Meg Hansen announces run for lieutenant governor


December 17, 2019 

Contact: Meg Hansen info@hansenforvermont.com, 802-622-4165


Manchester, VT – Health policy expert and entrepreneur Meg Hansen formally announces her campaign for Lt. Governor. Hansen is trained in medicine (M.B.B.S. – British equivalent of a US M.D.) and graduated with an M.A. from Dartmouth College. She owns a small communications firm.

The Hansen campaign is honored that Stephen F. Kenney, Chief Financial Officer of Central Vermont Medical Center, will serve as Campaign Treasurer. Early supporters have helped raise $35,000 so far, signaling a strong vote of confidence. 

Over the last several years, Hansen has led various multimedia and policy efforts that empower Vermonters by illustrating the impact of the state’s socioeconomic policies on their lives. “In my extensive travels across the state, I have had numerous conversations with Vermonters who want to own homes, thriving businesses, and farms but cannot. I have heard from so many who want to be able to raise children, build careers, and grow old here but cannot,” Hansen said.

Hansen added, “In our state’s political discourse, we talk a lot about affordability but we never talk about prosperity. Why is it becoming harder for more and more of us to realize these simple, universal dreams? Vermonters across socioeconomic lines deserve to be empowered with the freedom to build prosperous and meaningful lives. Economic growth creates prosperity for all. To become pro-economic growth, Vermont needs to become a pro-freedom state again. I believe this is the moral path for Vermont and that is why I am running for the office of Lt. Governor.”

The Hansen campaign champions freedom in three areas critical to the empowerment of all Vermonters: the economy, health care, and education. The continued erosion of fundamental freedoms and a major accountability crisis is costing Vermonters the ability to realize the American Dream. OneCare VT and the All Payer Model is one example of the shocking lack of accountability to the public from politicians and bureaucrats when they botch programs and waste taxpayer monies.

From serving an impoverished village in southwest India (while training in medicine from the age of 18 to 22) to teaching English to second-grade students in Dharavi (Asia’s largest slum), Hansen has a long record of caring for society’s most vulnerable. In Vermont, she helps members of the community – mothers, farmers, veterans, and small business owners who feel mistreated – to speak truth to power by expressing their concerns in letters to the editor, op-eds, and television interviews. Additionally, she leads innovative grassroots efforts that build bridges and bring together Vermonters from forgotten parts of the state such as the Northeast Kingdom and southern Vermont. The Republican National Committee recognized Hansen’s dedication to community service by selecting her as Vermont’s first Republican Leadership Initiative Fellow in 2015.

Hansen was born in India and has lived in Oman, U.A.E., Italy, U.K., and Norway. She and her husband Rick have called southern Vermont home for the last decade. In September, Hansen spoke on the National Diversity Coalition panel at the National Federation of Republican Women convention, which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. She brings diversity and depth to important conversations in which Vermont needs to engage.

“The tendency of some media and cultural influencers to stereotype Republicans in self-serving ways divides and hurts the people of Vermont. Our campaign defies lazy labels. I am as proud of exposing OneCare VT’s inaccurate and incomplete health information technology as I am of being a published poet. I am as proud of my multi-lingual and syncretic cultural upbringing as I am of being a Vermonter. The spirit of fierce independence in thought and expression that historically coursed the veins of Vermont course through mine as well,” Hansen said.

The Hansen campaign is a coalition of Vermonters from small towns, rural communities, farmers, truck drivers, middle class and blue-collar moms and dads, retirees, and Millennials that are hungry for forward-looking solutions to make Vermont an inclusive and pro-freedom state.

“Our campaign theme is ‘Small Towns Big Hearts’ because this is who we are. As Lt. Governor, my #1 priority will be to represent and advocate for Vermonters whose interests have been unfairly overlooked for too long. I am committed to advancing collaborative, grassroots solutions that address the unique needs and concerns of our local communities,” Hansen concluded.

To learn more about Meg Hansen and her campaign, visit hansenforvermont.com.


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