Now a U.S. citizen, Chittenden senate candidate living the American Dream

By Guy Page

One of Vermont’s most skilled videographers has stepped out of his comfort zone from behind the camera and thrown his hat into the political ring. Rohan St. Marthe is running for a Chittenden County Senate seat. 

He and Dean Rolland are the Republican nominees for the Chittenden Southeast District. The other three candidates for the three-seat district are incumbent Sens. Ginny Lyons (D), Tom Chittenden (D), and Kesha Ram Hinsdale (Dem-Progressive). 

Rohan, his wife Nicole, and their three children live in Jericho. Rohan was born on the island of Saint Lucia in the eastern Caribbean Sea, where he studied Mass Media. His passion and skill with video production took him around the world working with some of the industry’s best.

He’s a proud U.S. citizen now. Rohan believes that anyone, through hard work, determination, and good character, can achieve the American dream of living a free, successful, and blessed life, especially here in the beautiful Green Mountain State, he says on his website. Community, strong family values, and a faith-based Christian upbringing are the key factors in Rohan’s dedication to giving back to the community he worked so hard to become part of. 

Rohan knows the struggles of living in poverty, as he traveled around the world documenting the hardships of families living lives of uncertainty and oppression. This awareness brought him to see the American dream as a valuable, achievable, and honorable conquest. Rohan has devoted himself to serving the community, church (his family worships at Ignite in Williston), and organizations that support and give back to others.

For example, for several years Rohan has provided professional-quality video for many grassroots conservative events. If you’ve seen Vermont video of Eric Metaxas or Gordon Chang or (most recently) the Restoring Our Faith Summit, it’s likely that Rohan shot and distributed that video.

Chittenden County typically votes bright blue. It is perhaps the most left-leaning large voting bloc in a very blue state. So what made a cameraman put himself in the public eye? 

In between speakers at Tuesday’s Restoring Our Faith Summit, Rohan sat down for a quick interview with Vermont Daily Chronicle. With slight edits, the following statements are excerpted from the video.

“I am running because – first of all I’m not a politician – but I’m running because I am very worried as to what’s happening in Vermont and nationally. As an immigrant to this country, what I once knew America to be is no longer what it is. It kind of reminds me of my country, Saint Lucia, some of the craziness, the corruption that happens without checks and balances. 

“I think now more so what really concerns me is that I have little children in the school system, and my wife’s being Caucasian. The whole Critical Race Theory. My children are taught to hate their mother. That is very concerning to me. It really pisses me off.

“The mask mandate, the vaccine mandate and most importantly the life of the unborn. The number of black babies, unborn babies of all races, that have been killed for many years now and continue to do so today. When Vermont went full-on having an abortion after the day of birth, it really concerns me.

“I think I had no other choice. First of all as a father, secondly as a Christian, thirdly as an American citizen.”

Rohan can be contacted through his website, http://www.rohanforvtsenate.com.

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  1. There is no one better to throw their hat into the ring than someone who has a career in media. The indoctrination in our schools, the brainwashing in our healthcare system and the constant bombardment of fabricated racial stories on the news and talk shows, need to be exposed. If Kari Lake can do it so can this man. I wish him the best this year and, in the future, The one caveat is many progressives have been running as Republicans to undermine the system. Also, the Democrat party has been recruiting x-military candidates to trick you into thinking they are moderate. I don’t believe it for one minute. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  2. I am thrilled to see Rohan running for a Chittenden County Senate seat. My only regret is I cannot vote for him since I live in Washington County. Maybe when he runs for Governor.

  3. As you said Rohan you are not a politician, so what!! What we need a father and a American citizen that truley understands what is happening in Vermont. Go Rohan!!!! “Make Vermont Great Again”!!

  4. I recently met and had an opportunity to meet and visit with a man who immigrated from Uganda. He feels the same way and told me this is NOT the country he studied about when he was younger. He still loves this country and is on the road to citizenship. We need more Immigrants who come here looking for the American dream and finding a nightmare, then things might change

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