Final Prop 5 vote today; opponents rally at at noon

Prop 5 protesters (at left, Susan Connerty of Stowe) already gathered outside State House at 9 am today. At 2 pm, the House will take the final vote on the amendment to enshrine an unrestricted right to abortion and other acts of ‘reproductive autonomy.” Page photo

Vermonters For Good Government will hold a peaceful protest event on the Statehouse steps for the Prop 5/Article 22 vote in the House of Representatives. Other likeminded groups may also participate. 

When: Tuesday, 2/8/22, starting at 12pm.

Where: Vermont Statehouse, front steps. 115 State St, Montpelier, VT 05633

Why: As the legislature begins debate and possibly the final vote in a multiyear process to put Article 22 on the ballot in November, Vermonters have not been allowed to be as big a part of this process as they should have been. We feel that the legislature has been hiding behind pandemic protocols to push this transformative Constitutional amendment, and as a result, Vermont voters are being left out of the conversation.

We want to give those voices a chance to be heard, and to let legislators know that voters are watching, and many do not approve of this process, this lack of access, or the legislation itself. If you wanted to sign up to testify in the house committee public hearing, but were unable to because it was shut down, this is your chance. If you would like to make public comments about this legislation, we will be providing that platform, unlike the legislature. 

This will be an informal time to gather, and share thoughts, but it is an important step in this process. Standing up against this Constitutional Amendment is critical, and we want to give people a chance to be heard and seen.

– Matthew Strong, Executive Director, Vermonters for Good Government

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  1. “Vermonters for Good Government”. Hmmm, sounds like one of those dark money astroturfy groups with a generic name pasted to it.

  2. No dark money at all Smith, but hey, thanks for the cheap shot.
    Maybe next time you could be honest and say you are all in on the marxist agenda to destroy the Family unit.
    Taking shots at people that are law abiding and understand the Constitutions of Vermont and America are meant for the protection of all Vermonters and Americans is real easy.
    Standing up for what we believe in the face of those that would destroy our Constitutions and our children is much more difficult. I am proud of all that do confront this evil.

    • Tell me every thing you know about the Constitution. I’m always wary of gun nuts, xenophobes, other right wing types who wave the Constitution in your face. It’s not just for white privileged.

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