Stolen Pride flag, BLM signs ‘hate crimes’ / Have you seen Tango?

State police are investigating alleged hate crimes involving theft on a Vermont college campus and a front yard in Enosburg. 

May 2 at 10:30 AM, Vermont State Police responded to a call concerning an act of vandalism at College Road in the Town of Lyndon. Over the weekend, someone knocked down a flagpole and stole a recently placed LQBTQ Progress Pride flag on the Northern Vermont University campus. This occurred after the ceremony for the raising of the flag on Thursday the 29th. 

The State Police have informed the Attorney General’s Office under the Bias Incident Reporting System. 

On May 3 at 11 AM, state police received a report of a theft from a residence in Enosburg. A “Black Lives Matter” sign was taken from the front lawn of the victim. This incident was believed to have occurred sometime within the last 4 days. The State Police has informed the Attorney General’s Office of this case as a possible hate crime under the Bias Incident Reporting System. Anyone who witnessed this event or who has information is asked to contact the Vermont State Police St. Albans at 802-524-5993.

State police are looking for a horse taken from its home in Marshfield.

April 27 at 3 pm, state police were notified of a horse named “Tango” that had gone missing from a residence in Marshfield.

A nearby surveillance camera captured an unknown man and woman walking Tango towards John Fowler Rd at 2:30 pm on April 23. Police are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying these individuals and locating Tango to return him safely to his owner. 

Coke Dealer sentenced – Gregory Lewis, 26, of Williston was sentenced today to serve 58 months in prison after his convictions for being a felon in possession of a firearm and distribution of cocaine base. Judge Christina Reiss also ordered Lewis to serve a three-year term of supervised release after his incarceration.    

According to court records, in early 2021, investigators with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Burlington Police Department conducted multiple controlled purchases of cocaine base from Lewis.  On March 29, 2021, multiple law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant at Lewis’s residence in Williston.  

During the search, agents seized a stolen Glock Model 45 9mm pistol from Lewis’s bedroom and a privately manufactured AR-style firearm (commonly called a “ghost gun”), along with numerous tools of the drug trafficking trade, including packaging materials, digital scales, and a money counter.  

Agents also seized $43,135 of U.S. currency, and a collection of jewelry that appraised at over $70,000.  Agents noted cocaine residue on the toilet seat in Lewis’s bathroom, after which Lewis admitted to having flushed approximately 750 grams of cocaine down the toilet as agents entered the residence.  According to witness statements, Lewis’s admissions, and assets seized, Lewis is responsible for selling over 3 kilograms of cocaine in Chittenden County over a 16-month period.

Lewis’s federal sentence was ordered to run concurrent to his sentence imposed in Sarpy County, Nebraska, stemming from Lewis’s September 2019 arrest on Interstate 80 while in possession of 13 ounces of cocaine, bulk marijuana, and THC cartridges.

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  1. Return the horse to its owners, losers. Didn’t mommy ever tell you stealing was wrong? Did it ever occur to you that the animal has attachment to those who care for it & likely love it?

    I have zero tolerance for so-called “people” such as this – do the RIGHT thing, will ya?????

  2. “Gregory Lewis” – Vermonter of the Year as nominated by the Chittenden County State’s Attorney & alliance George Soros!

    Oh wait…they just phoned me — there is such a wealth of contenders this year – which includes over 3/4 quarters of the VT legislature’s members alone – young “Greggie” might have to wait for his potential title & crown.

    Oh, and by the way (as always) – you democRATS & “Progressives” in the legislature are not just lunatics, but evil too……hope that’s not too “threatening” for ya. Just tellin’ it like it is, Dandaroo.

  3. A stolen BLM flag? How can this be a “hate crime” now that BLM stand for “Big Luxury Mansions” or “Be Like Millionaires” or “Bring Lotso Money”..How long before people realize they’ve been HAD? That a mere slogan hides a massive grift? What’s to “hate”? Some are just following PT Barnum’s old dictum “there’s a sucker born every minute”. And “Coke Boy”? If he had $43,135 in Cash, $70,000 in jewelry (WHO “appraised” it?), flushed $750 Grams down the crapper, and dealt 3 Kilos over 16 months THAT makes him one great “businessman”, no? For selling anything LEGAL like that he’d get a Chamber Of Commerce award! Sure the guns might make him “dangerous” (but not to the public) but you have to be HONEST to live outside the law. What a waste of time & resources, how many rapes, murders, & assaults go uninvestigated for chasing dealers who only get replaced by other dealers next week? The “War On Drugs” is OVER, drugs won,IF we were serious about LETHAL drugs like Fentanyl WHY does Biden leave our southern border WIDE OPEN? And how many times has HIS crack-addict SON been busted? Oh right! The rich & privileged NEVER even get ARRESTED, right? It’s the unspoken RULE…

  4. so, the same groups that call for reduction in law enforcement somehow get these same shortage of resources to investigate so called “hate” crimes related to their interests? Instead, assaults, robberies, theft, and other general mayhem that plagues Vermont is allowed to continue. That’s the stuff we really “hate”: unbridled lawlessness in our towns/cities while progressives hijack the limited resources we have to look into their never ending list of grievances.

  5. The summer is near, it’s time to set up the hate crimes and start the circus of “mostly” peaceful protests of triggered, outraged, compensated activists…the Left wants and needs a war so bad…they will do anything and everything to make sure it happens.

  6. Let’s investigate the “blue line flag”. You know one of the biggest and most corrupt gangs in this country. I also think the first vehicles in this country to go electric should be motorcycles and crotch rockets. Then make every policy maker go electric, next. If that works then you can tell thew rest of us what to do

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