Prog Barre City Councilors seek to deplatform Veteran’s Day flag-raiser

Progressive Barre City Councilor Teddy Waszazak makes a point at the Nov. 2 meeting

By Guy Page

Two Progressive members of the Barre City Council Tuesday night berated a citizen requesting to fly the American flag over Main Street on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. They say they don’t “trust the intent” of the applicant, Brian Judd.

If Judd’s name rings a bell, it’s because he and friends successfully flew Old Glory from a crane over City Hall Park on the 20th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, after the same city councilors refused to approve his application. One of the naysaying Progressives – Emel Cambel – said she was “intimidated” by the thought of the large flag flying prominently over the Barre park. 

Judd also is suing the city for a hand recount of the March 2021 city council race he lost by 38 votes to Progressive Teddy Waszazak. Judd claimed one of the voting machines may have been showing erroneous totals. The City and a lower court denied his request. He is appealing that decision. 

At the Nov. 2 council meeting, Progressive Councilor Teddy Waszazak accused Judd – seeking to fly the city-owned 20×30′ flag at the Keith Ave. intersection over Main St. – of “political maneuvering.” It’s a subject about which he professes expert knowledge. 

“I think that you have to look at the intent, and I do not trust the intent of this for one second,” Waszazak said (1:32:17 on the video). “I am a professional political operative. A lot of people in town do not like that about me, and I am okay with that. I can smell political maneuvering a mile away, and this is political maneuvering.”

Like the good Progressive political operative he professes to be, Waszazak wants to deny Judd a platform to express himself, even if that expression is waving the American flag. Someone who Waszazak thinks doesn’t deserve a platform shouldn’t get one, he said.

“Just as the last flag request was, this flag request is meant to put this City Council in an uncomfortable political position, to give a platform for an individual I do not think should have a platform,” Waszazak said. “I do not think the applicant is asking to raise this flag because of values which I consider the American flag to represent – liberty, justice, freedom – this request just like the last one is made to put a political statement so the applicant can run for political office in Barre City again. This is a stunt to get on the front page of the newspaper.”

Fellow Progressive Jake Hemmerick (2:02:11 on video) bashed Judd for supposedly “cheerleading neo-Nazi white supremacist cop-killing thugs” during the Jan. 6 Capitol building incursion. 

“I would want to know rightly about what his intents were,” Hemmerick said. “I saw him leading up to the January 6 insurrection cheerleading Neo-Nazis white supremacist cop-killing thugs that beat police officers with an American flag, calling for martial law. Intention is concerning.” 

In an email to Vermont Daily Chronicle, Judd – a U.S. Navy veteran and Barre American Legion executive committee member – discussed the intent behind the flag raising application.

“I will go to the Veteran’s Day gathering in Barre City Park, and my intent on having our big beautiful American flag raised on Veteran’s Day is to honor those servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives in wartime and for those servicemen and servicewomen who have passed away here at home.”

Hemmerick also pilloried Judd for contesting the March City Meeting election.

“A lower court’s already said this is ridiculous. I’m sure the Supreme Court will say the same thing,” Hemmerick predicted.

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  1. Teddy and Jake are total Commiebot freaks of misery. They fear Judd and any Barre City resident who challenges their Weather Underground political manuvering. This display of bully tactics is proof they are anti-American and are the self appointed thought police for the entire community. They are embarrassing as much as they are pathetic. They must be removed from their seats, given a binky, and sent to their room without supper! They act like toddlers and should be treated as such!

  2. These two progressive bullies are whom Barre voters elected to their city council. Maybe.
    Just as Burlington is stuck with their city council choices and the resulting chaos, so is Barre.
    Elections matter, Selecting elected officials should not be a popularity contest. Waszazak’s statements invite legal challenges, I doubt Barre City has extra tax dollars to defend the misguided statements of it’s alleged leaders. But, Barre elected a woman who is “intimidated” by the American flag, so anything must be acceptable to Barre Voters.

  3. “Just as the last flag request was, this flag request is meant to put this City Council in an uncomfortable political position, to give a platform for an individual I do not think should have a platform,” Waszazak said”. What the Hell has happened to Barre ? Fly the flag on Veteran’s Day because it’s the right thing to do, regardless of political B.S. ! It’s crap like the selling out of Barre to lefty Flatlanders that makes me glad to be able to say I am “from” Barre, and every passing day is making it a better place to be “from”!

    • Patrick, You consistently blame “flatlanders” for the insanity that has corrupted & is destroying VT, but believe me, there are flaming liberal natives (thanks to the local colleges here and the deranged media & social media that so many believe is “news”) here as I know quite a bunch. And conversely there are straight up, conservative church attending “flatlanders” like me who originally came here to live as a patriotic American. Continuing to peg people often unjustly and based upon their state no less, merely creates yet more division & does nothing to halt the spread of tyranny across this country. Want to out REAL intruders? Look at our southern border.

  4. Once again, it’s easy to put the blame on these gender-confused, commie, America haters on the City Council but who voted them into office? They didn’t get their seats on the council by selling the most boxes of girl scout cookies. In the next election, some decent people need to be on the ballot and the good, honest, God-fearing citizens like those who built the City of Barre need to turn out in bigger numbers than the junkies and welfare deadbeats to vote them in. If that doesn’t work, there needs to be some investigation that there may be some serious contaminants in the water supply in Barre that is making people vote for these kooks. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT, freaks! If the American flag makes you uncomfortable then that is YOUR mental illness that is the culprit. Those of us who love this country still want to see it flown loud and proud, every day of the year, ESPECIALLY on Veteran’s Day. If not for Veterans, we would be speaking German and Japanese. LETS GO BRANDON.

  5. The reason these people are on the Council is because they say one thing and do the opposite. Just like Phil Scott and the Legislature. Infiltration – not invasion. We are in an unconventional war in case no one has noticed or realized that fact yet. Those people on the Council take a dump on the Constitution and wipe with our flag. We will win this war – we need every person who cares about liberty and freedom to start putting these clowns in their rightful places.


    How ridiculous and depraved are these snowflake, woke politicians. Why did they run to be elected and serve in a Vermont Town Government that is in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

    It is interesting they are so vocal about January 6th. Are they projecting as the true insurrectionists working from government positions on the inside to destroy our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC?

    If OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN FLAG offends you, you are free to move out of OUR COUNTRY!

  7. This guy Teddy, says he’s a professional political operative creating a James Bond narrative for himself. To me, he sounds more like a professional jerk. Talk about clueless, the other guy Jake says Judd was cheerleading for, ” neo-Nazi white supremacist cop-killing thugs” during the Jan. 6 Capitol building incursion. There were no cops killed that day and the officer that died was not hit with a fire extinguisher, but facts matter not to these professional political operatives. The officer died of natural causes after Jan. 6 as stated in the released autopsy report. The only murdering thug there that day was the capitol cop who shot and killed an unarmed, 110lb. 15 year veteran, one of Nancy’s brown shirts. I guess Barre’s old democrats have no idea how dangerous these regressive/progressives are or they are just plain stupid. Barre used to be a nice little city. Now look at all the empty store fronts on main street. And that woman whose afraid of the American flag, wow! Elections have consequences, as an example look at Barre, Montpelier and Burlington. I hope the word is out on this anti-American group of “professional operatives”!

  8. Ah, c’mon Barre, tell me you didn’t really vote these two pear-shaped squirrels onto your City Council! People of Barre–you’ve got to do pay attention to local elections. Teddy and Jake–Barre’s version of dumb and dumber…

  9. Barre is no different than Rutland, Brattleboro, Putney, St. Johnsbury, Newport, St. Albans, et al. Each taxpayer turns over thousands upon thousands of tax dollars to operate our schools, maintain infrastructure, manage public safety, administer elections, and keep the books balanced. Our money. Each city and town citizen taxpayer is paying for this nonsense – wasting our time, our resources, and above all – our money! The kicker is these operatives are money launderers – professional grifters – thieves. This performance clearly demonstrates what is going on, not only here, but across the entire USA. When Brian Judd or any citizen challenges people like Jake and/or Teddy, they are instantly emasculated and incontinent. A citizen is well within the right to demand accountability and challenege their government. When the government refuses to listen and responds with indignant disregard, it’s well past a unified and cohesive co-existance. Barre has to deal with this and take care of it via the will of the People. The same goes for every other city and town infiltrated by bad actors with bad intentions.

  10. Politicians need to remember they are elected to SERVE THE PEOPLE, not their own precious liberal agenda which looms large in their own little minds, and to h— with the Constitution of our state or the national level. This man is NOT serving the people. He is trying to bully them. He claims he needs to know what Judd is THINKING?? Really? Thought crime in Vermont now? Spoken and acted like the true Progressive (Socialist) he is.

  11. It is disturbing that the mere thought of flying the Flag on Veterans’ Day provokes such bile. Does it really matter whether we all agree on what the Flag represents? Should the City NOT fly the Flag if certain Council members don’t personally like the individual who requested the display? Is the Flag now to be displayed at the the sole discretion of our elected leaders? This is sickening. The idea that our Flag is “intimidating” or ‘sends the wrong message’, or ‘isn’t inclusive’ absolutely violates the principles upon which the USA was built. I don’t care if the socialists, the communists, the white supremacists, or the Black Israelites want to fly our Flag; it is, forever, OUR symbol of common unity under the Constitution and laws of the United States. No true American should ever withhold permission to fly it.