Middlebury College joins must-vax club

University of Vermont undecided

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By Guy Page

Middlebury College makes five.

The private liberal-arts college yesterday became the fifth Vermont college to require Covid-19 vaccination for students attending the fall semester.

Middlebury also will require vaccination of faculty and staff. “We will require all students, faculty, and staff living, learning, or working on campus in the fall to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, except for those with an approved medical or religious exemption. Fully vaccinated means that two weeks have passed since a person received the final dose of their vaccine,” a May 13 Middlebury College statement said. Furthermore, all students, faculty and staff must upload documentation of vaccination.

The University of Vermont, Vermont’s largest institution of higher learning, is undecided: “We have been exploring it, but have not made a determination yet,” UVM spokesperson Enrique Corredera told Vermont Daily.

Norwich University, Bennington College, Champlain College, and St. Michaels College also will require students to receive the Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of enrollment for the fall, 2021 semester. 

Nearby Dartmouth College (NH), Plattsburgh State (NY), and Westfield State (MA) also will require vaccination, University Business website said.

Norwich, a Northfield-based college with a strong military history and program: “To create the best experience for all, Norwich University has joined the growing number of higher education institutions requiring the COVID-19 vaccination for Fall 2021.  All students, faculty, and staff on campus in the fall will be required to confirm vaccination,” said a May 11 statement on the school website. 

St. Michael’s: a liberal arts Catholic college located in Colchester: “Beginning May 23 2021, Saint Michael’s College will add the COVID-19 vaccine to its list of required vaccines for students. Students will also be required to keep their COVID-19 vaccinations up to date as booster shots become available. Saint Michael’s joins a growing list of colleges and universities requiring the COVID-19 vaccine to help ensure that the campus is safe and can resume normal operations when appropriate and to protect those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons.”

The SMC dashboard shows a total of 54 total positive tests, with no-one now in quarantine or isolation. 

Champlain College, a Burlington school with a strong business program, on May 6 published this statement: it is our intention to require that all students returning to campus in fall 2021, including those studying in Montreal and Dublin, be fully vaccinated once the vaccines have received full FDA approvals. We will work with individual students who have qualifying exemptions, including for medical or religious reasons. We have not yet determined whether vaccination will be required for faculty and staff.

Bennington College has not yet decided whether to require staff and faculty to be vaccinated. But on April 16 it published its decision on students: “To ensure the health of the community and to provide a safe environment for learning and living, Bennington College will require full vaccination for students returning to campus for Fall 2021.”

Photo credit St. Michaels College Facebook page

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  1. These are NOT vaccines and the colleges can be sued against coercion for requiring to take these experimental shots, so can the Vermont governor and his administration (by coercing private businesses against citizens of this state for not being “vaccinated”). Only the Pharmaceutical Companies are exempt from liability because of the 2005 PREP Act. No need for these experimental shots as the survival rate is 99.9% – think about that one. Think about all the “free stuff” being doled out in order to get the “vaccines” in so many states – why the marketing? This is all a hoax to create fear and take away our liberties for state government rule, which is what is happening in Vermont. People get wise, 21 U.S. Code Section 360 and the Nuremberg Code of 1947. You have rights and You are NOT to be treated as an Experiment. Wake Up and say NO. Get a Class Action lawsuit against the Colleges and the Vermont State Government. These colleges get loads of private money from “foundations” and from the Federal government which is our taxpayer money while asking for donations from the people. Who is kidding who? Who do you really think runs these colleges, follow the money. Where is the Investigative Journalism? Where are the Lawyers for the People? Is everyone paid off – colleges, government, lawyers?

    Two links to article showing federal funding to all colleges in every state of the U.S.

    • Yes, thank you Dublin, America’s Front Line Doctors is a very good site indeed. I’ve been on the site, read articles, watched the videos and have the form letters. Very informative and they speak the truth of what’s really going on.

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