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Celebrate U.S. Constitution’s 236th birthday Saturday at State House

“So, join us, pack up your family and friends and come share in celebrating our great American document,” Thayer said.

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  1. Let’s see how many of Vermont’s Elected Officials Show up, as apparently
    they either don’t know what’s in it, or they just ignore it !!

    • Better yet CHenry;

      Let’s invite ALL of the present Vermont Elected Government Officials including the Vermont State Legislators, to come to the Constitution Celebration.

      As part of the celebration, they can publicly restate their Oaths of Office, but this time really mean what they promise about upholding the Vermont State and US Constitutions.

      That would be earth shaking!

  2. Hard to celebrate something that the liberals and democrats have been trying to destroy for over 3 yrs.

  3. If you do ascribe to life, liberty and pursuits of happiness for all – then it is vital that we continue to celebrate what has given America the freedoms that bring so many immigrants to our borders who are trying to escape the tyrranies other governing entities of the globe have known.

    • By doing what though? Abolishing our own borders? A country without borders is not a country. We were always a sovereign nation. We are no longer thanks to Joe Biden, aka: Barack Obama in his third term.

    • Yes ………… Very Good if they are LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

      Why is it that every other country can aggressively enforce rules for their borders, but if Americans want to do the same it’s racist, hateful, discriminating, etc.?

  4. Never thought I would have to say this but…… We are going to have to make our presence known. If people don’t get out and be seen then you can give it up now. This is a great time to do just that and show up !