Opponents silence GOP’s Felker on FB, steal his signs

Apparently it’s not enough to try to silence GOP City Council Candidate Christopher-Aaron Felker by booting him off a prominent Facebook page. Now the the opposition is stealing his lawn signs, campaign manager Bradford Broyles tweeted yesterday:

Bradford Broyles@BradfordBroyles·This afternoon at 5:30pm #Ward3‘s Christopher Felker was walking his dogs a block away from his residence. He caught Julie Macuga, Prog Runner-Up to Joe Magee, with Christopher’s lawn sign stuffed in her sizable tote bag. Sign was returned to Chris as requested.

Bradford Broyles@BradfordBroyles·A Lief Taranta is the individual reportedly with Julie this afternoon when confronted by Christopher with his yard sign crammed in Macuga’s bag. To be confirmed, from reliable source from Pitkin Street.

Bradford Broyles@BradfordBroyles·When first confronted and asked by Christopher why his sign was folded in half and in her bag, Julie responded with “what sign?” Ah, that be the one you’re carrying in your bag. Can’t make this stuff up.

Felker made waves last week by decrying the added security burden placed on the Burlington business community, which has hired security escorts for nighttime patrons and workers of the downtown business area, in response to rising crime rates following the Progressive City Council’s defunding of police last year.

Felker is far from the only Burlingtonian to express concern about Burlington’s rising crime and decaying civic atmosphere. A Burlington reader wrote recently to Vermont Daily Chronicle about “that crazy guy who set his rat on fire and has been cited maybe 30 times this year already but is still roaming free. How long til he does serious damage to someone?” In March, police cited Dujuan Williams, 26, for setting his rat afire, causing a fire at the Holiday Inn in South Burlington.

Felker’s call for Positive Policing followed his banishment from a local Facebook page for supposedly being “transphobic” by saying that men cannot have vaginas.

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  1. The same tactics were used in Essex. I drove by the same busy corner everyday and signs for Republican candidates were either laying on n the grass or moved to the back of the other 8 or so signs. From my perspective this accounts to voter suppression and lack of characters.

  2. Just more dirty tricks ala progressives’. Who could have guessed that defunding the police in Burlington (and any other place) would promote an increase in crime and violence???

  3. Please try to forgive her: socialist “progressives” do NOT understand the difference between right and wrong. Slaughtering babies? GOOD! Stealing? GOOD. Men paying women to sexually assault them for money? GOOD. Surgically removing underage youngster’s genitals? GOOD.

    They’re just a tad confused. Or a lot psychotic. Either way, they’re TWISTED.

  4. I would suggest a new set of signs, but ones adorned with a generous coating of vaseline and razor blades. Trump supporters had to resort to such tactics to protect their PRIVATE PROPERTY.
    Electric fences work well also. The excitement can be captured on video for it’s entertainment value.

  5. If the voters of Chittenden County would elect a State’s Attorney who regarded the theft and destruction of private property as an actual crime, this would not be such a problem. There should be special criminal penalties for interfering with the right of a citizen to display their political preferences. It is just as much a “hate crime” to mess with a candidate sign as it is to mess with
    someone’s BLM yard sign or a rainbow flag…let’s treat it that way. These despicable tactics call for creative laws. When burning someone else’s American flag became fashionable among leftist maggots, there was a place down south somewhere that drafted an ordinance stating the “the maximum fine for assaulting someone who steals or destroys your flag is a $10 fine”.

  6. Elections have consequences may be a trite platitude for some…
    Unfortunately for Burlington it’s a harsh fact.
    Burlington voters got themselves to this point, maybe it’s time to vote a bit more carefully.

  7. Aren’t the Progs supposed to be more spiritually/politically/academically more evolved, progressive, inclusive, kinder, more gentle-like social justice warrior types, than conservatives? They be nasty and unhinged, methinks. Self-righteous know-it-alls, methinks.

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