Klar: VT Tech bans Randolph dad’s screening of trans-skeptical documentary

Film viewing cancelled by public college, pushed by government employees

Image from Matt Walsh documentary, ‘What Is A Woman?’

By John Klar

Vermont university and public officials worked frantically to prevent a January 15 showing of Matt Walsh’s documentary What is a Woman?  The event was scheduled by Travis Allen, father of the local Randolph Union High School girl who complained about being compelled to undress in front of a biologically male student.  School security for Vermont Technical College pulled the computers from the building, and informed Mr. Allen that he could not use school equipment under the leasing agreement.

The pressure to cancel the film originated from local “equity coordinator” Dana Decker and Randolph Union school counselor Beverly Taft. The cancellation was by a public institution, fueled by government employees, which raises clear First Amendment issues.

Had this been X-rated pornography or featured drag queens for young children, these public officials would likely have shared the event gladly.  But private citizens using public property to view a trans-documentary is verboten.

Decker posted to Facebook:

We cannot keep on perpetuating the hate in our already broken community… Here’s some of trans liberation group intel: Trans liberation group are asking central vt community to call VTC and express their dismay at hosting this event… “Hello, my name is… and I want to express my disappointment that VTC would show a transphobic propaganda film in the same town where recent Transphobic events have occurred…”

The alleged “transphobic event” involved girls complaining about a biological male gawking at them while they changed, which was portrayed as harassment of the biological boy.  The girls have been discredited by school authorities, despite the transgender voyeur’s recorded admission that what the girls reported is exactly true. 

RUHS counselor Taft zealously took to social media to object to Walsh’s film:

….it is troubling something like this is happening on the grounds of a public education institution, in a community where young people have been viciously put at risk… This event is sure to stoke the fires of hate.

The fires of hate are stoked by these government mouths — attendees at the voluntary showing included parents of children who have been “viciously put at risk” by reckless government ideologues. These public employees demand content discrimination on behalf of “trans liberation group” (whoever that is).

It is verboten to even watch a film in Vermont if it questions official government propaganda about queer ideology and the potential harms thereof to minor children.  Walsh’s film does just that:

The documentary tells stories of young female athletes forced to compete against, and share locker rooms with, biological males who identify as female. …The documentary’s strength is in being educational about the current status of the gender-ideology movement, its cultural influence and its dangers.

Vermont is abolishing basic civil rights.  The father of a girl punished for objecting to biological males in the girls’ changing room is prohibited from airing a documentary about female athletes being compelled to change in front of biological males in locker rooms, by the same government that compelled his daughter to disrobe.  

Vermont Tech distributed an email an hour after the event was canceled, by President Parwinder Grewel:

….I am committed to ensuring that our students and employees are welcome and feel safe. This week, we will review our facilities use policies and engage our community in any changes to them, recognizing our responsibility as a public institution to maintain reasonable and viewpoint neutral policies. We encourage all to engage in civil discourse and thoughtful debate that does not normalize discriminatory but protected speech.

This is far from “viewpoint neutral”: the college claims it must not “normalize discriminatory but protected speech.”  American First Amendment law “normalizes” protected speech.  Walsh’s film constitutes protected “thoughtful debate” about the merits of the gender theory which is “woven into every tenet” of this government institution.  Viewing a popular movie is prohibited because it transgresses against the established trans-dogma of the woke state. 

More viewings of What is a Woman? are being scheduled in Vermont — with free popcorn and pizza.  If the speech-stiflers hate it this much, it merits another gander.

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  1. Since the Twitter drops, surpression of factual or counter-opinion information and who is reponsible for it, is no longer a backroom secret. If colleges or any institution finds it necessary to continue on the self-destructive path of controlling and surpressing information, it is to their own detriment. Information warfare it has been for a long time now. The boomerang cometh. The Truth is coming out and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it.

  2. Strongly supported commentary by John Klar. Well done. Thank you for pulling this info together and writing an expose we can all use to learn and share. How does one find a Vermont screening? Neither of the links referring directly to the film give that info.

  3. I agree completely. Govt officials compelled the school to censor this factual, non discriminatory film. This insanity needs to end.

  4. The Nazi book burning was very offensive to everyone until democrats decided to take away the constitutional protected right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We must have freedom and access, to deny it is wrong.

  5. I joined up with Daily Wire when this documentary came out. It alone was worth the price of membership but there is a wealth of other text, audio and video contributed by the likes of Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens to be had there…all kinds of stuff to light liberals’ hair on fire…

  6. All the hate is generated by the Leftists who can’t stand open debate. In the meantime, countless young lives are being ruined by this insane Woke propaganda.

  7. It’s hard to believe that Vermont Tech, (of all places), would ban free speech, esp. under the circumstances of what happened in their own back yard!
    When my son attended VTC, approx. 25 years ago, it was known to many of us as a common-sense, “no-nonsense” school, a school to be proud of. What a difference a generation can make.

    • As a former security officer there, I can attest to the fact that only weak yes men are placed as president of VTC.

    • As a graduate of VTC myself it’s sad to hear that they have fallen victim too. It used to be such a good school….

  8. As a tax contributor. I’m getting some tired of these tax paid employees from tax funded schools. Dictating to us taxpayers what we can and can’t do say or watch now. It is sickening to see the ideologies that they are pushing onto our children. I believe it would be wiser if we are dressed the mental illness from the psychologically disturbed individuals rather than keep Bowing down do these whack a doodle‘s.

  9. VTC? Really? I remember when VTC was a serious STEM school that had an impeccable record of no nonsense education and almost universal job placement for graduates. So disappointing that they are obviously going “woke”. I wish them good luck, but if they don’t change their ways I won’t expect anything but ultimate failure.

  10. I certainly hope that free speech-minded alumni donors will take notice of what has happened to this once-fine institution. Make sure you enclose an explanation of why your check is missing from the envelope this year.