Your letters: lawmakers support Clean Heat Standard veto / nothing feminist about prostitution

NEK lawmakers back Clean Heat Standard veto – As H715, the Clean Heat Standard, made its way through committees and Floor votes in the House and Senate, it ended up on the Governor’s desk, where he vetoed it with the following explanation:

“As Governor and as elected officials, we have an obligation to be sure Vermonters know the financial costs and impacts of this policy on their lives and the State’s economy. Signing this bill would go against this obligation because the costs and impacts are unknown. The Legislature’s own Joint Fiscal Office acknowledges this fact saying:

“It is too soon to estimate the impact on Vermont’s economy, households, and businesses. the way in which the Clean Heat Standard is implemented, including the way in which clean heat credits are priced and how incentives or subsidies are offered to households and businesses, must be established before meaningful analysis is possible. At the same time, those incentives or subsidies could be costly for the State suggesting larger fiscal impacts in future years.”

As Legislators, we strongly agreed with the Governor, and with our Joint Fiscal Office, and voted to sustain the Governor’s veto.  In the Northeast Kingdom we have seen hasty green energy policy push subsidies for industrial wind turbines and it has given us much pause before enacting further policies that are unclear and undefined.

We are surrounded by pristine, well-managed forests, farms, and fields, which all lend itself to carbon mitigation, rich soils, and cleaner air and water for us all. Many homes have been weatherized and the legislature is providing more funding for this energy saving initiative, and our lifestyles are lived simply and frugally. 

Sustaining the Governor’s veto on behalf of our constituents, who are hardworking, on fixed incomes, or are struggling to keep their farms and businesses operating after the last two years of covid restrictions, is the right thing to do. With rising fuel costs we must be cautious about what the future may bring. Now is not the time to consider raising living costs on Vermonters.

Vermont is consistently recognized as the greenest and one of the most environmentally friendly states in the union. We recognize that more needs to be accomplished in managing our resources and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. To accomplish this will require sound energy policies that do not negatively impact our economy and Vermonters. – Rep. Vicki Strong, Rep. Mark Higley, Rep. Larry Labor, Rep. Michael Marcotte, Rep. Woodman Page, Rep. Brian Smith

Feminist thankful for prostitution legalization bills…NOT! – As if the rapidly rising violent crime rates, ever increasing taxes, and the sudden inability of the self-professed “party of science” to be able to distinguish between the inherent differences in the unalterable DNA of males and females aren’t enough to be grateful to our ever-so “progressive” controlled legislature – it’s about darn time that VT women specifically impart gratitude to some of the brilliant minds in Montpelier as we now ready for impending prostitution in the Green Mountain State! 

If you’ve ever considered yourself a strong, independent-minded feminist or are one of the many millions who have personally experienced how millennia of misogyny, inequities in pay and social stature, sexual objectification and harassment in the workplace, the media, & in our culture overall have created much dysfunction and difficulties for women, get ready to change your tune, sisters! These legislators, in their infinite wisdom, have now passed legislation legalizing prostitution in certain regions of the state, with a host of brothels invariably coming to communities such as yours in the very near future. 

Eager to learn the illogical logic behind this latest fanatical maneuver in the event you might have thought that emptying prisons and defunding police wasn’t luminous enough? These legislators exaltedly proclaim that cashing in on one’s private parts is but “an affirmation of people’s rights over their own bodies” quoting promoter Emilie Kornheiser (D) of Brattleboro, whilst the remaining legislators who voted “yea” all nodded in drone-like fashion as they collectively attempt to describe the selling one’s own body (the majority of those being women) as “empowering” to we of the “fairer” sex. Require further Machiavellian reasoning? Well, apparently not allowing women and men to cede their bodies to others for cash is also racist. 

So despite the fact that many decades of U.S. Department of Justice statistics demonstrate that prostitution is obviously exploitive and that such trade increases the frequency of other crimes in areas where it occurs, despite our lawmakers learning through in-person expert testimony from numerous human rights organizations regarding the ills of the sex industry, in spite of the government statistics that demonstrate that over 90% of prostitutes would prefer to be given a pathway out, regardless of the facts that approximately 80% of such sex workers are sadly addicted or suffer from untreated mental health maladies, completely ignoring the published statistics that demonstrate that foreign nations which have legalized this vice have inadvertently seen higher crime and sex trafficking rates of all types, not a decrease, and finally – in contradiction with the very Constitution of our State of VT itself which expressly prohibits prostitution – these politicos within the VT legislature nevertheless voted to legalize. 

How appreciative we ought be that they so “benevolently” envision your daughters and granddaughters are provided the “opportunity” to sell themselves as sex objects. 

Human beings are not commodities to be bought and sold on an open market regardless of the supposed intent of ameliorating social problems. Such attitudes are akin to why slavery was once also an approved practice and has now long been considered obviously abhorrent and inhumane. Interestingly enough, many former/present prostitutes refer to their “work” as nothing less than sex slavery – including those from within the Nevada Counties where brothels are legal and regulated. Despite this legalization, women there are often shunned or verbally abused in public, cannot gain alternate employment thereafter, suffer from chronic PTSD and health issues, have been physically assaulted and abused by clients, etc. etc.

Party-line voting is an existential threat. Learn what your legislators, who are obliged only to represent you and your voice, are voting for and against in Montpelier before presuming that they are working in your best interests. Our legislator’s voting records are easily accessed online or via a phone call. Not being acutely aware of the platforms & ideologies of any candidate is foolhardy. Only fully informed voters can truly fulfill their civic duty. Voting ought never be rote. 

Recall the old cigarette ads of the 1960’s which purportedly appealed to women’s “newfound” freedom and sense of independence ignited by the once unadulterated and virtuous crusade of the mid-20th century feminist movement: “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”?….

Well, here in Vermont, apparently we haven’t. – Kathy Henry, Manchester

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  1. Another Bilantian attempt to degrade our culture. This fringe radical group of progressives can convince their drones of anything. The progressive base is in an abusive relationship with their leadership. Supporters have been pimped out and used for too long. They are lost!

  2. I watch in horror as Representative Jessica Brumsted (Shelburne) votes “Yea” for each of these bills that devalue women and men. She advertises her family values by running an advertisement in the Shelburne News with her granddaughter, together at the statehouse with their face suffocators hiding their face as if they are wearing burkas. What is is her legacy?

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