Letter from the Publisher

I know Mark Coester

By Guy Page

So, I know Mark Coester. He’s the Windham County senate candidate on the August 9 GOP primary ballot whom the Vermont Democratic Party two days ago called “openly fascist” because someone carried an anti-communist falangist flag on his logging truck in a Colchester July 4 parade. The truck’s hood also sports a picture of supposedly alt-right symbol Pepe the Frog.

I know Mark as a kinda Duck Dynasty chain-smoker who thinks freely and deeply, makes up his own mind, and then shoots straight. We disagree on some things. But right or wrong he is more prophet than parrot. His favorite swear word, of which there are many, is “politician.” A man acquainted with splinters and buzzsaws. Honest. Decent. 

I know Mark likes the Constitution just the way it is. Unlike many of his critics, he would never denigrate it as the oppressive tool of rich, white, male, musket-toting, slave-owners. 

And here’s something else I know: old school, civil rights-minded Democrats should be ashamed of the party hacks who wrote a July 19 press release claiming the VT GOP has disavowed Mark. This is true as far as it goes. The Party doesn’t consider him a Republican because he also is running as an independent against a Republican in a U.S. Senate race, VT GOP Chair Paul Dame said. (There are other differences, too, Dame said.)

Worse, and in the same press release, the VT Democratic Party apparatchiks urged the GOP also disavow many public-minded fellow Vermonters as “traitors” engaged in “seditious conspiracy” for signing Bob Orleck’s petition (there’s that pesky constitutional right, again!) asking Vice-President Mike Pence, the Senate President, to toss out the election results. 

“Congratulations to our @vtgop friends for finally deciding to do something about their fascist problem! Now do the rest of the traitors,” the VT Democratic Party tweeted along with its attachment of the press release.

Question if you wish whether such an action by Pence would stand Supreme Court scrutiny. Think what you will about whether or not the election was stolen. (Yesterday I asked Secretary of State Jim Condos, champion of the 2020 election results, if he has seen the documentary “2000 Mules.” His spokesman said he has not. I urged him, and I urge all Vermonters, to consider the film’s evidence.) 

But, my fellow Vermonters of all political persuasions, when other Vermonters disagree with you and call for lawful redress, do not call them traitors. In this country we execute traitors. To even call a fellow American a traitor without factual basis is a rude abuse of the protections of the First Amendment. 

I also know Bob Orleck – a former prosecutor for the U.S. government – and many of the people who signed his petition. Good, hard-working, caring, peaceable Vermonters, one and all. 

Shame on the party hacks who call them traitors. When Democrats fought the results of the Bush-Gore 2000 election in Congress, the Republicans I know didn’t call them traitors. They just didn’t believe Bush had won. They were beseeching heaven for the bodily resurrection of the Gore presidency even as the last nail was driven into its coffin and it was lowered into the ground and the dirt shoveled on top. 

There was nothing wrong with that kind of political faith-in-action then. And there’s nothing wrong with it now. 

Some might say, “Vermont Democrats are just playing divisive ‘wedge’ politics.” I say that when your political strategy leads you to call fellow Vermonters traitors, with no thoughtful basis, Constitution-loving Vermonters should distance themselves from you and your candidates, on general principles. 

We all, Democrats and Republicans and others, love our country. And if we love America, we will obey her founding principles: free elections, free speech, the right to bear arms, due process of law. And of course – the right to protest and petition. 

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  1. Nice article Mr. Page. Thank you for clearing up who Mark Coester truly is.

    I know Mark as a gentle man, friendly, God loving and a staunch Conservative that believes in America, our Constitution and people. He is direct in his convictions, and has many of them that are all for the betterment of Vermonters. People need to stop, and live and let live. Put your ideas out there in the public spheres and see what people think.

    Gregory M. Thayer, MBA
    Candidate for Vermont Lieutenant Governor
    Rutland, Vermont

  2. Guy, thanks for stirring some public attention to some candidates that are not news hounds because they’ve got other work to tend. You’ve given a very accurate description of Mark. Sorry to learn, Bob Orleck will soon be leaving Vermont. His well reasoned voice backed with lots of research often added clarity. He will be missed. Hope he receives due tribute.

  3. What a great piece, Guy! Thank you. It certainly seems that the Dems are so filled with hate that they cannot see straight. If they want to criticize politicians, they should focus on the present administration in DC. They are ruining our great country and all the supporters of this calamity do is blame it on the white supremacists or Putin and anyone other than those who are running the dysfunctional show!

  4. Luke 10:19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.

  5. Nice article, very apropos. I think many, many of us are sick and tired of Democrats slandering good people for their own selfish political gain. I must respectfully demur with Mr. Page’s kind and optimistic statement that Democrats love this country, or more specifically our Constitution. They are constantly using all means at their disposal to change society and force us to live under their rules. And none of their rules seem to promote freedom. On the contrary their mentality is “Do as we say, or else.” Calling honest, decent, hard-working people “traitors” is but one example. The January 6 hoax and the Trump Russian collusion hoax are others. The list goes on.

    Thank you Guy for a polite but forceful rebuke of yet another Democrat violation of civility and community.

  6. Vermont “Democratic Party”?. That’s a hoot. These are Progressives. Cultural Marxists. How do we know? They shout down, tar and feather anyone who disagrees with them and label them “Fascist” while simultaneously using fascist tactics to silence them. These are the same people who scream “equal rights!” but are more than happy to suppress the rights of others. I’m certainly rooting for Mark Coester. I hope he not only wins the primary but takes the senate seat in Windham County.

  7. if anyone in Vermont has any doubt that progressives are liars and frauds, look at your state. For those who came here to escape some overpopulated hell hole, why would you vote to continue it here? Sorry, but that is being really stupid. For 109 years, Vermont was administered by conservatives. People who actually ran farms and businesses were in the legislature and they had to live under the laws they passed. They also had short sessions and took care of Vermont’s pressing problems and left to return to their lives at home.

    Now we have the invasive, know it alls supported by out of state money and an out of state agenda. The tab for this invasion is supported with deep liberal organization pockets to use Vermont as a petri dish for all things progressive. They flocked here and took over while accepting, not in your face Vermonters minded their own affairs.

    The invasive species found a tranquil, beautiful state of hard workers, independent and self-reliant people. They followed the Vermont constitution; they didn’t change the language of it to be politically correct or force some word salad amendment about reproductive freedom like that means anything. Vermont is now a progressive agenda state. The middle class is being squeezed out for the welfare class and perpetual progressive control of your life.

    It doesn’t take rocket science or a Mensa membership to see that progressive do not care about Vermont, they don’t care about your children’s education unless its transgender studies and grooming, they don’t care about the climate, and they don’t care about you. They care about an agenda, control and the new liberal order of things. Get off your ass and vote them out to reclaim this once beautiful state or just keep whining.

  8. Thank You Mr, Guy Page . All in Fun we do not agree . as I was never a Chain Smoker , Unless I hit a Rock with My Chain saw . Then the Chain certainly Smokes . Soon we will Have More Media , Good bad or Indeferent It is neither here nor there to me . The Rutland Herald with connections to a Barre News Paper did Call trying to Get My Take on things should be Fun we will see what the write . The Democrat , Republican division is intentionally Created to keep people Divided much the same way the Try to Divide by Race of religion , Jabbed or Un Jabbed , Pro Life or pro Choice , Pro Ukraine and the List goes on . The Citizens of this Fine State , come in all shapes and Sizes with a vast variety of beliefes . I have Known and do Know many who Vote Democrat That are Salt of the Earth, Honest and sincere Lie to No One with Exception of a bit of Dry Humor Leg Pulling . As for Republicans . Many are strong in their Convictions with very High Morals from all Classes . Still 60 % or More of Vermonters are Neither Democrat nor Republican . The overwhelming Majority of Vermonters understand that the Republic and The Constitution is the one Thing that Binds us . How Silly of upper level Party Management in Both Parties to continue to Divide at such a time when Vermonters Have seen no action for the Positive to benefit the People for far too long . Ridiculous Shenanigans , Virtue signaling , attacks on others , trying to Divide are the Actions of Uni party Globalists. who do Nothing for the People . they would gladly do away with Petty Laws such as the Constiution as we have clearly seen with the 700 + political prizoners still held in Washington DC for more than a Year with no Charges Filed , No Bail , 22 Hours of Solitary confinement , No Toiletries to shave and Discusting Substandard Food . False Narratives , Lies Deception and Programing are too of the Enemy , Our only Counter is Truth , to Many would believe a lie with a flowery presentation as the Truth is just Truth , it is Dry , Not slippery and colorful . Truth Needs no Debate as it stands on its Own . The Photo above is in Washington DC in April of 2022 where Our Gubanatorial Candidate , Mr Bellows and Myself spent 3 days Investigating Washington DC . It is a sad state of affairs at best down There . I took the Time to Go to the Arizona Border in May as well not as a Politician . But as a Concerned Citizen , where I spent more than 24 Hours with one man who had been there for months . Seeing First hand who what where when and why is Valuable beyond Comprehension . As No Ship Shall Sail on the Wind of Yesterday , and only a Fool would Beat a Dead Horse . there is no reason to attack . I have seen 48 of our 50 States spent Time in 20 Other countries . The Truth is People are Good , sadly enough Governments are often Not Good . It is the Upper 1 % that Divide and think we are too foolish to see the Truth. All the while at the Same time they Profit from Our Divission . I would call on all the People of Vermont to Do Your own Research Pay attention,May God Bless and keep safe Every one of You . Mark Coester

  9. I’m not supporting Coester as candidate, but regarding Dandeneau’s press release calling all those people “traitors,” the illegitimate Biden regime stole the election by fraud and foreign interference.

    President Trump said the “real insurrection” took place on November 3rd 2020.

    Jim Dandeneau is supporting election theft by an illegitimate regime that is destroying America from within.

    That makes Jim Dandeneau the “traitor,” not the patriots who are defending their votes.


    • “the illegitimate Biden regime”

      hahahahaha oh man. It’s only stolen when Trump is running, huh? Every other election it’s never an issue?