Protest outside Barre pregnancy services clinic

This poster was left outside Carenet Pregnancy Center on Main Street in Barre following a brief, peaceful protest Saturday afternoon between 3-4 pm on the sidewalk outside by 7-8 people holding similar signs. According to its website, Carenet provides free medical services, referrals and support to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. The website also clearly states that “we are a free abortion clinic alternative providing evidence-based information on medical abortions (the abortion pill), surgical abortion procedures, and emergency contraceptives.”

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  1. I challenge anyone to specify any lie told by CareNet to any woman seeking help at their clinic. CareNet deserves the support of the community. We are lucky to have them in Barre. I stand with CareNet Pregnancy Center.

  2. I stand with Aspire Together, formerly CareNet, Williston, and support them monthly. I went to them earlier in my life with an unplanned pregnancy. They were courteous, friendly, and let me make my own decisions. That child is now 27 and works with Kindergarten children. He loves being a light in the life of these young kids. I would highly recommend CareNet. and appreciate CareNet’s professionalism and care.

  3. Yes, they have an Anti-Abortion OR otherwise known as Anti-murder agenda…….how long did it take you Einsteins to figure out that is what “PRO-LIFE” means?????

    of course they do HELP people. In general, they HELP mothers locate shelter, financial assist, parenting courses, and afterwards housing & food for both. They also HELP with medical costs, finding employment & daycare for mother and/or parents or even other options such as adoption if preferred amongst other helps.

    THANK YOU PREGNANCY SERVICES all over the nation for all do!!!!!!!

  4. Wait, what? Isn’t that sign hate speech? The only agenda that shows here is the agenda that supports only one side, one choice – abortion.

  5. Janes Revenge will stop at nothing. Expect VIOLENCE from the rabid abortion crowd and keep safe.

    Thank YOU to every PRO-life clinic in New England

  6. These protesters are disgraceful. Protesting a facility that supports life and helps people? what’s wrong with that? Evidently, these protesters aren’t happy unless there’s life being extinguished in the facility. Apparently, that’s worth high-fives with that mob. Despicable people.

  7. Between the abortion right up until child birth and lately the push to legalize prostitution…..what are the democrat’s ultimate plan for Vermont? Howie Dean thought casino gambling was immoral, but democrats want murder and prostitution.

  8. Thank you Guy so much for bringing this organization to my attention. I had no idea they existing. Shame on me. I support Carenet Pregnancy Center on Main St. in Barre Vermont. I will be stopping by there tomorrow or Friday to find out more about them. Brian Judd

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