Mom ‘deprogrammed’ daughter from school ‘gender ideology cult’ – Karlyn Borysenko

Gabrielle Clark’s daughter was socially transitioned in school without her knowledge, Karlyn Borysenko of Actively Unwoke said today. Borysenko, who exposed Burlington schools’ ‘trans’ education programming, will host Clark in an online seminar August 2.

“In this special two-part event, she will teach you how she deprogrammed her daughter from the gender ideology cult,” Borysenko said.

On August 2, Clark will discuss how social emotional learning in schools impacted her teenage daughter, how she identified what was going on, and how she took control to overcome the damage the school inflicted, Borysenko said.

On August 4, Gabrielle will discuss the steps she went through with her school-aged daughter to deprogram her from the gender cult ideology her school had indoctrinated her into.

Parents with a child suffering from RODG, educators, therapists, activists and journalists can benefit from the watching this webinar.

It’s $20 for a ticket to both sessions, and each session will be recorded so you can refer back. Register here:

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  1. I just don’t understand why schools are engaged in this behavior in the first place. Guess I’m old fashioned but I think that the role of the public schools are to teach reading/English, math, science, history and foreign language as well as art, music and phys ed. Vocational schools should also teach trades. In no case should they be advocating for any child to change their gender. Take back our schools!!

    • I agree. It’s not the job of schools to be teaching sexuality. Sex Ed is one thing. This is way too far and the teachers teaching it should be 1-ashamed of themselves and 2-terminated immediately.

  2. This isn’t a separate “class” , though it is part of the sex ed curriculum. Which by the way you have to “opt out” your child for not agree to allow the class. Back wards people. This gender stuff is every day in every way part of the public school day. I’m in the blessed position to home school, most ate not and their children should not have to be indoctrinated with this mentally unstable mind set. But those parents must speak up and be supported by their communities. If you want little Johnny to now be Julie, you do you, but you can’t MAKE other kids/families accept it as normal.

  3. They want as many “marginalized “people as positive because only the big government, marxist socialism can keep them safe. In their minds, conservative Constitutionalists desire an all white, heterosexual, Christian world with zero tolerance for opposition. When in all reality, radical, liberal democrats are the ones truly intolerant to opposition in perspectives. Most people can see through this but with their mob rule, supported by the media, speaking the truth comes with severe consequences and its just easier to fall in line and comply. Which side are you on?