Pregnant deer shot, left alive by poachers

The Vermont Warden Service is actively investigating an illegally shot deer in the town of Pomfret.

On April 26, game wardens responded to reports of an adult female deer (doe) shot out of season on Cloudland Road.  The doe was found alive and was euthanized due to its injuries.  A necropsy found that the doe had been pregnant with twin fawns.

As the investigation continues the Vermont Warden Service is asking the public for any information on this incident.

Tips can be sent to the Vermont State Police, Westminster Barracks, at 802-722-4600, attn. Warden David Lockerby.  You may also provide information through the Operation Game Thief anonymous tip line.

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  1. Two fawns? Excuse me… you mean two fetuses. They are not fawns until they are born.

  2. Those who did this are cowardly, craven mental midgets who will certainly never amount to anything in life as they aren’t even capable of comprehending what life is. The good news is that what goes around, comes around and though karma isn’t necessarily always instant as John Lennon once mused, it is “gonna get ya”. Be aware.

  3. Yes clumps of cells in a birthing deer….we can’t be sure it identified as a doe.

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