Opinion: Welcome Cubans craving freedom

To the editor:

We should welcome Cubans. They crave freedom.

When I was 10, in 1954, my parents and their church sponsored a family from post WW2 Latvia.  Years in “Displaced Persons camp”. Over-run by the Nazi’s, but safe, because the Nazis wanted food from farmers.

Latvia was gifted to Russia at the end of the War. They were trashed and thrashed off their farm, their daughter taken away and never heard from again. Russia wanted everything. Control, subjugation, prisoners. Our friends never got their daughter or their farm back. Penniless.

I learned the value of freedom and America as a 10-year-old. Baked into me still!

The next family was from Indonesia under Sukarno the dictator. Just as brutal, inhumane. Educated mother picked grubs doing fieldwork, to feed her sons.

All Hail freedom in the United States of America – even with our “never satisfied” problems.

Doug Richmond,  Underhill

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  1. Great letter, Doug. The fact that B. Sanders believes Fidel “El Cochino Fajo” Castro was a great leader, tells me everything I need to know about Burlington and Montpelier. Liberals cannot or will not see Reality. My primos, relatives, from Cuba, lost everything, except their lives in 1963.

  2. and of course for the last 60 years you’ve been in favor of free trade with the Cuban people?

  3. To compare the Cuban Revolution with the Bolsheviks is comparing “apples to peaches”. Cuba at its worst didn’t compare to Bolshevik brutality. The Cuban rebels were more a part of creating the Revolution. The Bolsheviks co-opted the work of others who were moving toward a better Russia.
    Simply labeling 2 things wirth the same label doesn’t make them the same.
    Almost from the inception the U.S. began to damage the Cuban economy. The government that took over was still an improvement over Bautista.

  4. We should not welcome any more into the US. These Cuban “freedom fighters” need to stay and clean up their own country.

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