Teen marriage a ‘human rights abuse,’ Legislature told

By Guy Page

Allowing teenagers ages 16-17 to marry with parental permission is a human rights abuse that destroys nearly every aspect of American girls’ lives and makes a mockery of marriage, say supporters of a bill limiting the right of marriage to people 18 and over. 

Wednesday 9 AM, House Judiciary will discuss and possibly vote on H631, raising the eligibility to marry. It would prohibit teens 16 and over becoming married with a parent’s permission. Only Vermonters 18 and over would be allowed to marry.  The committee meeting can be seen on YouTube

Critics of the bill say teens may marry for good reasons, including to provide a stable home for a child, gain the rights of marriage when one spouse is being deployed by the military, and as a matter of personal choice. In support of the bill, sponsor Carol Ode (D-Burlington) cited information from a national organization, Unchained at Last:

  • Minors can easily be forced into marriage or forced to stay in a marriage before they attain the rights of adulthood at age 18. They cannot easily leave home, enter a shelter, retain an attorney or independently bring a legal action.

UnChained at Last supporter Michelle Hanash testified last week that banning child marriage is a goal of the United Nations: “The U.S. and 192 other countries have promised to end child marriage by the year 2030 under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The world cannot keep this promise if states simply emancipate children before their marriage and then say it is no longer “child marriage.”

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  1. Yet enabling & allowing 15 year old girls to murder their own progeny in utero has ZERO impact upon these children’s psyches, right legislators? Abortion, i.e.: murder of a fetus, i.e.: a baby is “celebratory”! Yeah, in Hell it is.

  2. Allowing children and teenage girls to have abortions without parental notification, involvement, or consent—as Prop 5 would do—makes a mockery of common sense.

  3. So, here we go again…we have an epiphany about something in our community…we form a strong opinion,,,we articulate compelling moral rectitude arguments…we fail to convert our neighbors and become impatient with their lack of zeal,,, SO WE”LL MAKE A LAW TO FORCE THESE UNENLIGHTENED DOLTS TO BE MORALLY UPRIGHT. …is that about it? (Might want to re-look at the history of religions.).

  4. There must be a looooong line for 16 and 17 year olds looking to marry in this state! Do we really need to keep up with the UN (the same ones that want Convention on the Rights of the Child)??? But as is stated by prior comments, you’ll be able to kill the human child within the womb without parental permission. Have mercy on us Lord!

  5. I was married at 16, we were told by a probate judge that she wouldn’t allow the marrige to take place because wife wife to be was pregnent and the child would be put up for adaption withen 6 months,even with both our parents signing papers she refused. , I walked right over to legal aid and the lawyer picked up her phone and called the Judge and told her she couldn’t stop it as long as our parents were signing. We did end up divorcing 15 years later, but if not for that legal aid lawyer I wouldn’t have my two to beautiful and successful daughters. If you are worried about making a mockery out of marrige, think about that, can you think of any other laws that might make a mockery of marrige?? There must be some besides what there planning now.

  6. But being coerced by your employer to take a highly experimental drug for a flu that really only affects the very sick and very old is honkey-dorey.

    Ok, libbies. Thanks for clearing that up.

  7. Sorry for the double post in a row. But after reading the whole thing thoroughly it made me even more sick. The whole thing is an anti-male diatribe. Like we don’t have enough of this garbage these days.

  8. Who started the acceptance of the U.N. or government to control every aspect of human life? Go away legislators, go away. You have forgotten that your greatest contribution to society is to refrain from taking away freedoms. Please ask yourselves what you have done to empower citizens to have more control over their lives? The more responsibility you give the citizens the more mature and self-reliant they become. That’s a real threat to politicians. If you can provide for yourself, they become irrelevant. Let’s make all the progressives in our county irrelevant. It starts with denying them your vote at the election ballot. It will be tough at first without all the subsidies they provide but in the long run you’ll be able to climb the economic ladder and stay there because you earned it. Remember when progressives throw you a rope and your livelihood is both dependent upon you holding on and them supplying the rope, your future is precarious at best. The ladder is self-sustaining, and you can decide to stop at the rung you feel comfortable, or you can climb to the top. Please Vermont legislators make a law to legalize freedom not just for BIPOC and black human beings but all of us that supply the infrastructure, medical, engineering, etc. to sustain a society.

  9. Same sex marriage and identifying as a sex other than you were born, make a mockery of humanity. I am however glad that the marriage of 16 and 17 year old’s have been brought to the attention of our legislators, now they have more nonsense to waste their time, and our money on.

  10. Somebody point out to these barren lesbians that they don\’t have a say in this, these are not their children!

  11. The UN agenda is to end teen marriage? Yet child/human trafficking is okay and all other human rights violations are okay too (jabs, masks, and more jabs.) The UN is demonic. Don’t let this little nugget of deception fool you.

  12. this has to be a joke……and for this they stay in session until…..end of may? MYOB legislatures…lets look at property tax, school costs, the crazy RE market….this is truly Crazy making right here ….

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