Green Up Day Saturday, May 1

Green Up Day Vermont (GUV) invites Vermonters to participate in the annual pickup of trash alongside Vermont’s highways this Saturday, May 1. Click here for details about your town.

GUV offers the following health and safety tips:

•  Tie your trash bag closed when full – keep your good work in the bag!
•  Wear long pants and boot and always check your body for ticks.
•  If you see a needle or sharp material – find an adult and do not put it in your bag with the other trash. Put it in a thick plastic container, clearly mark “DO NOT RECYCLE” and duct tape the lid on, then put it into the regular trash. Visit www.healthvermont.gov for further information.
•  Road Caution – Always work facing oncoming traffic.
•  Follow State Covid-19 guidelines.•  Wear gloves.

GUV also invites participants to Report your trash pick up stats to your town coordinator.

Graphic Credit: Community News Service.

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