Advisory board speechless on requiring Covid-19 vax of preschoolers, K-12

Health Dept. Commissioner Mark Levine (left) and Education Secretary Dan French open the virtual meeting this morning of the Vermont Immunization Advisory Council.

By Guy Page

Will an important state advisory board recommend required vaccination for Covid-19 for all preschool and school children?

That question was on the agenda today. Yet no-one at the meeting raised the issue. In fact, they said almost nothing at all.

The Vermont Immunization Advisory Council met today for “the pending advice the council might give on Covid-19 vaccination,” newly elected chair Dan French, Secretary of the Agency of Education, said. An announcement of the meeting on the University of Vermont Medical School website said, “The question of requiring Covid-19 vaccination of preschool and schoolage children is expected to be discussed.”

However, when French opened the meeting for discussion, there were no comments. French promised to set an agenda for the next meeting – date to be determined. 

Just days after Pfizer – under pressure from federal regulators – on Tuesday Feb. 1 recommended vaccinating children six months and older for Covid-19, the Vermont Immunization Advisory Council this morning held a “Public Meeting to discuss the school immunization schedule.” 

The New York Times reported Feb. 1 that Pfizer made the request at the request of federal regulators: “In a highly unusual move, federal regulators pressed the companies to submit the request even though two doses failed to produce the hoped-for immune response among children 2 to 4 years old in a clinical trial.”

The Vermont Immunization Advisory Council was created by the Legislature in 2015 “for the purpose of providing education policy, medical, and epidemiological expertise and advice to the Department with regard to the safety of immunizations and immunization schedules.” 

The council meets once a year, Levine explained today. He’s not a member – just an observer, he said. Agency of Education Secretary Dan French facilitated the meeting. He soon was elected chair – “reluctantly,” he said, as there were no other nominations. 

Among those in attendance on the Microsoft Teams virtual meeting were pediatrician Rebecca Bell, Rice Memorial High School Nurse Carol Hauke, state epidemiologist Patsy Kelso, family physician Christine Payne of Waterbury, Health Dept. official Monica Ogelby, and Health Dept. lawyer David Englander, and citizen William Moore of Johnson.

Levine gave a brief overview of Vermont’s vaccine status, without addressing required school vaccination.

Only one person piped up during the public discussion section of the meeting: Moore, who is affiliated with Vermont Stands Up, a vaccine freedom group, offered advice on selecting a chair.

Later, when French asked council members to speak, no-one spoke. French then adjourned the meeting.

But at least one person wasn’t done. After adjournment, a woman was heard to say twice: “Dan? Are you still on the line?” Then the Teams connection ended.

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  1. Guy….thanks for posting this.

    As a parent of kids that attend the woke VT school system I am praying they push this out as long as possible. I find it horrifying how many people are willing to allow their children to be guinea pigs in the largest medical experiment in human history. Especially for a disease less dangerous to them than the common flu.

    Digger had an article on this today also. In it they claim that 99% of VT’ers over 12 have taken el jabbo. I find that IMPOSSIBLE to believe.


    • No more Grrrrrrr….. pull your kids & send them to private or parochial school. They will be better for it and you get tax credit & can get tuition assistance if needed.

      PLEASE parents: Send VT a message – it’s a win/win for you & your children

    • These are not vaccines and they are for use under emergency use authorization. How is it legal for the state to force parents to inject their children with these unproven nanotechnology poison? Where is the protection of these children. If it were me defending my children I would not allow it and or remove them from public school. The children aren’t of age to give informed consent and in fact there is no informed consent because it is coercion. I can see the legal system salivating because this is going to break out and those who are involved will be standing before a judge and jury at some point. Right now, protect your children, that is the most important thing you need to do over all others. Good luck, you are not alone.

  2. Speechless because they don’t have the cajones to do the right thing and tell the state that the vaccines aren’t necessary and if anything will do serious harm to out kids.

  3. If this group recommends the “vaccine” for children, they are as ignorant as a potted plant. Do your homework and look at the facts… Oh wait, these are the kneejerk liberal borg… “You must comply!”

  4. Perhaps the silence was a result of mandating a “vaccine” designed for a virus that no longer exists in the variant the “vaccine” was designed for.
    In the government induced fear and panic about SARS-CoV-2, we were forced to accept many things that were counter-intuitive and illegal, using the anomie surrounding the virus.
    As we have reached the endemic stage of Covid 19, perhaps it’s past time to reevaluate things
    and act rather than react.
    Still, with every variant- SARS-CoV-2 has an death rate of 0 in Vermont for the age group 0-19.
    The death and injury rate for the vaccine, same age group remains unknown due to obfuscation by our State government.

  5. Its not a vaccine! lets start with that. I had the chicken pocks vaccination in the 3rd grade. Never needed a booster. We have been led to believe it was a vaccine. Its all about control. Just look at all the progressive business and bills the legislature is trying to push through under these “uncertain times.” Its a joke. Vermont wake up and vote these people out. I’m sure there is some room for them on the NYC City Council for them.

    • It’s all about money.

      Pfizer expects $54 billion in 2022 sales on Covid vaccine and treatment pill – according to recent CNBC report.

      • YES H. Jay Eshelman……….and big bucks it has been for them and their stockholders, who by the way include many of our elected representatives, Judges and so forth. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the scheme out…….

    • YES vote them out; all of them. The most ridiculous legislative session I have ever seen, and i’ve seen alot of them. this is gene therapy pure and simple; and why would drug companies ask for immunity from prosecution before an arm was even poked? this smells foul to me all the way around.

  6. Let’s insist on putting some differing opinions on the committee …other Doctors who have a different opinion would be a very good start and show good faith

  7. Gov. Scott and Dr. Lavine are using our compassion against us. This is very disingenuous He states that he is torn emotionally by school kids not knowing what their classmates look like because of the mask mandate. And then he pulls the Bait and Switch. We can pass a law that requires all children to get Covid vaccines and boosters every year and that will solve this little girl’s predicament of not knowing what her classmates look like. I’m sorry but this is what gives politicians a bad name. He is taking our next generation from the frying pan and forcing them into the fire. This manipulation is despicable. What do you think?? Am I the only one?