Prog lawmakers, Zuckerman say stacked Supreme Court will ‘restore balance’

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  1. Didn’t progressives claim that Trump was going to add justices (stack the courts), which was a lie. He never suggested adding justices to the supreme court. So, this was bad if Trump did it, but okay for progressives to do in the name of democracy.

    • There are 5 SCOTUS justices that were put on the court by two presidents who did not win the popular vote. There is rampent corruption exhibited by at least 3 choosen by Republican presidents. There needs to be binding ethics standards for the SCOTUS to live by, or they’re out. Same with Congress. Congress does have Constitutional authority over the SCOTUS, as well as the rest of the judiciary, and Congress sets the parameters of how it operates. Instead of packing the court, write laws that restore the things that have been lost by the reactionary majority, and stipulate that it can only be overturned by unanimous consent on the court. Giving the minority on it equal say.

      • ‘by two presidents who did not win the popular vote’

        Campaign strategies are run based upon the rules put in place. Currently Dems are not going to spend time and money trying to get votes in states they know they most likely will lose(TX, OK, AK, etc.) The same goes for the GOP in states such as CA, IL, NY, etc..

        If these were run without the Electoral College but purely on the popular vote, the campaigns would have changed their strategies resulting in the totals on both sides changing. Maybe Trump loses in 2016 or maybe he wins again. Either way you need to lose the popular vote talking point because it is nonsensical.

      • Writing a law that states it can only be ruled unconstitutional by the Court provided there is a unanimous decision by the court – would by definition be unconstitutional – duh?

  2. So it’s ok to have a supermajority in the Vermont legislature, a state known for it’s political corruption (D- grade for politics/election integrity) but the Supreme Court can’t enjoy a conservative supermajority?

    Wait, if you use dramatic hyperbole like “existential threat to our democracy…” then it’s super-real.

    You people are superpredictable. Same sh*t different grass.

  3. How is that remittance man Suckerman doing? Should be the animal control officer for Washington County.

    • Washington County ? Why not Chittenden County, where I guess he calls home, or even better, Brookline Mass. where he came from ?

  4. Libs love the court when the nine rule in their favor, otherwise they want to pack the court and get their way. What happens if the packed court contains a majority of conservative supremes?

  5. Sick, twisted revolutionaries who need to be tried for treason and dealt with as per the US Constitution.
    They will never cease their endless procession toward one-party rule & the destruction of our founding documents without swift punishment for being a traitor to the flag.
    For them, war is truly peace, freedom is actually slavery, and ignorance is most definitely strength…and most have likely never even heard of “1984”.

    Think Vermont is failing now? Wait. Your next Governor is Suckerman.


  7. By the way, I profess (and past VDC comments will attest) that I originally concocted the name “Suckerman” and of course have a patent pending along with a Copyright. But aside from any intellectual property rights I might be owed, my main goal in establishing such is that I need Lt Governor Ponytail to be keenly aware of that fact. Since I’m originally from NY: NO. FEAR. Mr. Suckerman. NO. FEAR.
    Oh, and enjoy your moniker! It fits like a glove.

      • Probably. At least three bucks or so too! You better get yourself a good layer…this case is gonna trump Trump’s faux trials!
        In reality of course, I hope the moniker sticks. I just want Suckerman himself to give me cred. I’m very proud of myself. And very disgusted by him!

    • Kathleen, ” Suckerman ” ………. outstanding !! I call him Smelly, I’ve been
      near him before….. VT should hang it’s head.

      • They SHOULD…but they don’t. Instead, they try to outdo themselves with every passing day. A bunch of mentally ill people who loathe everything about themselves & try to seek revenge on all that is good and traditional and normal.

  8. And the super majority currently in power in our own state is no cause for concern?!!!
    Progressives are just communist wannabes.

  9. Stack the courts, just like Vermont has a stacked statehouse, how’s that working
    for the state?? things like high taxes, and unfunded liabilities fools in charge !!

    Vermont is no longer the Vermont I grew up in, it’s just a liberal cesspool, and then
    you have smelly Zuckerman, thinking he’s relevant ………… pathetic.!!

    Wake up people.

  10. Whenever I hear something is a threat to “our democracy”, I can’t help but feel like I’m not included in their democracy. Neither are you. In fact, most of the demos does not appear to be part of their democracy.

  11. I think that’s a great Idea, as soon as Trump is reelected he can pack the court!!! BUT, That not what they had in mind I bet!!!!

  12. This lust for control is the only reason to justify zuckerman and his ilk enemies of the free world

  13. If you need evidence on who the people are who wish to overthrown the Republic, look no further from the signers of this offensive demand letter to stack the supreme court. They are telling you they wish to rule you. Isn’t that enough to warrant action?
    Every Vermont citizen should send letters to all of these despicable so called legislators to express their outrage and to inform them how the citizens of Vermont will work overtime to ensure these people lose their privilege to represent Vermonters.

  14. They all should be voted out of office. Boo hoo their feelings got hurt and now they’re pouting

  15. There is a Law of the land that guarantees the rights of all Sovereign people, as established by Natural Law and our creator, this was the impetus for our Constitution.

    Then there is Admiralty Law, or the Law of the Sea that governs commerce, it is sometimes referred to as Corporate Law.

    Our government is a Corporation that seeks control over the people of the land.
    Thus the need for a system to manipulate around Universal Laws of mankind and trample over sovereignty.
    This is why Justices for the Supreme Court are appointments of the party in power, this structure merely exists to confuse and facilitate control of the people who are none the wiser.

    The real question is not, is the Court balanced, but rather are you a Sovereign human being, or just enslaved by the Corporation?

    Structure matters!

  16. Wake up Americans wake up and stop voting in these Liberal leftist Dem Swamp Rats 🐀 🐀 🤡 🤡 Do you really think that they care about you folks! REALLY!!

  17. wow! so if zuckerturd had a basketball team that kept losing he would demand that his team should be allowed to have 6 players on the floor!