Community member wanted for Burlington police chief search committee

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger is seeking applications for a community member to serve on the search committee for a new police chief.

Two police chiefs left in 2019 after being found to operate anonymous social media accounts. Jon Murad is acting police chief.

One year ago, Weinberger suspended the Police Chief search “due to the uncertain circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic,” with the goal of re-starting the search after the mayoral election, a statement said. He made clear the next chief will be expected to support the city’s ‘equity’ approach to criminal justice.

“We need structural and cultural transformation of law enforcement in this country and in Burlington, and to forge a new consensus on the future of public safety here,” said Weinberger. “Our new Police Chief will play an essential leadership role in that work. Our hope is to have a community informed hiring process that fosters trust and creates a strong foundation for our public safety transformation.”

The restarted search process will begin with public engagement effort, which will include a community survey and a series of stakeholder meetings to solicit input from the community on what they would like to see in the City’s next Police Chief.

During the month of May, Weinberger will hold a series stakeholder meetings with the goal of developing a position profile and vision for what the Police Chief’s priorities should be in their first year of service. In addition to visiting all Neighborhood Planning Assembly meetings during the month of May, Weinberger will hold discussions with stakeholder sectors including education, BIPOC organizations, social services partners, business, and youth.

Following the stakeholder engagement process, the Administration will compile the survey data and feedback from listening sessions, update the position description, and post the opening with a position profile that incorporates the public input. At that time, Weinberger said he will also announce the full search committee, who will begin the interview process in mid-July. Weinberger’s goal is to forward an appointment to the Council for confirmation in September.

Weinberger will appoint the search committee in June, with up to 11 members, and include two Police Commissioners and two City Councilors. For the first time for a mayoral appointment process, Weinberger is soliciting applications from community members interested in serving on the search committee. One community member will be selected and the deadline to apply is May 30.

The community survey and search committee application can be found on the City’s website, here: A translated survey will be available next week.

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  1. I have submitted my application to Burlington’s police chief search committee. Below are my application’s remarks:

    “As a member of the search committee, I would hope to accomplish or see that law and order is applied fairly and equally to all.

    “I believe I can bring a much better understanding to the meanings of both ‘equality under the law’ and ‘that all men are created equal’. These two conceptions have been sorely deconstructed and rewritten in an attempt to unjustly gain political and cultural power. Dare I say – in the name of Diversity! – you need my voice.”