Prostitution, hunting, school mascot, BLM flag bills hit House floor today

By Guy Page

The Vermont House of Representatives is scheduled to take action today on a lengthy list of bills today, including:

H746, decriminalizing prostitution in Burlington. 

S122, Vermont joining an interstate “workaround” of the electoral college. 

S139, giving the State of Vermont a role in the naming of school mascots. It would create a state policy to eliminate the use of discriminatory school branding (such as naming teams after minority groups like Indians, Redskins, etc.) because “all Vermont students should feel safe and welcome while enrolled in a Vermont school.”

H444, Barre City charter change allowing only U.S., State of Vermont, and POW flags in City Hall Park. The bill resolves a municipal dispute over flying the BLM and other flags in favor of flying only the three approved flags. 

S148, environmental justice. Creates state Environmental Justice Policy “that no segment of the population of the State should, because of its racial, cultural, or economic makeup, bear a disproportionate share of environmental burdens or be denied an equitable share of environmental benefits,” and a council to oversee the policy. 

S281, hunting coyotes with dogs. Restricts number and use of dogs for hunting coyotes. 

The House was still deliberating as this news report was filed. 

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  1. Montpelier already has, lots of them there, they only work the winter season. Pretty fancy house of ill repute, you can’t miss it when you drive into town.

    They specialize in servicing the NGO and Lobbyist crowd, not sure it’s open for the common John.

  2. Our legislators and their ity, bity, teeny, weeny brains think that naming schools mascots is an issue that they need to weigh in on ? The local people just could not handle it themselves ? Don’t they have enough to do with diversity, equity, clean and green, and deciding just how many genders that there are ? What a bunch of freakin pin heads !

  3. Is there anything, ANYTHING, this bunch won’t write and pass a bill for? Let’s see….

    – Mandate composting toilets.

    – Regulate chipmunk eradication activities (may already have this).

    – Require use of impossible meat products at least once weekly in school lunch programs.

    – Tax relief for commercial weed growers who are descendants of indigenous (may already have this) and/or descendants of Irish families that immigrated from Quebec in the 1800s.

    – New funding for Efficiency Vermont to defray costs of purchase of any clothing or footwear using “natural” or non-synthetic fibers or materials.

    – Require new school voc-tech programs in marijuana cultivation and marketing, and business development in the sex trade (must be close to having this).

    – Charter amendments or laws auhtorizing Brattleboro and Montpelier to decriminalize petty theft up to a value of $900 (may already be in process).

    – Restrict florists and commercial flower growers to producting and/or stocking no more than 10% of product grown with use of GMO seed.

    AND LAST…..

    Establish a license plate commission to design and approve at least ten new designs, which will include / address the following themes or topics:

    One Care

    Jay Peak

    Food Coops

    Maple Tubing

    Craft Beer


    Solar / Wind


  4. I’m sure happy to see that they are working on bills that will truly help out the common everyday working Vermonter! WTF!!!!

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