Balint invokes Holocaust, gay identity in announcement for Congress run

By Guy Page

Sen. Rebecca Balint (D-Windham) announced this morning she will run for U.S. Congress. 

The Vermont Senate Pro Tem’s decision guarantees a Democratic primary battle for the seat vacated by Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vermont), who will run for the U.S. Senate seat Patrick Leahy has held since 1975. Lt. Gov. Molly Gray announced earlier this month she also will seek the lone Vermont seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Balint’s campaign video opens with photos of her Jewish grandfather who died during the holocaust, and photos of herself as a gay teenager.

I know what can happen when we turn away from each other,” Balint said in a campaign video released this morning. “My grandfather was murdered on a death march in the Holocaust. I grew up with the knowledge that people can be led astray when they’re scared.” 

The desire to help other people get over their fears of ‘different’ people motivated Balint to become a schoolteacher, she said.

“I knew I was gay and that was different and I knew that some people were scared of my kind of different,” Balint said. “I think I was a middle school teacher because I did not want any of my students to feel that sense of fear that they weren’t going to have someone showing up for them.” 

She also lauded her record in developing affordable housing, ‘reproductive freedom,’ and paid sick leave. 

In Congress she will work for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, she promised. 

With both her and Gray in the race, the position of Lt. Governor (elected by voters) and Senate Pro Tem (elected by senators) will be open again for the second consecutive biennial election.

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  1. How can you demand mask and vaccine mandates and then invoke the Holocaust while keeping a straight face?! As the unclean minority are rounded-up into internment camps across the world, we are a hairs-breadth away from a Holocaust-style event here in the US. The lack of self-awareness of these Progressive halfwits is absolutely laughable.

  2. WHERE are the well-funded Republican/Independent/Libertarian candidates????? Where is the newly appointed VTGOP Chairman?????

    “Let’s Go Brandon” rallies are fine as so many voters are understandably irate with those who are radicalizing VT, but where are our candidates???? Have we learned NOTHING VT???

  3. Oh she’s gay…Well that makes all the difference in the world somehow???…Here comes a typical politician wannabe with all the right woke traits and the willingness to use/rely on them to get elected…Some won’t need to hear more to vote for her…I wouldn’t need to hear anymore to not vote for her…Because she sounds like little more than an opportunist wanting to cash in on her heredity and “Woke” sexual orientation, like that somehow is the prerequisite for being a good politician….I guess in today’s liberal leftist world, it is….Sadly.

    • Ralph, add to all that baggage, she carries the DEMONCRATIC baggage! Just realized the typo, but decided to leave it as it was!

  4. Where is the part in her video about her being a Neo-Marxist who has been one of the biggest pro-CRT and Critical Gender theory advocates in education today? Or the part where she supports race-essentialism in our society? She won’t win, she’s too radical.

  5. Look into the financial improprieties between the senator pro-team and her lawyer wife, who is general counsel at the Brattleboro Retreat.

    • You don’t even need to. You have the choice of voting for a native Vermonter over a recent transplant from NJ. Case closed. I choose a young woman raised on a farm in Vermont.

  6. always thought the idea was to not be concerned with things like race ,sex, sexual preference and whatever else are just physical statements about an individual. anyone that leads with Holocaust makes me wonder

  7. Molly Gray had better gear up for a fight. She only has what has been reduced to a minimal advantage in the intersectionality/victimhood hierarchy…having a XX chromosome. Becca has that as well as the LGBT thing going, and I’m sure she will come up with a few more, knowing full well that is what it takes to attract demoprog voters. We have to assume that another XX like Kesha Ram will enter the race with her melanin points to put on her scorecard. May the best victim win!!

    • I think these progressive dems are running crazy moonbats like Balint and Rambto make gray look like a moderate!! Any progressive dem is a mistake for Vermont. These far left dems will just be rubber stamps to continue this biden reign of terror.

    • It does seem pre-ordained that the D/P primary winner will be selected by victim status,
      not the traditional popularity contest with “free stuff” for all…err…some.
      It’s sad that the best qualified person may be ignored for the most outrageous.

  8. I see all the fringe alt left moonbats have come out of the woodwork to fill pantywaste petes slot in Congress. How frightening for mainstream Vermonters that this is all we have to represent us. Are there NO normal people left to run for this office left in Vermont??

  9. I asked Don Turner to run for Leahy’s seat. We need another sane republican to run for the ultra-corrupt Welch’s seat. Then we need to get rid of Bernie. Any suggestions for that one? John Klar seems to be good choice for governor – we need to get rid of the incontinent jackass that is fouling that seat right now.

    • I hear your concern but we need to be practical. In the primary we have a chance to select the anti-Bernie democrat and get rid of the Bernie democrat. Molly Gray is a native Vermonter who grew up on a farm. She is the most moderate candidate as proven by the fact that Balint called her a “corporatist democrat”. So I would urge you to vote in the primary for Molly so we can show Balint the door. I choose a Vermonter over a candidate who moved here a few years ago from NJ.

  10. Just a another Moron Hypocrite liberal leftist period!! NO THANK YOU PERIOD!