Drugs and Crime

Woman gives drug dealers guns and home base in return for fentanyl, police say

Dealers on the lam

Authorities say a Barton woman is facing federal drug charges following a search at her home yesterday.

Erika Desormeaux, 36, was arrested and held in federal custody following the search carried out on Maple Hill Road.

Desormeaux is charged in a criminal complaint alleging she conspired with Nathaniel Jamal “JJ” Jones, and Jermaine R. “Bear” Douchette, to distribute cocaine and fentanyl. Jones and Douchette were not located during the search of the Barton residence, and warrants remain active for their arrest.

According to an affidavit filed with the criminal complaint, Desormeaux distributed controlled substances from her Barton residence and allowed other individuals to do the same, including Jones and Douchette.

Investigators arranged the purchase of cocaine and fentanyl from the defendants on multiple occasions between August and October 2022, and most of those transactions occurred at Desormeaux’s residence.

As alleged in the affidavit, witnesses described the conspirators’ possession and acquisition of firearms during the investigation, and Desormeaux herself purchased a firearm in June 2022 that she traded for fentanyl.

“The Orleans County Sheriff’s Department is committed to working with our state and federal partners to combat drug and firearms trafficking,” Orleans Sheriff Jennifer Harlow said. “Drug addiction and the often-violent drug dealers taking advantage of our community have a perilous impact on all of us.” Republished from Newport Dispatch

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  1. Yup. There you have it. 100$ she is Opioid addicted. What does Bernie, and Peter Welch, have to say about it? How about Becca? I m guessing… nothing? It’s Painfull to watch.

  2. This scenario has repeated itself too many times over the last 30 years in Vermont…downcountry urban thugs pal up with local girl with apartment/house
    to retail their wares from. If guns are being bartered or straw-purchased for persons federally-prohibited, now some serious federal gun laws with serious penalties have come into play. This is always an opportunity for liberals to put their money where their mouth is and go after a real source of the urban gun violence by demanding strict enforcement of our TOUGH, EXISTING Federal gun laws but the girl will get off easy as usual and the demoprogs in Montpelier will instead target the law-abiding with increased firearm restrictions. The typical tactic is a plea agreement that drops the guns charges and only prosecutes for some minor drug possession.

    • Or they bail out for chump change, and just flee the State. If they aren t Federally charged… it ain’t nuttin.

      • To absolutely throw the federal book and deny bail due to “no ties to the community- risk of flight” for the out-of-state peddlers of poison is a no-brainer.
        The question is: what to do about their “little helper” from Barton who may have violated firearm laws by providing guns to federally-prohibited persons or to persons in furtherance of a drug crime. There will always be local sympathy if a woman is involved and that is the reason they pick a woman. There will always be sympathy if their helper is a “victim of opioid use disorder”, and they always are, or else why else would they be helping violent, gang-affiliated street pharmacists if not for free product. The gangs who operate here know all this local sentiment and they know that Vermont is run by liberal idiots with white-guilt complexes and overt sympathy for junkies. As long as that is the message that our courts convey, the fentanyl will continue to flow north and the guns will continue to flow south. We vote for this….every time. It sure was nice having Christina Nolan as US Attorney who took these issues seriously…not sure about the Biden appointee who currently holds that role. Many lives are lost in Vermont due to the misplaced sympathy and white guilt and apparently we want it that way.

  3. This is going on every day across the state. Newport wonders why the little Vermont city has big city crimes. Meanwhile landlords advertise in Boston to bring in more assisted housing people because the benefits are so good for the landlord AND the tenant.

    People who work for transportation say you can’t walk in the woods around rest areas because there are too many needles. They pick up 5 gallon buckets of needles along the road in Randolph…….

    Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see they say.

    Drugs are a major problem, every family has somebody negatively effected, it’s not a good answer to life’s problems, it only makes things worse….Yet Vermont wants to create more drug business…..


  4. Political correctness rendered law enforcement ineffective in nipping this problem in the bud, by suing the law for racism, in the beginning, while stopping the dealers on the interstate.

    The left went crazy and stopped the law in their tracks, so I lay the blame squarely at the lefts feet.

    Keep voting liberal and progressive nitwits into office and these and related problems will continue.

    I’m starting to believe vigilantism ,at this point, is the only tool left to solve the problem, because the left has rendered law enforcement into a silly putty organization, regarding this problem.

    Throw the bums out. Vote GOP.

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