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Record 487 cases reported today – State of Emergency unnecessary “at this time”

  • Record # of tests, too – 2.7 positivity rate normal, Guv says
  • Unvaxxed straining hospital capacity, says Scott

Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement:

Throughout the pandemic, our top strategic goal has been to make sure our hospitals have the capacity – bed space and resources – to serve all those who need care, and that continues to be our top goal to this day.

Vaccines are making a difference, and with boosters and vaccine approval for kids 5-11 years old, this will continue to improve.

However, with roughly 126,000 Vermonters still unvaccinated, we continue to see cases increase, which is leading to more hospitalizations and deaths than we want to see. Today, we reported 487 new cases out of over 18,000 tests completed, which is the 2nd highest number of tests we’ve ever done. It is important to note that this test positivity rate of 2.7% is about what we’ve been seeing on average. But we do have to consider the impact this case count could have on our hospital capacity in the coming weeks. If we stayed at this level of cases, based on our current hospitalization rate, there is potential to see the number of people currently hospitalized increase to over 80, which would be a significant strain on the system.

Invoking a state of emergency is unnecessary at this time, but we need Vermonters to think about what they can do to protect those at risk of hospitalization and deaths. That means each and every one of us taking individual steps to protect the vulnerable in our lives – the elderly and those with underlying conditions like heart or lung disease, smokers, or people who are pregnant.

At this time, we urge Vermonters to do the following:

Get vaccinated, get your kids vaccinated and get your booster when eligible.
Today’s numbers could be driven by Halloween and other gatherings, so gather wisely:
Wear a mask when in indoor settings, even when vaccinated;
Stay outside when you can;
Be mindful of the size of gatherings;
Encourage vaccination for guests at larger events and gatherings;
Use testing as a tool; and
Stay home when you are sick.
Add layers of protection when around the elderly and medically vulnerable, including getting tested before visiting or wearing a mask indoors with them.

For those choosing not to receive the vaccine, you have an added responsibility to wear a mask indoors, keep 6 feet apart and get tested regularly, but certainly before gathering or avoid gatherings altogether. Choosing not to take these steps is leading to unnecessary illness, hospitalizations and death in our communities.

The simple fact is, this pandemic is being driven by the unvaccinated, including 53,000 eligible adults. The three lowest vaccinated counties account for 25% of today’s cases, yet they only make up 10% of our state population. Unvaccinated Vermonters are up to 5 times as likely to contract COVID in Vermont and they account for 70-85% of our hospitalizations and ICU stays. Unvaccinated adults are directly contributing to the strain on our hospital capacity. Enough is enough, it’s time to step up and get vaccinated – something over 90% of your fellow Vermont adults have done.

Thankfully, 44,000 more Vermonters (kids ages 5-11) just became eligible for vaccination. Today’s data underscores the urgency for parents and caregivers to sign their children up to be vaccinated if they are eligible. Vaccines are safe, effective and free. Not only will they limit spread of the virus, but also limit disruptions, like the need to quarantine after exposure, which leads to kids missing school

and other activities that help their social and emotional wellbeing.

Again, we believe that if all Vermonters band together to make smart choices in the coming weeks, we can make sure that today’s uptick is not a trend that drives greater hospitalizations and deaths. But it takes all of us stepping up and committing to those smart choices, starting with getting vaccinated if you have not done so. We do not want to take any steps backwards, but we need your help to make smart choices in your daily lives to protect the healthcare system and keep us moving forward.

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  1. Absolute rubbush. I can name 25 friends right now who are sick with covid. They are fully able to pass the virus and have a very high viral load in their nose and mouth. I am still able to care for them with no fear because I have natural immunity. Not once in this rubbish article does it mention actual proven ways to protect yourself. Like taking vitamin D and Zinc everyday. Washing your mouth out 2-4 times per day with an easy oral rinse of water, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, 1 spoon of iodine, then follow with listerine. This will kill covid on the spot and lower the amount of virus your body has to fight. When the powers that be actually begin giving American people the information they need to protect themselves then maybe they could build back credibility. The immunization is not working well for the Delta strain. You will likely encounter the virus. Do not fear. Just prepare your body.

  2. The unvaxed are NOT being irresponsible. They are making a personal decision not to allow themselves to be injected with a dangerous substance. If you truly cared about public health you would be promoting what Vermonters could do to get healthier; lose weight, eat a healthy diet, get exercise and take supplements including Vitamin D. You would also make early treatment available to all who test positive including Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies. Instead you continue to beat the vax drum for big pharma.

    The unvaxed who get Covid will have much better immunity to Covid than the vaxed. And given the high rates of vaxed here they MUST be spreading Covid. Vermont is in the same situation as the countries with high vax rates. The vax is NOT the answer.

  3. No wonder those that have had the shots are threatening violence against those that have made a choice to NOT put that poison into their systems. When the governor is behind them who will be charged if the violence actually becomes a way of life. Not Scott. He is sitting in his home pushing the agender and his followers are happy to do his dirty work. How many of those that tested positive were ones that received the shots? What are those stats? Are they still using the faulty tests? How many people that actually have tested positive are experiencing symptoms. What prompted the testing of 18,000 people? Why test people if they aren’t sick?. Looking for positives?

    • It is well known by now that those who don’t listen to the fake news, know the truth about the “vaxxed” being the carriers and that the tests are bogus. Your not tricking anyone who is “awake” at this point. Hang in there, many arrests forthcoming, including Scott, Levine, and their minions.
      Nothing can stop it!

  4. The cure is the disease. Unfortunately, the amount of brainwashing and propaganda has made some people believe those who did not take the Jim Jones Juice are guilty of being healthy and completely well. The mental illness from all the brainwashing is taking as much as a toll as the Jim Jones Juice. We have not seen the amount of death and destruction this jab is about to unleash. This is just the beginning. Pray for those who have fallen under the evil spell of deception and deceit. Pray God will serve justice upon the perpetrators of this great deception and countless murders of innocent people around the world.

  5. The more one looks for something, the more it will be found. Keep testing, it’s making some people very rich. For those that have SARS-CoV-2, There is a plethora of material online for treatment options, (Horse dewormer paste isn’t) and for those that have not yet been infected, vaccinated or not- there are options to boost the immune system that are worthwhile to consider.
    Obviously, the information disseminated by “official government” is biased and incomplete- the dogma of COVID isn’t going to change soon enough to help. It’s incumbent upon the individual to become informed and react accordingly to what they see as best course for themselves.
    The Official Government policy of Fear hasn’t helped much the last 20+ months, we’ll need to figure it out for ourselves.

  6. glad that the governor is holding the line on no emergency declaration. it should be clear at this point that it is not the answer. have to agree that the vaccinated are spreading the virus. think it has been shown that they will have a higher viral load.

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