Change to child sex abuse bill opens door to legal prostitution

by Guy Page

An amendment added this week by the Vermont Senate to H18, a bill clarifying legal language about child sex abuse, would give some legal immunity against prosecution for the crime of prostitution – a potential first step towards the legalization of prostitution in Vermont.

H18 passed the House on February 5. Sponsored by Republican Tom Burditt (West Rutland) and other members of the House Judiciary Committee, it was hailed as a bipartisan effort to close legal loopholes in some child sex abuse behaviors, notably simulating some sexual acts. It passed the House without roll call or notable controversy. But the content of H18 changed significantly on April 23 when the Senate Judiciary Committee added the following amendment (see pages 2-3). The full Senate approved the bill with the amendment Tuesday, and then H18 back to the House. The amendment reads:

“A person who, in good faith and in a timely manner, reports to law enforcement that the person is a victim of or a witness to a crime that arose from the person’s involvement in prostitution or human trafficking shall not be cited, arrested, or prosecuted for a violation of the following offenses: (1) section 2632 of this title (prostitution)…..[and other offenses].”

The amendment resembles language included in the controversial prostitution legalization study bill passed by the House last year. According to one lawmaker, the amendment is “the first step towards legalized prostitution.” Furthermore, H18 may appear on the ‘notice calendar’ tomorrow for a full House vote next week, soon, possibly without consideration of the amendment by a House committee, the lawmaker said.

If so, this process will give the ‘immunity’ amendment’s supporters in the House a quick way to pass the bill with minimal attention.

This session, H268, a bill to create a study group “for the purpose of modernizing Vermont’s prostitution laws,” was introduced yesterday into the Vermont House. It alleges state law prohibiting prostitution is steeped in racism. 

It is sponsored by Representatives Selene Colburn of Burlington, House Judiciary Chair Maxine Grad of Moretown, Kate Donnally of Hyde Park, John Killacky of South Burlington, Emilie Kornheiser of Brattleboro, Jim Masland of Thetford, Bill Notte of Rutland City, Barbara Rachelson of Burlington, Taylor Small of Winooski, and Rebecca White of Hartford. Grad, Colburn, Donnally, Notte and Rachelson all sit on the House Judiciary Committee, where the bill has been sent. 

A virtually identical bill aimed at legalizing prostitution in Vermont, H568, passed the House last year but was stalled in the Senate. 

Vermonters who wish to contact their House members will find their email addresses at the Vermont Daily Media/Legislator Contact Page.

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  1. So these radical lunatics are changing the ENTIRE culture, environs, atmosphere, & experience that generations of Americans know as the Green Mountain state – in order to avenge the “racism” these fools see around every corner.

    What a shame. Real Estate values will eventually plummet as will tourism (most families don’t want to vacation in a locale where brothels are visible on the same street as the local pizzeria) and crime will SPIKE as it is slowly doing currently due to decreased police presence & lax state attorneys not wanting to prosecute.

    As numerous foreign countries have discovered – legalizing prostitution does nothing to reduce sex crimes or sex trafficking – but it does a whole lot to demonstrate further disdain & disregard for women’s rights & safety, Godlessness, and morality.

    Once again: GREAT JOB VERMONT!

    I’m seriously considering escaping now before it’s too late – been here, seen this, done this crap in NYC.

  2. Unregulated prostitution will further complicate problems. Btw, a number of radical Transgender Rights Activists(TRA’s) feel that unregulated prostitution is completely acceptable.

  3. Wait, once Prostitution is legal, the MONEY GRABBERS in MONMTPECULIAR will find a way to put the 6% sales tax on EVERY TRANSACTION. More $$$$$ for them to PISS AWAY.!!!

  4. Bingo Guido! End game is money! There’s a few other disgusting parts to that end as well – not going there right now though.

  5. Where do our “representatives” come up with these ideas? I, for one, believe the citizens are no longer represented, these legislators only support their own ideas and those of the Lobbyists!
    A bunch of whacked people that no longer listen to the people, believe me when I say I have tried, and I get no where! They must be listening to the young generation that knows NOTHING about our history or how “we the people” are supposed to be in charge!!

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