Prostitution vote tonight could lead to full decrim

By Guy Page

A scheduled Burlington City Council vote tonight could open the door to full, unregulated legalization of prostitution.

The Council is scheduled to vote tonight repealing charter provisions related to prostitution (including brothel keeping, buying sex, and selling sex) without replacing it with updated norms. The council already repealed city ordinances related to the sex trade.

The proposed charter change, if approved tonight, would have to go before the voters, likely at the City Meeting in March. Then – like all municipal charter changes – it would require approval from the Vermont Legislature. If given legislative OK, Burlington could become a no-arrest, anything-goes sanctuary for prostitution.

“Councilor Perri Freeman and her voting block of seven need to see and hear us and know that they can’t pass these changes with nobody noticing,” a statement from local members of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said this morning. “The city council is endorsing a Full Decriminalized regime.”

As reported Friday in Vermont Daily Chronicle, the change would to reconsider the current language, “to restrain and suppress houses of ill fame and disorderly houses, and to punish common prostitutes and persons consorting therewith.” The term “sex work” has been seen rapidly replacing ” prostitution ” as the go-to terminology in the 21st-century vernacular by those pushing to decriminalize it and who are promoting it as a legitimate profession.

Legalized prostitution can take at least two forms: decriminalization, in which law banning it are struck down but no ‘legal’ structure replaces it; and a more structured, regulated legalization governing the industry, in much the same way Vermont has instituted a regulated marijuana industry.

While state law banning prostitution trumps any city ordinance, the proposed charter change could prompt statewide action, the statement said. 

Due to pandemic concerns the 6:15 pm meeting may meet physically, but either way concerned citizens may comment during the public forum (scheduled for about 7:15 pm) part of the meeting via Zoom. Each speaker is allotted two minutes. Interested speakers must first fill out an online form

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  1. Prostitution has been long PROVEN to be – via U.S. government data & numerous foreign countries who have implemented similar changes – anything BUT a legitimate “trade”.

    It always has & always shall exploit WOMEN (primarily, but men & children as well), attract unsavory criminals & increase crime, cause yet further addiction nightmares & deaths, and instills in males, both young & old, that females exist for their carnal pleasure.

    Women particularly ought to be INCENSED by these demonic “lawmakers” attempting to make this perverse & dangerous exchange of money for use of a physical body foisted upon VT!

    This is NOTHING shy of legalizing sex slaves. According to the DOJ, over 95% of ALL prostitutes seek to escape this “work” but cannot do so due to fear, mental illness, addictions, etc.

    Do “dimocrats” not recall that freed slaves often became tied to (both voluntarily & involuntarily) their former master’s plantations & often never left – being relegated to “share croppers” who left to work in the same unsanitary, unsatisfactory conditions but being then paid little more than a token pittance to be “free” slaves still.

    Prostitution is ENSLAVEMENT of WOMEN, NOTHING MORE!!!!!!!!!

    • Prostitution is bad for everyone. Women, men and society.

      The fact that Burlington even considered this is just another nail in this cities coffin. I have such fond memories of that city.

      Unfortunately I had to go into the city yesterday. I went to a Hannafords there and didn’t wear a mask. It’s so sad to see the residents enslaved by an evil city council. It’s a dead town.

  2. Burlington’s policies toward “reducing homelessness” have done nothing but attracted MORE “homeless” individuals to the city and the surrounding areas, effectively worsening the problem of vagrants bothering people. If they want to follow the trend of “harm reduction” when it comes to human trafficking related to prostitution, I can only assume that will also attract more problematic individuals while not improving the problem of human trafficking. Their “harm reduction” strategy of giving out needles/syringes to cut back on disease transmission in the interest of “public health” has only resulted in more of them being irresponsibly discarded. Blood-tainted syringes disposed of improperly in public places where children and pets are likely to contact them is a “public health” disaster that shifts the risk of HIV and hepatitis infection from the junkies who make the CHOICE to engage in the risky behavior onto innocent users of public spaces.
    Too bad these leftist idiots have to always second-guess the wording and intentions of people with common sense and principled morals who wrote these laws regarding a pathological practice that has always been shunned by polite society.

  3. This appears to be another contentious special interest agenda being rammed through. There seems to be no concern from the elected officials for “representing” or seeking a consensus from the constituents. They’re determined to mold us dolts to fit their enlightened new society. I can hear a refrain… “Hold still…it’s good for you…you’ll get used to it.”

  4. With all the recent headlines pertaining to the sexual depravity, preferences, and activities pushed by the Dems/progs, Vermont is now rated XXX and free porn magazines at all the welcome centers. There is serious sickness in this State and isn’t COVID.

  5. So if this nonsense passes,it probably will,,,,, so where are all the woman libbers with there
    pink hats standing strong for women, I guess being a hooker doesn’t matter ??

    Wiil you do you need to show your covid card, or any other medical concerns or just pay
    to play, Burlington the Queen City, what a joke with liberals in charge and this is what you
    get……..how pathetic !!

  6. Won’t this make quite an attraction to possible students at Colleges and Universities in the area. Sure to be an item in the College Catalogs. Parents should get ready to explain to the little kids all the language and words they will hear in the streets and parks of the New Burlington. Who are those people, mommy? Daddy, what’s a sex worker do? Why do they stand on the street corner dressed like that, mom? Are they selling Girl Scout Cookies, Granpa?

  7. The drabs and pimps will fit in nicely with all the new graffiti, bums and non-vetted, yet welcome, “undocumented” folks that curb stomp and assault innocents with snowshoe kleats in-between their pee-poor attempted gun fights. This all paired with an under funded, reluctant, impotent police force that has their hands tied behind their backs at the will of the woke city counslers and their figure head Weinburger. Thankfully, i do not have the “traveling documents” necessary to be allowed in their city limits. Some utopia libs….

  8. I will not patron one business or be even close to a city that attracts crime ,trafficking ,and preys upon people .

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