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Water Cooler: Burlington schools launch LGBTQ+ task force / farmers resent enviro regulation push / Franklin County teacher sex charges / NY gets statewide mask mandate

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Publication Headline Published
VT Digger Bob Stannard: How do we stop killing each other? 12/12/2021 10:03 AM
VT Digger Southern Vermont lights up on Vermont’s town-by-town Covid map 12/12/2021 9:46 AM
VT Digger St. Albans Town and Swanton are eyeing a joint water infrastructure project 12/12/2021 10:34 AM
VT Digger Environmental groups are pushing for more agriculture regulations. Farmers say they’re already strapped. 12/12/2021 12:18 PM
VT Digger Small dairy farmers eligible for an increase in subsidies 12/12/2021 3:36 PM
VT Digger Burlington School District launches community-led LGBTQ+ task force 12/12/2021 4:59 PM
WCAX Franklin County parents confront school district about teacher sex charges 12/13/2021 12:46 AM
WCAX Statewide mask mandate goes into effect in New York 12/13/2021 6:54 AM
The Valley Reporter In search of Waitsfield Civil War soldiers 12/13/2021 7:00 AM

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