Opinion: Morgan for new Chittenden Senate district

The voters of Essex Town, Westford, Milton and Fairfax have good reason to support Leland Morgan for state senate in the newly formed Chittenden North senate district.

Leland Morgan

Leland Morgan will represent the interests of the four communities in the district he knows well and has the experience to make a difference. Before the redistricting enacted by the state legislature in 2022 the voters of most of this district had little choice in representation as the six-seat senate district was dominated by Burlington-centric candidates and values. Now, with the creation of this new one-seat senate district the voters have an opportunity to have one of their own citizens represent them.

Morgan is currently serving Milton as a state representative, a post he’s held for several years through re-election. A military veteran and former educator, Morgan has served the community in local and state positions. He has the foundation to be effective in the state senate on day one.

Leland is a thoughtful, calm and caring leader. The state senate needs people like Leland Morgan who will do the work of examining the proposals carefully and not be swayed by extreme political opinions that have dominated the statehouse in recent years. A vote for Leland Morgan is a vote to return to government that will work for Vermonters. – Chuck and Wendy Wilton, Milton

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