McClaughry: The Big Apple gun hassle

By John McClaughry

New York City makes it almost impossible to get a permit to carry a firearm for self-protection. Here’s what TV journalist John Stossel had to do when he applied:

First, he says, “I had to read 60 pages of instructions about irrelevant things like ‘metal knuckle knives’ and ‘kung fu stars,’ fill out a confusing 17-page form, get it notarized, and then go in person to police headquarters. There they fingerprinted me, demanded reasons why I should be allowed to have a gun, and charged me $430.”

“I heard nothing from them for half a year. Then they wrote me saying that my application was ‘denied.’ I called to ask if I could appeal. They said I could try again if I could prove that ‘special need’ to carry a gun. After years of confronting crooks on TV, I actually do have a special need for self-protection. I showed the cops threats on my life.”

“Not good enough, said the NYC permit department. They turned me down again”.

“Apparently, my mistake was not bribing the cops. Later it was revealed that the police in the permit department were giving out permits for money.”

Stossel concludes, “Scams like that thrive whenever politicians impose too many restrictions on people’s freedom. In parts of California, people got gun permits if they donated to a sheriff’s campaign.”

Stossel thinks the US Supreme Court will strike this down. I certainly hope so.

The author is a resident of Kirby and founder and vice-president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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  1. New York City ? The people are realizing the consequences of liberal politics, and politicians . Lose of personal liberties, crime, political unrest, and a rotting infrastructure. Now there’s an example to be proud of, and emulate Beanie. Makes you want to return to Brooklyn doesn’t it ?

  2. We can ridicule the lifestyle and politics of New York City inhabitants but ultimately when the going gets tough down there, those with money come to live up in Vermont…and they bring their politics and voting habits with them. They despise guns, hunting and other “traditional” pursuits and try to make Vermont the utopia they fled. I saw a great bumpah stickah up in Maine a few months back:
    “go back to the state you ruined”…

  3. I abhor what guns do. That being said, I’ve maintained the right of people to have them. These restrictions are so extreme as to constitute a violation of the 2nd Amendment.
    And, after htreats from the Left, I feel that I need one. Now I need to raise the cash. Thank the Divine VT doesn’t have the restrictions of NYC.

  4. I’m surprised Stossel didn’t go back with a hidden camera and bribe the permitting officers to get his permit. It would have made a great expose for his show and maybe shamed the NYPD into some serious reforms.

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