Avian flu reaches Vermont, VT Dept. of Health investigating

Avian flu has struck Vermont’s wild birds and backyard poultry farms, but has not yet been found in its industrial poultry operations.

By Guy Page

The Vermont Department of Health and state wildlife and farm experts are working together to “monitor and investigate reports” of the highly-contagious avian flu HPAI in Vermont, Commissioner Mark Levine announced today at the governor’s press conference. 

Avian flu has been found in both backyard flocks and wild birds in Vermont, Levine said. One strain of avian flu is “overtaking the Finger Lakes and all of Central New York,” Levine said. Vermont’s incidence of avian flu is likely to increase in coming weeks, he said. 

The Dept. of Health is monitoring people who have been exposed to sick birds, including those wearing PPE (protective clothing, gloves and and masks), Levine said. 

“The public health risk is low,” Levine said. HPAI is not a new virus, he added. More than 2500 human exposures to HPAI have been monitored nationwide; only one possible human case has been found to date, he said. 

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  1. The government itself is likely behind the Avian Bird flu, nearly certainly behind food processing plants burning down, & assuredly & obviously behind raising the prices of diesel fuel for our trucks/trains transport so that food shortages occur.

    Starving people are easy to control & very compliant. Ask any true Communist.

    Thought all this “1984” stuff was fiction? So did I until George Soros, Obama, the riots of 2019/20 and Covid19.

    The “RULING” classes (i.e.: those who “represent” your interests in the state & federal government) are completely intoxicated with their power & corrupted wealth.

    The end of this Republic is near.

    At least I’m relatively “old”. To have to witness it continually crumbling & eventually fall, would be heartbreaking, yet for most “Amerikans” under 40 or so, they idiotically await with joy!

    They have NO clue what’s coming…

    Ta-ta youngsters….you’ve been HAD!!!!!!!!! Big time!

  2. What “they” hate. Back yard self sufficient hobby farms. Stand alone homes on acreage. Actually anyone who doesnt have their hand out and relying on the government teet. Healthy people. What they love. High rise apartments on asphalt with all the unhealthy amenities within walking distance. Eyes in the sky. Sick people who need meds and doctors. You will own nothing and be happy.

  3. So good to know our VT Dept of Health is looking into this. THEY DIDN’T AND STILL DON’T KNOW THEIR BUTTS FROM THEIR ELBOWS re the whoa so scary COVID and the DEADLY VAXX THEY WERE PUSHING FOR IT…… I am filled with no confidence in them as they undertake their new task.

  4. Holodomor comes to Vermont.
    Get a cow. Get your own chickens. Grow your own garden.
    Share with neighbors.
    That’s how you survive a government orchestrated food shortage holocaust.

  5. Question: I have 10 chickens and ! rooster (who identifies as a chicken) so do I need to have them start social distancing? What is the number that can gather? When will they have a vaccine available for them? and where can I purchase chicken masks?

    • The chicken masks can be gotten at the same place where the VT legislature gets their full-size “chicken” masks.

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