UVM mandates ’emergency use’ Covid vax for all students

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by Guy Page

All University of Vermont students attending classes this fall must be vaccinated for Covid-19, although all vaccines remain authorized for emergency use only, UVM said Friday

UVM announced earlier this year student vaccination (with unspecified exceptions) would be required of all students once Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval had been given. Because that approval now seems unlikely before next year, UVM will forge ahead with the vaccination mandate under emergency use authorization, a college spokesperson said Friday.

“I have consulted with medical and public health experts at the university and in the state,” said UVM President Suresh Garimella. “The risk is simply too high to take chances with COVID-19, especially with thousands of our students coming from other states where vaccination rates are lower than ours.”

Vermont leads the nation in vaccination rates. Currently, 83 percent of residents have had at least one dose of vaccine. 

“A fully vaccinated student population on our campus is the best way to continue to protect the health of students, employees, and the broader Burlington community against COVID-19,” said Garimella. “And it is the most effective way to ensure a vibrant campus experience for our students.”

Friday’s announcement of the Board of Trustees Executive Board’s decision did not explicitly address FDA approval. Vermont Daily asked UVM spokesperson Enrique Corredera to clarify: “Will UVM students be required to be vaccinated before FDA approval?”

Corredera replied, “That is correct. We had anticipated full approval by this fall for at least one of the vaccines available under Emergency Use Authorization. Medical professionals now expect that could be as late as in early 2022. Today’s action builds on the previous announcement given the now-extended timeline for full approval.”

Vermont State Colleges and private colleges also have said they would require vaccination pending FDA approval. It is unclear whether they will follow UVM’s lead. The UVM mandate does not extend to staff and faculty, for reasons explained to Vermont Daily by Corredera last month:

“Students on a college campus form a different population with unique characteristics,” Corredera said. “They come from states all over the country with a wide range of vaccination rates; They spend most of their time on campus living in close quarters; and statistically we have seen that vaccination rates in this age group have been significantly lower than in older populations. We are of course encouraging faculty and staff members to get vaccinated.”

Federal law requires that recipients of EUA drugs “are informed of the option to accept or refuseadministration of the product,” of the consequences of refusal, and the alternatives available.

Children’s Health Defense says federal law requires individuals to whom the EUA product is administered must be informed of:

  • significant known and unknown potential benefits and risks of such use
  • option to accept or refuse administration of the product and the consequences if any of refusing administration of the product, and
  • alternatives to the product.

At least one mother says her child won’t be attending UVM due to the vaccination requirement. “My HS senior (a straight A kid) has just crossed off UVM from her list of colleges,” Alaina L. of Bennington County said. “So much for keeping Vermonters here. Very sad. We are so discouraged by the trampling of personal liberty here. I will be reaching out to UVM to state my opinion.” Her full name is not printed because, she says, she fears repercussions towards her child.

UVM expects near-record enrollment, according to news reports in May.

The legal arm of America’s Frontline Doctors is preparing a national lawsuit against collegiate vaccination requirements and is looking for concerned students attending universities in Colorado, New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It is not known if the suit will be expanded to other states.

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  1. Just say no and go to college elsewhere. Zero good reasons to get an experimental vax for something that won’t get you, a young college student, very sick. Plenty of good schools to choose from elsewhere that don’t issue draconian edicts.

  2. a bit of poetic license in your opening line above:

    “All University of Vermont students attending classes this fall must be vaccinated for Covid-19, although all vaccines remain authorized for emergency use only, UVM said today. ”

    the part about emergency use only was not UVM but GP, wasn’t it?

    from the FDA website:

    ” Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.

    “Once submitted, FDA will evaluate an EUA request and determine whether the relevant statutory criteria are met, taking into account the totality of the scientific evidence about the vaccine that is available to FDA.

    Do you dispute that the FDA (under the presidency of Donald Trump) appropriately determined the existence of such a public health emergency? Do you think that a Corona virus has to be chasing a person down the street before a licensed health care provider can be legally authorized to administer a dose of the vaccine?

  3. The mandate does not extend to faculty and staff ? I guess because they are so much less likely to get coivid or spread it ? Goose, gander ?

  4. University of Vermont is doing what they’re told to do just like all the other Comrade Puppets.

    In 2017 UVM received the following Taxpayer Money from the Federal Government:

    Total Research & Development Funds = $78,394,000

    1. From DOD: $2,338,000
    2. From DOE: $913,000
    3. From HHS: $54,413,000 (HHS is Health and Human Services)
    4. From NASA: $1,703,000
    5. From NSF: $9,158,000
    6. From USDA: $7,419,000

    *$2,450,000 – unaccounted for, no line item found

    [above Information from Campus Reform]

    How much did UVM receive for 2020-2021 School Year Calendar?

    Don’t attend any Colleges mandating these experimental shots, they are not vaccines, they are under Emergency Use Authorization and are not approved and not licensed. Anyone taking these shots should be fully informed that they are being used as guinea pigs for Phase 3 Trials until the manufacturers try to license the shots for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate for most of the population, especially the young. Covid virus is 78% the same as SARS, only 22% of it is different. Most people have encountered SARS and are immune or can combat Covid because of the 78% similarity.

    Know Your Rights: Look these Up and Be Informed: The Nuremberg Code of 1947, 21 U.S.C. Section 360 and the PREP Act of 2005.

  5. Why would anyone want to go to UVM? I’ve run into several of their marxist “professors” and they are absolutely disgusting. And why would anyone pay for a useless “degree” in “gender studies” or underwater basket weaving”? Parents, don’t pay for your kid’s education unless it will give them some useful skills and not just communist indoctrination.

    • The FDA has approved the Corona Virus vaccine for use in this acknowledged heath emergency (or are you one of those who insists it is just a cold?

      • Federal approval for EU use is far different than unrestricted federal approval. Vaccine companies didn’t complete the long-term animal testing phase. Just throwing that thought out there.

      • @Searles if this injection (which is not an accrual vaccine) is so safe why is it the pharmaceuticals required exemption from all liability associated with the shots prior to developing, producing, and releasing this pseudo cure under the PREP Act?

      • And the “approved” vaccine has only produced 11,000 post-vax fatality reports into the CDC’s VAERS database–more than for all other vaccines combined for the last 30 years. Nothing to see here?

  6. The mandate does not extend to faculty and staff ? Why is that?
    That right there smells bad. what are they hiding or not telling the rest of the unwashed.

  7. Maybe someone at UVM should watch this:

    That’s 4 times the number of students that go to UVM…

    I already know someone who took the shot because she wanted to go back to Colby Sawyer. She had already taken a year and would not be credited anywhere else for the year or for the money. She saw no other choice and took it because her dreams are wrapped up in this. This is beyond unfair and the people who made this decision should be thrown in jail.

    • Soldiers must obey Brian – SO glad you posted what you did – filed recently in Alabama – like the gentleman stated however the 45K is likely only a PORTION of what the truth is on death numbers. The heat is on high for this death shot and they won’t shut everyone up!

      • How much do you want to bet that it’s dropped for “lack of standing”? I’d put an LOL after that but it’s just not funny anymore.

  8. Here in Vermont and in other US states, persons in student-age groups have literally zero risk of dying from COVID. The State and US data show this. The data and the science also demonstrate that “mitigation measures” such as 1) masks – do nothing to contain or prevent viral transmission, and can cause infections themselves; and 2) PCR tests – are not even relevant – test for snippets of genetic material and are not proof of causation; when used in asymptomatic populations these tests create baseline rates of false positive results; 3) violate medical privacy and possibly even genetic privacy laws.

    Furthermore, all of the masks, the tests and the vaccines are “EUA” products, which means they were never clinically validated as “safe and effective” and do not carry these claims in their labeling. Meanwhile, our government officials are making these claims.

    On an ethical level, what happened to “My Body My Choice”? Just a few years ago we were taking our daughters to the statehouse in their pink hats. Now – consent matters not?
    These masks and tests are being used as tools to coerce students (and teachers) into taking the vaccine and to breed fear. The choice is not a real choice, when students are told to either get vaccinated or face being masked/suffocated and singled out, perhaps even leading to depression, and being hazed/harassed after their medical privacy is violated.

    People must have the right to choose.

    The much deeper moral and religious issue for me is….:What is in the shot? All of the C19 vaccines were produced using once-living cells, desecrated remains of a once human life sold and used for commercial purposes. Personally, I oppose injecting such material for reasons of conscience. I’ve looked into the sources and the methods and the results. It is there the darkness lies.

    When the benefit of a medical intervention is in question, it is crucial to consider the potential harm and the ethics of the policy being proposed.

    From what I have personally witnessed, the “benefits” of this product – used on healthy people in an excuse to keep them healthy – do not outweigh the true risks, in which people are being made critically ill.

    To the Trustees, to those in our government who are on board with compliance, regardless the price, have you truly thought through the possible consequences? The alternatives?

    I have spent my life researching health, and illness, infectious disease and wellness. These mandates are not the way. I do not consent. I oppose. All people must have the human right to choose not to be injected or restricted by masks. None of this promotes health. It kills life. Please, can we have our lives back…?

    • Well said and I agree completely. I interviewed colleges and due to the path Vermont was following, I sent my daughter out of state to a college that respects the student’s and parent’s right to choose.

  9. AFLDS College Student Plaintiff Form
    AFLDS is looking for college students whose school wants to force them to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Is your college located in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania? Fill out the form below (there are no “right” answers so please be accurate!) and if your information matches our criteria, our legal team will get in touch with you.

    Protect your children – get in the fight!

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