poll watcher’s testimonies under oath, & the well-known scenarios involving fraud that are inherent with mail-in voting, certainly pales in comparison to the radical baby-killers who are A-OK with slaughtering unborn, viable humans at any stage of gestation. Yeah….those who believe election fraud is a reality (because it IS) are so “intolerable” compared to the ruthless murderers who adore abortion. Sure.

      I “presume” but of course you equally detest the leftist democrat “insurrectionists” who set off BOMBS in the US Capital in the 1970’s and again in the 1980’s as well, huh Mike? Or how about the dude who shot & attempted to KILL republicans at the congressional baseball game two years ago in the name of Bernie Sanders?? Any issues with THEM??

      FREEDOM of speech & expression & challenging the government is OBVIOUSLY no longer on the average democrat’s radar. Heil Hitler, here we go again.

    • If you conflate Republicans with “insurrection”, then you have sadly drank the Democrat’s cool-aid and taken in their scare tactics hook, line, and sinker. You should get out and talk to some conservative Republicans.

  6. No offense intended to you personally Guy, but you can’t KNOW these are valid numbers with all the holes and opportunities for cheating and corruption in our present Vermont Election System.
    Let’s please be honest. The present Vermont Election System is completely untrustworthy.

    Our Vermont Constitution Declares we are to have a Free and Fair Election System without Corruption. We don’t have that. We have:
    1.) No Ballot chain of custody
    2.) Many, many persons have easy access and are handling our
    ballots in the election process – vendors, postal workers, etc.
    3.) All Mailed ballots without requests by voters
    4.) Ballots printed and mailed by out of state vendors
    5.) 24 hour unmanned ballot drop boxes
    6.) 40 plus day voting period
    7.) No voter ID’s
    8.) No ability to know if non-citizens are registered and/or voting
    9.) Ballot harvesting legally allowed
    10.) Machines counting votes giving no verification or receipt
    for our individual ballot votes
    11.) We can’t verify with certainty how the machines are set to
    read the votes or arrive at totals
    12.) We can’t verify with certainty if the machine totals can be
    changed or set at percentages

    The question I have is: What are Vermont Citizens/Voters going to do about it? Are we going to accept this mess given to us by the Progressives and Marxists and a Feckless Governor?

    Are there any lawyers out there with the courage to challenge this Unconstitutional Election System?

    • I also had more questions: What do all those QR codes on the ballots mean? Why are there so many identifiers on the ballots what do they mean? Why do we need fancy machines to count ballots when we only have 300,000 or so people voting? Does no one know how to count anymore? Is there a correlation to when the Dems took over and the machines showed up?? Just curious or is that disinformation?

  7. And now Vermonters are crying they can’t afford fuel oil this winter. You idiots voted for marxism now live with it. Maybe sanders, welch, balant and zuckyman can send you a check from their millions….fools who cut off their noses to spite their faces.

  8. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, the majority of republicans have either died off or left. We will never win another election or gain the majority until it hurts bad enough! Let the ship sink just don’t be on it. Get out now while you can, before they take what little money you have left.

      • With approximately 50% of eligible voters “actually” voting and we were out voted 2 to1??? How else do the numbers add up? Are you suggesting that the 50% left who did not vote are all Republicans? P.S. there is a difference between a ballot and a vote!!!!

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Please think ……… with NO “chain of custody for ballots,” how do we really KNOW who voted and what happened on many fronts?

      Please read my previous list above of ALL the allowed moving parts, unknowns and possibilities with our present Vermont Election System. Previous to 2020, there was a “chain of custody” for ballots. No ballot “chain of custody” equals no trustworthiness.

      There are 506,000 registered Vermont Voters who ALL had unrequested ballots mailed to them. 292,000 ballots were voted, so that means 214,000 ballots were not voted and also not accounted for. What do we KNOW for sure?

  9. Exactly, Biden signed the executive order to facilitate switching to digital currency. I read the order and it stated that the new financial system has to address equity and human rights. The USAID defined equity as the redistribution of wealth to create equal outcomes. This is the future for everyone.

  10. Election by selection re: mail-in ballots and voting machines. If/when that changes…it needs to. I still managed to get over 1000 votes in a very Dem district. Ppl are waking up!

  11. I personally know dozens of people who would love to vote conservatively, but unfortunately they are looked on as lesser people for not believing in god. They are not anti god or religion, they just hate having it thrown in their face, and it seems the republican party is an exclusive party for Christians. What can we do to get non-denominational people into our party?

    • This is not true and a falasy. Many Republicans were on the ballot that were not devote Christians. I was a write in candidate and not religious. I am a moderate Republican, I support adoration, with term limits. Nothing mattered to people. I would try to discuss my platform and concerns and I was verbally abused by someone who was concerned about Liz Chaney. They refused to discuss anything but Liz Chaney. This is a result of the media and their biased coverage. I actually knocked on doors to talk to people. So Addison County voted in a progressive democrat that wasn’t to move small or single families/people out of their homes so large families can move in. Seeing that the average family size in America is 2.5 children, where are these large families coming from? This Policy most likely will impact seniors living alone. Biden just announced that he wants to make citizens out of the 11 million immigrants that the administration let into the country over the last two years. I have to wonder if these people and refuge families constritute large families.

      Peter Conley also wants to tax abandoned homes to motivate or financially force them to be sold. Makes me think of the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing and be happy.” I am sure when times get tough, the banks will be prepared to buy people out. Banks are buying property globally. The new model is renting homes no home ownership.

  12. also, it seems like alot of people here are surprised at how democratic this state votes. This isn’t anything new! you have a city populous that is largely deomocratic, and a rural population that is largely republican. It just so happens that there are more people in the cities than in the rural areas. the election isnt stolen, there are just more of them.

  13. Perhaps we need the VTGOP to start growing a set and start supporting candidates all during the campaign not just AFTER the primaries. Weak as water messaging from from the VTGOP and severe disunity will continue to keep Vermont under the DemoCrap thumb.

  14. If the quality of the commentaries and the manners in which they are presented in
    this series of observations is representative of the nobility of Vermont’s public education system, you all are in deep trouble! I mean DEEP TROUBLE!

  15. Really. You are out of touch with the abuse and propaganda most Republicans face in this state every day. I have seen Republicans, seniors, attacked and spit on by children for no reason other than they exist or for having an American flag. Republicans are berated by the media. Our president went as far as saying if you vote Republican, they will kill your children, as well as saying that all Republicans are semi fascists. You lack of understanding of how destructive this try of political rhetoric is, which is evident by your negative and unkind critique. I invite you to spend a year in the shoes of a Republican. I am sure it will be eye opening!

  16. So true. Republicans are the true victims here. We never have representation. We have never had a president or a house or senate under republican control. Never.

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