Poll: 43% of Vermonters disapprove of Biden’s work

By Guy Page

A recent Vermont Public Radio-PBS poll shows 43% of Vermonters disapprove of the job Pres. Joe Biden is doing. 

Biden reportedly won 66% of Vermont’s presidential vote in November, 2020. However, the poll shows that just 45% of Vermonters now approve of his job performance. The Jan. 13 VPR story does say Biden is more popular among Vermont women than men. 

The poll question asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?” The 600 total respondents indicated:

45% Approve

43% Disapprove

11% Not sure/no opinion

1% Refused

The poll also shows Gov. Phil Scott still enjoys strong support, although down eight points from a September poll. When the poll subjects were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Phil Scott is handling his job as governor of Vermont,” they responded:

60% Approve

25% Disapprove

14% Not sure/no opinion

1% Refused

The polls also show that Lt. Gov. Molly Gray is the early favorite in the Democratic nomination for Congress: 

7% Becca Balint

21% Molly Gray

8% Someone else

30% Unlikely to vote in the Democratic Primary

32% Not sure

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  1. Seeing that this is a VPR/PBS poll and, that both belong to the Left media ( so much so that they ban people who dont agree with their rhetoric on social media) , think MUCH lower actual numbers on Joe.

  2. That tells me that 57% of all Vermonters are are are…. Whatever happened to the Vermonters and their common sense ideals that I grew up respecting so much in the 50s and 60s ?

  3. Forty five percent or 270 people out of 600 polled approve of old Joe. Forty three percent or 258 people disapprove of old Joe. Eleven percent or 66 people are not sure or have no opinion. Who were the 600 people polled? Assuming most VPR supporters are Dem/Prog it would appear that most are as such, Dem/Pros. This would indicate that the other 11% are either disgusted or totally out of touch. What is there to approve of? Would the percentages be the same if all registered voters were polled? If you are in the 45% approve bracket, you approve of empty store shelves, forced experimental vax mandates, high electric, gas, oil and propane rates, mask mandates, censorship, etc., etc? Not there yet but there might be an awakening that isn’t WOKE. We either have mass stupidity or socialist idiots living here providing that 45% of our state would support a failed, 50 year career politician who has been wrong on every issue his whole tenure, enriched his whole family making millions on a congressional salary and was a former supporter and close friend of former KKK leader Robert Byrd from West Virginia in the US Senate. Nice going Vermonters, (sarc).

  4. How could anybody with half of a brain even approve anything this idiot has done. All he has done is wreck our country.
    We Need to find who his handler is, because it sure ain’t him!

  5. Funny thing about polls…It’s all about whom you poll.
    600 is a mighty small percentage of Vermont population and if one only asks questions of
    residents of certain Vermont counties….
    A 45% approval rating of biden is a pretty poor showing for a state that voted 66.4% biden in 2020.

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