Records show State’s Attorney Sarah George tries to have AG prosecutor towed during murder case spat

Chittenden County prosecutor Sarah George

by Mike Donoghue, for the Caledonian-Record

While the Vermont Attorney General’s Office was fighting recently to convict a meat cleaver-wielding man for murdering his wife and trying to kill his mother-in-law, Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George was trying to get a car owned by a prosecutor towed from the Burlington courthouse.

And even after the Attorney General’s Office successfully prosecuted the murder case that George had refused to tackle, she subsequently tried to get the AG’s office banned permanently from the parking garage under the courthouse.

That’s the finding of a more than six-week investigation by Vermont News First that included multiple interviews and almost 200 pages of documents provided by six state offices in response to requests for public records.

The towing incident is the latest in an ongoing statewide spat that developed when George dismissed two murder charges and two attempted murder charges in Chittenden County on May 31, 2019. The three defendants each said they would use an insanity defense and George indicated she believed she would be unable to successfully fight the insanity defenses in each case. (Read more at

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  1. This kind of sleazy, underhanded tactic qualifies her for the highest echelons in the world of democrats/progressives. Sounds like she was a child that was always used to getting her way. The voters have handed her a mandate and she picks up her agenda and runs with it by any means necessary. The voters of Chittenden County who cast a ballot for her are the real sickos though. If we didn’t have a few decent, honest and objective journalists like Mike Donoghue, no one would be aware of this incident. Better watch where you park, Mike.

  2. Disappointed again by a Vermont elected official . . . after Balint votes against condemning violence against churches . . . what is going on?

    • Don’t feel disappointed, this is the way of Vermont’s liberal political elite. ms. george seems the very textbook example of hubris run amok, and her actions are condoned by a majority of Chittenden County voters- after all she was re-elected. I offer that she interprets her election results as affirmation of her (and her donors) policies- and will continue on, as a nomenklatura for her masters.
      The next two years should finally cement the class divisions that the liberal/socialist crowd has been seeking for decades in Vermont. If you still feel disappointed, you are in the under-class. Your views are unwelcome in Vermont’s ‘polite’ social and political order- however- your tax dollars are demanded.

      • Thanks, Frank—I am very disappointed, but I get it . . . and it is as I feared . . . until enough of us can all see the human being and the human spirit—body, soul and spirit—in all its dignity and worth, the struggle for a healthy social order will be just that, a struggle to overcome the view of the human being as a “hackable animal”. One can only pity those who have not yet realized what it means to be a true human being–and try to wake them up if possible.

  3. Incredibly petty reaction from any “adult” much less an officer of the court . Grow up !

  4. Dirty money begets dirty deeds – we are seeing the fruits of their tree. They do not care how their actions look to the public. Officials, such a Sarah George, are drunk on power to the highest, most disturbing degree. Clearly, a threat to public safety, derelict of duty, and gross violations of the public trust.

  5. Please tell me she will be held to account for this petty and bullying abuse of power. Pleeeease….

  6. Long past time to leave this depraved state and its ‘elected’ idiots. It used to be better then NJ, still is almost, but there are better places to call home and spend my money in.

  7. Who says Vermont hasn’t slid into a Dystopian State? These tactics by Sarah George are Orwellian at best. Expect more of this as long as these Marxist and Rulers enjoy the tacit support of Vermont Citizens.

  8. Seems this women, who supposedly works for us, we the people, has decided that she has bought and paid for this state. She decides what shall be. It all is so petty, childish and just plain ole stupid. Why arent the people who keep voting for her learning from their own mistakes? Vermont needs to learn about common sense again!

  9. As a resident of Chittenden County who did NOT vote for her, she is a disgrace. Bought and paid for by Soros and his dark money. It is very difficult to vote for someone who isn’t running against her. I write in anyone and have never voted for her. Why is there never anyone who runs against her? Only in the primary. Beyond time for a change.

    • Time for a change? She was just overwhelmingly re-elected running against another democrat whom even a dunce could see was far more competent.

  10. Great investigative reporting on this story.

    Congratulations to Chittenden County voters for proving their incompetence by re-electing this incompetent. You must be proud.

  11. ALL these years we’ve had to deal with this crazy little meat clever guy, the local press keeps FORGETTING to remind us he never should have been OUR PROBLEM in the first place and is just ANOTHER fine example of the SUCCESS of our REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM here in VT.