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Naomi Wolf is Packin,’ Preachin’ and Prayin’

Best-selling Democrat author’s eyes opened on Covid, guns, and conservatives

by Alison Despathy

Chelsea Green Publishing, Vermont’s premier publishing house has done it again. Leading by example and never compromising on its commitment to free press, free speech and prescient wisdom, Chelsea Green has just released Facing the Beast- Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age by Naomi Wolf. Facing the Beast is a trailblazing and courageous book of a woman’s abrupt, brutal but ultimately welcome wake-up and launch into reality prompted by the Covid debacle. 

I have read all of Wolf’s work since the start of the Covid nightmare. She has been unstoppable and relentless in calling out the lies and corruption surrounding Covid. Thank God for her bravery and dedication. I read Facing the Beast in one day. Sometimes a mother just has to cut out from kids, work, chores and life. This was my time and it was well worth it. 

Alison Despathy

Wolf’s raw honesty, deep self reflection and willingness to open her mind, take in new information and admit mistakes and misunderstanding are extraordinary and genuinely human. Since her great awakening, Wolf has not backed down. She has been a fierce and compassionate warrior for truth and justice. She is in battle against the dark forces that hover in the corners and bide their time to come out of the shadows and attack. 

Naomi Wolf is coming in heavy from the left, the far left: Yale graduate, New York Times best-selling author of eleven books, and Democratic consultant and journalist. Then the Covid crisis took hold and her eyes opened wide.

They have yet to shut.

Wolf faced head-on the propaganda and malfeasance surrounding the Covid lock downs, the experimental genetic Covid injections, and the prolific and rampant fake ‘science’. With her mind open and willing to learn and reconsider her current world view, she was able to unindoctrinate herself from the education and propaganda surrounding her previous life. This is actually quite rare. She didn’t cower, she didn’t hide, she lived up to her namesake and howled for the sake of humanity so that others may know the truth and understand. 

Her journey is iconic. Wolf – like so many – received the best, albeit most disturbing, education of their lives due to the Covid crimes and all of the accompanying abuse and infringement of civil liberties that the people suffered and worked to resist during this time. The path of her story weaves through the failed public health Covid response, the censorship she withstood for speaking truth and sharing actual science and the attack on free speech –led by the government working in conjunction with Big tech, social media platforms and ‘fact checkers’– experienced by so many who were shut down. How dare they share “seditious libel” that contradicted and questioned the mainstream narratives and propaganda built upon crumbling foundations of sand and deceit?

Wolf’s now clearly, passionately understands the significance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which embody liberty in their purest form and guarantee the freedom of each individual to live their life with inalienable rights that can never be usurped by anyone including the government. 

In the depths of her heart and mind, she now fully grasps the absolute need for and protection of the “brilliantly conceived and clearly worded Second Amendment.”

Gun purchases soared during Covid. People were uncertain, scared and knew that a firearm could protect their families. Wolf now knows that a well-armed populace is the only way people can protect themselves from evil, intruders, tyrannical governments and the collateral damage of societal breakdown. 

While shopping for a gun one day, she stated, “I thought of all the young women I knew who were harmed — badly — at concerts, at clubs, in alleyways. I thought about what would happen to rapists and abusers if young women — if women in general — were armed or even if many were reputed to be armed. And I thought of my decades of struggling with the issue of female victimization, the existential vulnerability of women who are always in danger from anyone bigger and stronger who wished to injure or exploit them. And I thought, could it always have been this easy?

“Could women resist and deter victimization—by simply owning and knowing how to use firearms?


“How had this issue escaped me so long, as a rape survivor myself and as a feminist?” 

As a self proclaimed, “Child of the peace movement,” “ A daughter of the left,” trained to “side with the daisies,” she remembers that “weapons were supposed to have become passe,” that they were “archaic, benighted — tacky,” 

Wolf shares that, “The absolute significance of the Second Amendment was ‘hard to accept’. But the risks of criminal gun violence while always tragic, are risks that sadly can’t be done away with altogether, if we are to secure a more fundamental safety for more people and more lives; the right, as a nation of 335 million people, to deter massive planned violence, criminal detentions, lockdowns, theft of assets and violent crimes at the State, and now at metastate, levels against our lives, and freedoms and yes, against our children.” 

This is only one of Wolf’s newly found revelations that have led to her growth and work as a leader for humanity. Wolf details her journey as a practicing Jewish woman and her renewed covenant with God characterized by ongoing compassion and hard work. Wolf learned that there is real evil in the world and it takes many working tirelessly to conquer its ever-rearing head. 

Wolf’s pivotal role in disseminating the disturbing data found in the 55,000 pages of internal Pfizer documents related to the experimental Covid injection was monumental. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested the court keep these documents sealed for seventy-five years. Fortunately a lawsuit by Aaron Siri forced these documents to the public for review by 3,250 trained medical professionals, scientists, statisticians and fraud investigators who compiled reports and determined that the crimes are real and obvious.

Chapter 10 is dedicated to these horrific details, such as Pfizer and the FDA in their collusion knew that the spike protein, and the lipid nanoparticles did not stay at the site of injection, they traveled all through out the body. Genetic injection adverse events are common and include damage to all body systems. This chapter– the fraud, deceit and negative health impacts– cannot be effectively summarized here. The wide range of adverse events, risks and death are devastating and were known by the FDA and Pfizer early on. They took no action and instead tried to bury the evidence. So many have suffered and continue to suffer due to this blatant malfeasance. 

Hands down, Wolf’s best chapter name is Dear Conservatives, I Apologize. Again, honest and brave is the theme throughout and her apology is heartfelt and sincere. Wolf now stands with all who dedicate their lives to protect and uphold the Constitution, the inalienable rights of all people and liberty and justice for all. 

The entire book flows fast and powerful, it is an easy read if you have been paying attention. If not, hold on tight for the ride. You will come through a new person and you will either cry or scream – maybe both, probably both. 

Special thanks to Chelsea Green Publishing for continuing to stand fearlessly on the front lines of truth and wisdom in order to provide the people with the information they deserve and need in order to make their best informed decisions. Chelsea Green continues to shine a light on free speech, free press and an informed people- all essential in humanity’s journey and struggle to maintain liberty, justice and health for all.   

To purchase Wolf’s book, visit the Chelsea Green website.

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  1. Welcome aboard Ms, Wolf. The Second Amendment is not open for compromise. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It means what it says, and it say what it means. What’s to interpet ?

  2. Good Article Guy ,
    I’m Still Waiting for you to honor your Promise to Print the Election Integrity resolution, voted on almost Unanimously by the RNC .

    Citizens are Fed up with BS Democrat talking points , Coming from our GOP Uniparty leaders

    • Why are you thanking Guy? Alison Despatch is the author….
      Thanks Alison for another outstanding article!

  3. If you need to understand and know anything about the Wuhan Virus read some of
    Dr. Wolf’s articles or books, they are eye-opening, and if you think that the vaccines were thoroughly tested & safe, I have a bridge to sell you !!