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VT Water Cooler: Starbucks shop to unionize, SB council relents on Beta park, barn fire kills two horses, overhauling Camel’s Hump trail

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WCAX Vermont sees new wave of COVID infections, hospitalizations 5/2/2022 6:21 PM
VT Digger Addison County sheriff says he won’t seek reelection in wake of domestic investigation 5/2/2022 6:46 PM
Seven Days

South Burlington Starbucks Workers Seek to Form Union

5/2/2022 8:41 PM
VT Digger South Burlington City Council opens door to give Beta more parking 5/2/2022 10:50 PM
Rutland Herald Richardson denied youthful offender status 5/3/2022 12:00 AM
NBC 5 Lawmakers in 19 states want legal refuge for trans youth 5/3/2022 7:51 AM
NBC 5 East Montpelier barn fire kills 2 horses, injures firefighter 5/3/2022 7:29 AM
NBC 5 How rare is it for leaks to come out of the Supreme Court? 5/3/2022 8:10 AM
VT Digger Green Mountain Club plans complete overhaul of popular Camel’s Hump hiking trail 5/3/2022 7:53 AM
WCAX Vt. abortions would still be legal if Roe v. Wade is overturned 5/3/2022 8:42 AM