Peter McCullough calls Nass psych eval demand “unprecedented, unjustified, illegal”

Dr. Peter McCullough (left) defends anti-vax mandate doctor Meryl Nass of Maine

By Guy Page

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of America’s leading anti-vax mandate doctors, recently spoke out in support of Dr. Meryl Nass, the Maine internist with Vermont connections who is being ordered by the state licensing board to undergo a psychological examination in connection with prescribing hydroxychloroquine for a Covid-19 patient.

As reported Monday in Vermont Daily Chronicle, a Jan. 11 order by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine directs Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist of 41 years who has testified to the Vermont Legislature in opposition to vaccine mandates, to “submit to a neuropsychological evaluation by a Board-selected psychologist on February 1, 2022.” The board also suspended her license to practice medicine.

Dr. Meryl Nass

The charges against Nass outlined in the order do not appear to demonstrate mental illness or incompetency. According to the licensing board, Nass told a pharmacist the hydroxychloroquine was to treat Lyme’s Disease, after being refused a script for treating Covid-19. The board said she has also been an outspoken critic of federal vaccination and masking policy. 

McCullough, a Texas-based cardiologist and virologist, was being interviewed by Art Moore of WND News Center. The Rumble video can be seen as part of a news story on 

Moore set up McCullough’s statement at the six minute, 30 second mark with the following observation: “the thing that struck me was that the board has ordered her to undergo a psychological examination. For those of us who are somewhat older, we remember when the Soviet Union did that to dissidents.”

“It’s unprecedented, it’s unjustified  and in fact it’s illegal. “ McCullough said. “No medical board has had the courage to threaten me – and I hope they do. I’d prepare countersuits that would be hot and heavy.”

“Doctors using appropriately utilized, clinically indicated off-label use of medications is fully endorsed by the US FDA. Fully endorsed. Use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, fully endorsed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons home treatment guide,” McCullough said. 

“Dr. Nass is in very good standing,” McCullough continued. “I think the medical board is going to pay a very heavy price for that overreach. She’s simply being compassionate and responsible, and fulfilling her hippocratic oath. The doctors who should be examined are the ones who are denying patient care.”

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  1. Some day, don’t know where and don’t know when, those doctors mentioned in the last sentence of this article will be held accountable. Hard to know how physicians could be so deceived to deny the science here and buy the misinformation being spread by FAUCI et al. If they are going along with the lies in order to keep their job and license, they do not deserve to be practicing medicine.

  2. Dr. Peter McCullough is a hero and a great role model for his strong and resolved STAND on saving lives and giving patient care amidst the Religion of the Covid Twilight Zone.

    He is one among many others in the medical field who have been persecuted for going against the approved narrative and beliefs of the science god Fauci and his minions.

    The drug companies and their investors love Fascism. After all, the government has made it so easy for them to take billions of our tax dollars to pay for unnecessary and endless “shots and tests.” All for a never-ending “plandemic” of a virus with a 99.8 % survival rate.

  3. Perhaps our good governor should extend an invitation and incentive to Dr. Nass, to leave Maine and establish a practice here. With the continued ‘brain drain” from Vermont- including physicians- she would be a welcome addition to bolster our sagging health care industry. At least that’s what he claims….

  4. This is part of a Dr. Chang’s silent war. It is a wave of medical hypocrasy brought on by hospital administrators in line with the agenda that wants to remove America so they can have global domination that promises a healthy reward to the pharmaceutically minded with financial motives. We all need to stand up and become a voice before we are frogs in the stew pot.

    Hear what Dr. Briggens had to say at the Global Covid Summit. His definitive book on all things Covid is – We are the Prey.

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