2020 Vision: House Judiciary bills include gun restrictions, prison for profiling cops, fines for racist intimidation

Fourth installment of 2020 Vision, a look at Vermont House committees and the legislation they may consider next year.

by Guy Page

December 17, 2019 – Members of the Vermont House Judiciary Committee have sponsored extensive legislation on racial bias, criminal sentencing, domestic violence, drug possession, gun restrictions, and other issues related to courts and crime. The bills below represent most of the bills now under committee review that have been sponsored or co-sponsored by committee members.

There is no guarantee that Judiciary will consider any of these bills. Most committees prioritize legislation they will consider during the first month of the session. However, bills sponsored by committee members often take priority over those that do not. See committee link above for full list of bills now “in committee.”

Committee members include:

Maxine Grad, Chair. The Moretown Democrat is an attorney and Vermont Law School graduate. Thomas Burditt, Vice Chair. West Rutland Republican, 12 generation Vermonter, operated Rutland-area landscaping business for 24 years. Martin LaLonde, Ranking Member – South Burlington Democrat, hunter, attorney, longtime U.S. DOJ environmental lawyer, artist, violin player, school board member. Kevin “Coach” Christie – Democrat born in Hartford CT, moved to Hartford VT in 1973. Career has included auto repairman, tech educator, coach, foster care case manager. Selene Colburn – Burlington Progressive born and raised in Burlington. Librarian. Dancer. 2002 co-founded Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom. Kenneth Goslant – Northfield Republican, longtime selectman. Operates Gosland Granite Company which he founded in 1989. Started Norwich University women’s hockey club team. Nader Hashim – former state police officer now a paralegal in a Brattleboro law firm. Boston-born, D.C. raised. William Notte – Rutland Democrat, lifelong Rutland city resident, longtime alderman. Bookstore manager, book editor. Barbara Rachelson – Burlington Democrat, New Jersey native, executive director of Lund (formerly Lund Home). Former legislative aide in Congress. Patrick Seymour – 2018 Northern Vermont University – Lyndon grad, dairy farmer. Works part time at St. J. distillery.

animal crueltyH.283prevent future animal ownership for people convicted of animal crueltyBarbara Rachelson
arbitrationH.288arbitration reformMartin LaLonde
biasH.465imprison police for racial profilingBrian Cinaand more
biasH.496create civil penalties for racist harrassment, intimidationJames Carroll and more
civil finesH.184community service for people unable to pay finesRobin Chesnut-Tangerman and more
court reportersH.331ensure impartial court reportersMartin LaLonde
criminal historyH.24waive fee for criminal record check for people earning under 200% poverty levelMartin LaLonde and more
criminal historyH.333prohibit employment, housing discrimination due to criminal recordBarbara Rachelson and more
criminal historyH.377limit licensing restrictions for people with criminal recordsBarbara Rachelson
data collectionH.154State can’t sell electronic data to fedsBarbara Rachelson
data collectionH.284require State collect and publish criminal justice dataSelene Colburn and more
domestic violenceH.31establish Windsor County Domestic Violence Restorative Justice Pilot ProgramMaxine Gradand more
domestic violenceH.413recognize Canadian domestic violence protection ordersMartin LaLonde
drugsH.102limit actions against persons in safer drug consumption programSelene Colburn and more
drugsH.103change unlawful possession of a regulated drugSelene Colburn and more
drugsH.251expunge misdemeanor marijuana possession convictionsMaxine Gradand more
drugsH.354study effectiveness of a Windham County drug treatment courtNader Hashim and more
DUIH.498set penalties for DUI with aggravating circumstancesKevin “Coach” Christie
expungementH.276allow expungement of many vehicle operation violationsMartin LaLonde and more
facial recog softwareH.470require General Assembly approval for advanced recognition technologyBarbara Rachelson
gunsH.30make carrying gun a crime for persons under relief from abuse orderMaxine Gradand more
gunsH.159set waiting period for firearms salesMartin LaLonde and more
gunsH.203negligent storage of firearmsMartin LaLonde and more
gunsH.329require storage for firearms not under immediate controlBarbara Rachelson and more
immunizationH.238eliminate religious exemption for required immunizationsMartin LaLonde and more
judicial forfeitureH.151limit judicial forfeiture of assetsBarbara Rachelson
medical monitoringH.35sets medical monitoring damagesLinda Joy Sullivan and more
missing court dateH.385prohibit arrest if court date missed for mental health, substance abuse treatmentBrian Cinaand more
private Attorneys GeneralH.483create Vermont Private Attorneys Generals actSelene Colburn
sentencingH.382eliminate life sentence without paroleBrian Cinaand more
theftH.12raise monetary threshold or theft crimes, prohibit organized retail theMartin LaLonde and more
threatening mass killingH.419criminalize threats of mass killing and destructionMaxine Gradand more

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